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Wahoo has just announced its offers of the end of the Tour de France, with up to a 20% discount Why is this significant news? Because Wahoo is a brand that never makes sales. For better or worse, its behavior is similar to that of brands such as Apple, where the starting price is the price that is maintained for the life of the product and in fact does not allow its distributors to offer discounts on that selling price.

In addition, the sales are, although not in all, yes in many of their products. Specifically in all the ones on this list:

These offers will only be available for 48 hours, today Monday and tomorrow Tuesday, July 20. After that, goodbye. Back to standard price. So if you're interested in getting your hands on any of the American brand's products it's now or never.

The only thing that is not discounted is cyclocomputers and replacement and repair components.

In terms of products, one of the products that catches the eye is the Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL.


Buy Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL on sale

Precisely this week I want to publish the analysis, which is already completed in the absence of recording the video and take some photos that I am missing. But I leave as a preview the final conclusion:


At this point I am convinced of two things:

  • The Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL is a good watch.
  • Although it is a good watch, there is still a long way to go.

I think the Wahoo RIVAL is a very good base on which to work to obtain a frankly satisfactory product, but there is still work to be done, things to be improved.


La falta de alertas durante la actividad es algo a revisar, al igual que las traducciones y cómo se superpone el texto de algunos campos de datos en pantalla. Son cosas que dan la impresión de producto inacabado. Algún tipo de seguimiento de carga de entrenamiento (aunque sea licenciando de TrainingPeaks como hace Suunto desde hace poco), más detalle sobre la actividad del día a día…

That's not to say that there are no interesting things at the moment. The triathlon function is top, both during the activity itself with the automatic transitions and the absolute control there is over them (forward, backward), and especially after the end of the activity and poder adjust with pinpoint accuracy. No other manufacturer has anything remotely similar.

What makes me most happy is to see new entrants in the market (I include COROS here as well). That's good for the market and brings a breath of fresh air. Is Wahoo in a position to compete with the major brands? It's hard to say, but it's not a mass product. Wahoo diehards will really enjoy this watch, but it's not going to be easy to attract Polar or Garmin users. Suunto I don't consider it, as its target audience is quite different.

Going back to the beginning, the Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL is a watch that has the makings of a good product. The construction and materials are very good (the ceramic bezel is a delight), the frequency of updates is being remarkable and it is a brand with experience in the sector to know perfectly which is the path to follow. It is simply a matter of time.


Is it an interesting product? Yes it is, especially if you're a triathlete, but it's not a "Garmin killer". But it is a breath of fresh air with interesting proposals and very well finished.


Wahoo rollers offer

Buy Wahoo rollers on sale

As for the rollers, this is Wahoo's flagship product, the one that launched them to international fame and for which they are known throughout the world. You have these three options:

Wahoo KICKR – Go to the offer

It is the top of the range model from Wahoo. Smart roller (for training, Zwift, etc) direct drive, with very good pedal feel and KICKR AXIS feet that replicates a little bit the lateral movement of the bike when pedaling.

Wahoo KICKR CORE – Go to the offer

This is the mid-range version. It is also intelligent and direct drive, but the flywheel is somewhat lighter (5.4kg to the KICKR's 7.25kg). It has no carrying handle, does not support folding and is slightly less accurate in terms of power measurements (2% to the KICKR's advertised 1%). But the latter, in use, is not something that will be noticed.

Perhaps the difference you will notice most quickly is that while the KICKR includes a cassette, the KICKR CORE requires a separate cassette to be purchased.

Wahoo KICKR SNAP – Go to the offer

This is Wahoo's most economical option. Also smart, but in this case it is not direct drive but you have to attach the rear wheel of the bike. Basic but with good results.


Wahoo accessories offer

Buy Wahoo accessories on sale

Wahoo's accessories for their rollers are interesting, but not cheap. They are not because of their build quality and also because there is nothing similar on the market, so you could say they have a monopoly on that type of product. Two stand out:

Wahoo KICKR CLIMB – Go to the offer

This is a hill simulator for use with training applications. With the bike on the trainer, you will also remove the front wheel and place it on the Wahoo KICKR CLIMB. From there it will replicate the incline, and if in Zwift you are ascending a 10% climb, the KICKR CLIMB will lift the front of the bike to simulate it.

Wahoo KICKR HEADWIND – Go to the offer

A smart fan to pair with the roller. It can be controlled automatically from speed (simulating wind) or based on heart rate (more airflow when we need it most). Of course it also has manual control from the device or from cyclocomputers or the ELEMNT RIVAL watch.


Wahoo pulse sensors offer

Buy Wahoo TICKR pulse sensors for sale

These are the differences between the available pulse sensors:

  • Wahoo TICKRMost economical option. Very good design and performance. Three simultaneous Bluetooth connections and ANT+ connectivity, all simultaneously.
  • Wahoo TICKR XIn addition to all of the above, there are running dynamics metrics via ANT+, internal memory for independent workout recording and indoor cadence estimation.
  • Wahoo TICKR FIT: Optical pulse sensor to be placed on the forearm


Those are the main products of this offer and their explanations. Remind you that if you buy through the links on the website you will be helping the site with a small commission, so thank you very much!

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