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Pay attention to these Nike bargains that have suddenly popped up (these are the best deals!). A bunch of sneakers discounted from around 40% to 50% and on highly sought after and well priced sneakers.

In addition to the discounts, remember that if you are a Nike Member all orders have free shipping and free returns. To become a Nike Member you simply have to register, so it's all benefits.

I recommend that you subscribe to the Telegram channel because that way 1TP7You'll get instant notifications when a new offer is posted, so you won't run out of stock because you see it too late.


Nike running shoes offers

Let's go through a quick list of my favorites from this promotion:

That's my list, but if there isn't one in your size or you want to see if you can find something that better suits your characteristics, you can check out the all Nike shoes on sale. Here are some of them:


NIKE | August 1 sale bargainsNike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT%

Nike is liquidating the original model after the release of the new model. But there is not that much difference between the 1 and 2, so while the discounts last you have to take advantage of it.

It's Nike's fastest shoe, the most special and certainly the most eye-catching. It has a huge midsole of ZoomX, Nike's highly reactive foam, and has a carbon plate inside for stability and some extra propulsion. The icing on the cake is the air chambers in the forefoot.


They're not cheap, but if you're looking to improve your race time it's one more factor to consider. The 40% discount is one to take advantage of.

If you want to know what the differences are with respect to the Vaporfly, here you can see the video I made about it.

See offer on Nike


NIKE | August sale bargains 2Nike Zoom Fly 4

Given that the Zoom Fly 5s have proved to be a disappointmentIf you're a fan of the Zoom Fly 4, it's still not a bad idea to get another pair of the Zoom Fly 4 if it's a model you like.

They are the successors of the Zoom Fly 3, with which they share midsole and outsole but with a redesigned upper, which was the most criticized aspect of this model.

The foam they use is React, harder and less reactive than ZoomX. Personally, I find the Tempo NEXT% more interesting, but it's a matter of taste...

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Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT%Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT%

The Tempo NEXT% is one of my favorite shoes on the market. Yes, there are the Alphafly or Vaporfly, but these are shoes meant to be treated with care and reserved for race day.

The Tempo NEXT% however are a training shoe. The feel they have is very similar, but they don't give so much respect to wear them out.

It also has an inner plate, but instead of carbon it is made of nylon. They are slightly heavier than the Alphafly and without being as pointy. You have all the details in the analysis.

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Nike Pegasus 38Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

Perfect for medium or slightly faster runs or long series work. Even for racing if you have a medium-high weight. You can see all the details in the text analysis and in video.

As I always say, it's a model that I like for the compromise they offer. They are not the best shoes in any aspect, but they do deliver on everything.

In fact when I go on a trip it is usually the shoe that accompanies me because with it I can do running, series, trails... in none of these aspects it would be my usual choice, but its main advantage is precisely that it can cover all these aspects.

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Sale on Nike Trail shoes on sale

It's time to go to the trail, where Nike has three totally different models depending on the use we are going to do or the terrain you want to run.


Nike Pegasus Trail 3Nike Pegasus Trail 3

The Nike Pegasus Trail 3 is a "door to trail" type shoe. Multisurface, allowing you to run comfortably both on asphalt and on roads or trails of low or medium difficulty.

It is the ideal choice if you like to run in the countryside, but without getting into too many complications. At the same time you can run on asphalt without destroying your feet and without destroying the sole of the shoe, something that can happen with a pure trail shoe.

A few months ago I published the complete analysis, you can see it by clicking on this link.

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Nike Terra Kiger 8 thumbNike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 8

Among Nike's various trail options the Nike Terra Kiger 8 is the fast and lightweight option for trail running. With React foam and a Zoom Air inner tube for comfort and reactivity.

If you like to fly downhill or cross forests at breakneck speed, this is the shoe you are looking for.

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Free shipping and 60 days return

When you create your Nike account and become a Member you will have free shipping costs.

Not only that, if when you receive the order and for whatever reason it does not fit what you expected (size error, you do not find it comfortable or you have changed your mind) podrás request the return of the order for free, no questions asked and no objections. You prepare the package, request the return and that's it.

I won't keep you any longer and I'll let you shop in peace. You already know that your concern should not be when the promotion ends but when the sizes are going to run out.

And with that... thanks for reading!

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