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And... that's it! See you next week for offers

Bitter about going back to school? I guess sending the kids back to school doesn't make you bitter, what makes you bitter is going back to work...

I'm sorry, I have no remedy for that. However, I can bring you a few offers to make your return a little less sour.

Amazon has launched a back to school special offers sectionFar from thinking that these are offers aimed at students (textbooks, school materials, etc.) nothing could be further from the truth. They are products of the most diverse categories.

However, besides showing you the available offers I will also tell you if they are good offers or not, and in case they are not, it will only be interesting to buy them in case you need to change your device now.

You can check out the offers that are coming out on the promotion overview pagebut the truth is that among so much rubbish it's difficult to find things of interest. You have to search a lot... and that's what I'm here for.

There are daily offers and flash offers, the former have more quantity in stock (which doesn't mean they won't be sold out), the latter are very limited in stock and can last 5 hours or 5 minutes.

When it comes to buying, I recommend that you be quick to act. Get in here, see if the offer on offer convinces you and make the purchase immediatelyOnce it's done, he comes back here and check the test of the device in questionIs that what you were looking for? Great. Doesn't it just fit? Don't worry, just cancel the order.


And don't forget, buying through the links I provide (both for these products and any other from Amazon) you'll be helping to the page with a small commission, at no cost to you.



Garmin offers

Garmin Watch Specials

Offers at Garmin Edge



Polar Offers

Polar Watches Offers

  • Polar Vantage V - The latest from Polar, and the first watch capable of registering power on the run without any external accessories. On offer in orange. Look at all he's able to offer on the test.
  • Polar Vantage M - It is a good option for asphalt riders, and with the updates coming up in October it will certainly be among the recommendations for best GPS running clockThe Garmin Forerunner 245Look at all he's able to offer on the testFrom Germany, I tell you the same as for the previous Vivoactive 3 Music.
  • Polar M430 - One of the best pulse sensors integrated in the watch (at least until the arrival of the Vantage). The M430 is a user-friendly watch that offers a lot for the money. Suitable for asphalt runners. Testing the Polar M430.
  • Polar M200 - For just over 70 euritos the M200 is a very competent watch, with a good quality optical sensor and all the customization possibilities of the rest of the range. If the low resolution of the screen is not a condition, it is a fantastic model for beginners and not so beginners. Same procedure, Italy is the country to buy it cheaper than in Spain. You can read the full test here.
  • Polar M600 - The M600 is, without a doubt, one of the best smart watches for sports today. The mix of Android Wear in its latest version with the Polar universe is a winning horse. Although it is obviously not going to be the best option if you are looking for autonomy, it is close to its minimum price. Here you can see all the details of the Polar M600.


The best offers and opportunities on your mobile

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Suunto offers

Suunto Watches Offers


Other offers

Watch out because today there are good offers in nutrition for various brands and other sports items.

Expired offers

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    1. If you want it mainly for tracking and cycling it is the cheapest option in the Garmin range, and in navigation it offers the same functions as the much more expensive models, not to mention the generous size of the screen...

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