PRIME DAY : The best-selling GPS: Garmin Forerunner 45


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The Garmin Forerunner 45 is the GPS watch that is selling the most at this time. Prime Day 2021. The reason is none other than the great offer it has received and that has pushed it to that first position. But it is not only because of the price, but also because of what it offers. Don't worry, I'll explain the reasons below.

Is that a good choice? One of my criticisms in the test of this Garmin FR45 was its high price. Precisely in my opinion I commented that at 199 € I saw it as a complicated option, but at 149 € the thing would change completely...

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So if for 149€ I considered that the Forerunner 45 podía be a good choice, imagine when I tell you that its price on Prime Day is just 117€ (which is its lowest historical price).

Garmin Forerunner 45

The Forerunner 45 is a very interesting model for those who are looking for a simple and economical model without going to older watches (like the Forerunner 35 the one it replaces).

What makes the Forerunner 45 an interesting model? For starters, its size. If you're looking for a small watch for sports, the Forerunner 45S is unrivaled. With only 39mm circumference it has no rival in the market, all the others are bigger. But if you prefer a larger size you have nothing to worry about, because the Forerunner 45 (without S at the end) is 42mm in circumference.

It is not only the size that is interesting about the FR45, but also the rest of the options. The way the market is moving, when a new model arrives to the market it does so incorporating features from the top of the range of past years. In this way the FR45 is fully compatible with Garmin advanced training, so you can program the different days from the Garmin platform itself (or even TrainingPeaks) and then the watch will mark the different phases of training. Perfect for interval work.

It is also fully compatible with Garmin Coach1TP11You can create a training schedule to prepare yourself for different races like 5K, half marathon, etc. Unfortunately right now you don't have any races in sight, but hopefully the situation will improve not too long from now and you will be able to set goals for the season again.

With Garmin Coach 1TP11, after indicating a date for the race and, based on the data you indicate (availability for training, target set, etc.), it will create a training plan for you. But the most interesting thing is that this plan will be intelligent and dynamic. That is, if one day you can not train, the training plan will take it into account and adjust the following sessions based on the training you have not done.


So it is not a plan that is set in stone but has room for change and will adjust to your daily life.

This is not the only high-end addition to the most economical Garmin model. You will also have VO2Max estimation to see the evolution of your performance, pace alerts to keep you on track (or not to slack off too much), Body Battery to see the resources available during the day...

Garmin Forerunner 45 - VO2Max

In short, a simple and cheap option, but not at odds with an economic price. If you want to see more details of what the Forerunner 45 you have the full test where, in addition to describing all the functions, 1TP11You will see how the watch's optical pulse sensor and GPS perform.

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