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I update the last publication of offers to include you the news that October brings.

To give you an example, I just bought a Nike Odyssey React 2 Flyknit for £40, combined with a pair of Nike running pants for £14 (and free shipping). How? In the 20% additional RunningWarehouse A pity that you can't add the code CUMAR10 from the website for an additional discount... it would be too much of a bargain.

But, hey, we're going with all the trimmings.

20% additional when buying two items at RunningWarehouse

It's the offer I was telling you before and, without a doubt, the most interesting one these days. Hurry up because it only lasts 4 days and sizes are limited.

Here's how it works. The offer covers ALL THE WEBYou simply add two products, whether they are previously discounted or not, and the cart will be given an additional 20% discount.

For example, I added the Nike Odyssey React 2 Flyknit blank (at a discount of 61%) and a pair of trousers Nike from 7″ which were also discounted. Total to be paid 54.40 A CHOLLO.

That you just want a pair of slippers, or a piece of clothing instead of two? Add something cheap like energy bar and solved.

20% additional on Nike website discounted products

We continue to stack discounts. To get the additional discount you have to add the code OCT20 So if you find something that has a 50% and you add the additional 20%... be careful because you might get arrested for theft.

Examples. The Nike Zoom Flyknit tienen un 50% en precio listado en la web. Añades el código y «automágicamente» se queda en poco más de 60€. No es el chollaco que he comprado yo en RunningWarehouse pero hay mucho más donde elegir.

Another example, a slipper like Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 available in a lot of colors and sizes, for just over 80


It is already a matter of browsing the different items already on sale and finding what you need.

Salomon Alphacross for 45

For £45, who doesn't want some of Salomon's trailers?

Even if trail is not your main sport, it doesn't hurt to have something in your closet, you never know when you're going to make a field trip or, why not, sign up for a trail.

Garmin Fenix 6S Pro

¿Qué? ¿Cómo? Pues sí, como lo lees. Acaba de llegar al mercado y ya lo podemos ver a precios rebajados. Concretamente a precio de Fenix 6, así que si te interesa el modelo es un «must».

It's been less than a week since I published the full analysis of the Fenix 6 seriesTake a look at it because I detail all the novelties it brings that have never been seen before in any other watch of the brand.

Garmin Forerunner 945

Another of the most sought after. It takes little more time than the Fenix 6, but it's still early to find offers. However here it is, with a 13% discount.

In addition to all that it offers in itself (which you can check out at Garmin Forerunner 945 review), in the short term you will receive the same updates that the Fenix 6 has just presented.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music

Although the Vivoactive 4Whether you're running, at the gym or just taking a walk, you'll be able to listen to your Spotify playlists or whatever you sync to the clock.

You can see what he's capable of in the full test of the Vivoactive 3And if you prefer to wait for the Vivoactive 4, I am currently working on it.

Garmin Edge 820

It is at its lowest price. However, my recommendation is to opt for the new units (like the Edge 530 that although it's not lying around, it can be found at a discount), the difference is very important, especially in terms of processor speed.

You can see both the Edge 820 such as that of the Edge 530 to compare them.



I hope I saved you some euros... Tell us if you got any good offers...

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  1. Thank you for dedicating part of your weekend to bring us offers... I took advantage of the 10% discount to renew my shoes, which was already needed

  2. Oysters! That's a great deal of Nike you've got. I've looked and they're not my size... Well, I'll see if I can find something that will fix it.

  3. Eduardo, could you or have you done (maybe I missed it) a comparison between the Vivoactive 4s and the 3?
    Is it worth the extra 100?

    Thank you very much.

    1. I have just published the Test the Vivoactive 4. Take a look at it because it is complete with everything, and if you have more doubts you can leave your question there ;-).

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