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BLACK FRIDAY OFFER : Polar Vantage M/V at an all-time low

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This Black Friday Polar has arrived with a few pokes under the armIt was hard for them to arrive, because they had been quiet for the whole previous week, but it was worth the wait.

These two offers are historical minimum price for both models, they've never been so cheap.

>> Go to the Polar Vantage M offer

>> Go to the Polar Vantage V offer 


The offer of the Polar Vantage M for 169 is frankly good, only one euro above the price in France after adjusting for tax and shipping. There is no watch on the market that gives more for less.

As for the Polar Vantage V we have two offers, each one better. The previous minimum price I had set was 309 euros, but this time you have it at 299€You think that's a cheap deal? Wait, if you add the Polar H10 pulse sensor it's just 317€ (£325 sent). This offer is through Amazon Francebecause in Spain it's more expensive. A real ball.

Both models are the latest from Polar, which the Finns understand has to be a training watch. Both are triathlon watches, which means that as well as allowing you to swim, cycle (with use of a potentiometer) or run, you can set up multisports so that you can switch from one profile to another during the same activity.

As you can see, two interesting clocks, and even more so after latest firmware update who added all three main novelties of the Polar IgniteAnd Polar has already confirmed FitSpark for both models, have also significantly improved the performance of GPS.

Polar has focused on performance metrics, leaving aside fighting Garmin for pure performance numbers (in that competition no one can fight Garmin).

But that's talking about the Vantage V, because the Vantage M offers pretty much the same as any Garmin in its price range (and that's not on sale).

But what they do have are Polar-specific features, which they integrate fantastically into their platform. Starting with Training Load ProThis metric will measure the intensity of your workouts by measuring TRIMP, muscle load, and perceived load.

Training Load Pro allows you to take stock as you introduce workouts, seeing how each one affects your fitness and allowing you to decide in advance what the next one should be.

Training Load Pro Report

These are the data you will find on the Polar Flow (available on the web or in the mobile application) and that they will be updated every time you synchronize a workout. You will be able to see it on the mobile screen, but also on the screen of the watch itself.

Polar Vantage V - Training Load Pro

Thanks to Training Load Pro you will be able to identify when you should increase or decrease the intensity of your workouts. I'm talking about intensity and not kilometres covered. You know, it's not the same to do 10km smooth as 10km on fire, because the physical impact is very different in both cases.

So it will let you know when you can (and should) increase the intensity of your training. Or the other way around, make your next session smoother because you've been working too hard in the past few days.

This is something that is present in Vantage M and Vantage V, but the latter also has Recovery ProThis is a great way to get a feel for your recovery and combines perfectly with Training Load Pro.

Buscador de chollos

Polar Vantage V - Recovery Pro

Of course it is not new, in other manufacturers you will find similar functions, but where Polar has won the battle is in the representation it makes on its platform.

And finally the two new features you just added, Sleep Plus Stages and Nightly RechargeThe data collected during the sleep (which is a lot, but again represents a very easy to understand) will give you a recommendation for the next training, of course together with what we already have from Training Load Pro.

In other words, these are not individual metrics, they are all linked together to show an overview of your entire training.

Where there is a unique feature to the Polar Vantage V is in the power measurement. It is the first (and only) watch that is able to display and record the running power completely autonomously, without the use of any external accessories.

Yes, it is an estimate and it is not comparable with the data we can obtain from other methods, but it is equally true that in many phases of your training or in races with slopes it will help you.

Polar Vantage V - Power Training

You can see in this training series how the power measurement is a completely instantaneous value, unlike the heart rate which takes much longer to reach the levels for that interval.

On top of all this there is the great range offered by both models or the new Polar Precision Prime optical pulse sensor. And this is just a quick example, so I recommend you take a look at the full test I made of the VantageThis is not only so that you can see what they have to offer, but also so that you can decide which one will best suit your training.

And to see what the new features that are already or will come, you have the corresponding section in the Ignite Polar analysis.


BLACK FRIDAY OFFER : Polar Vantage M/V at historical minimum 1Polar Vantage M

See offer on Amazon

BLACK FRIDAY OFFER : Polar Vantage M/V at historical minimum 2Polar Vantage V

See offer on Amazon

See offer on Amazon France


If you're thinking of upgrading your Polar M400 or M430 to a newer model, or want to try something new by switching to Polar, this is a good opportunity to do so because both models are available at minimal cost.

BLACK FRIDAY OFFER : Polar Vantage M/V at an all-time low
BLACK FRIDAY OFFER : Polar Vantage M/V at historical minimum 3

Este Black Friday Polar ha llegado con unos cuantos chollazos debajo del brazo. Ha costado que llegaran, porque han estado callados durante toda la semana previa, pero la espera ha merecido la pena.

Product SKU: POLA90069744

Product Brand: Polar Vantage M

Product Currency: EUR

Product Price: 206.95

Price Valid Until: 2019-06-20

Product In-Stock: Available

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  1. How about the possibilities to create complex interval or series workouts with the latest update? Track navigation is quite lazy compared to suunto and garmin is not?
    A salute.

    1. It's very easy to prepare workouts, although there aren't as many choices of targets or variety of intervals as with Garmin, although when the zone blocking comes in it will be extremely interesting, because you don't have to prepare it in advance.

      Indeed, navigation is quite basic. Valid for occasional use but not if you are going to be doing routes every weekend.

  2. Hi, looking at the offers you posted today, I have two questions:
    1- taking into account that there is hardly any difference in price, with which you would stay: polar vantage v, suunto 9 or garmin fenix 5
    2- considering the price difference between le polar vantage v and it worth the cost?
    and, on the other hand, you can already navigate with the most advantageous
    many thanks

    1. 1. It depends on the use you are going to give it, I copy the answer I have given previously about it.

      If you're already on the Garmin platform the way to the Fenix 5 is pretty clear. If you don't use an external application it's honestly the most comfortable way to have everything consolidated. You're right that the Fenix 5 has been on the market for a while, but if the new features of the Fenix 5 Plus don't appeal to you (maps for navigation, music playback, Garmin Pay) they both offer the same.

      As for the other two, the main drawback of Suunto 9 is that it's not the Baro, but it's a watch that I like very much for the quality of its display and the amount of information it can show clearly. In that respect it's the best on the market. It would be my choice, but only if you're going to make use of the advanced range possibilities, which is its main advantage over other models.

      Finally the Vantage V. Its weak point is route navigation, if you are going to do it with the watch forget about the Polar. Otherwise it would be my choice if you are going to train following all its training metrics, because in that sense it is the best of the three. But if you follow a trainer guided training then you won't give it much more use than you can have with Garmin performance metrics.

      The Garmin has the advantage that you are already on the platform and, in terms of performance, it is the one that offers the most. But the other two are also a good option if you are looking for something of what they offer specifically.

      2. If you are an advanced runner, the power is a plus and it has the recovery tracking function, in addition to the altimeter... For me I would pay for it, but it already depends on each one.

      The Vantage M will not receive the navigation. It is not something the V stands out in anyway... If it is the most important thing I would choose first Suunto 9 and then the Fenix 5.

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