Chollo Garmin Edge 530 a precio mínimo histórico


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La semana pasada tuvimos el ofertón para el Garmin Fenix 6 Pro. Esta semana le ha tocado a los amigos ciclistas (y triatletas). Hoy tenemos el Garmin Edge 530 a precio mínimo histórico (al menos que yo recuerde…).

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Si llevabas tiempo pensando en poner un Edge 530 de tu manillar no hay mejor momento para hacerte con uno.

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Garmin Edge 530 deal

I remember when I reviewed the Garmin Edge 530 and I gave you my opinion and said that, for the first time, Garmin released a new product that I could even consider cheap for what it has to offer. And that is considering its retail price!

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In fact, Garmin has placed it almost on par with its bigger brother, the Edge 830. The features offered by both models are almost the same, but the price of the Edge 530 is certainly much more interesting.

Garmin Edge 530

Garmin Edge 530: Best price ever

Si a precio PVP en su lanzamiento consideraba que era una buena opción, cuando encima le hacen un descuento de más de 70€ te puedes imaginar lo que opino… un auténtico CHOLLAZO.

Garmin Edge 530 review

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If it's not your first Garmin and you've already been using one of its bike computers (for example, the Edge 520), the first thing you're going to realize is that it's much faster . The processing power is much higher than the model it replaces and is noticeable in all operations we do with it.

Of course we must remember that we now have full map navigation. While the Edge 520 had no map (the Edge 520 Plus does have it, but the lack of a processing power makes it an unpleasant experience) and only has trailcrumb navigation, on the Edge 530 you can see roads and paths that will tell you where to go, including turn by turn navigation suach as take the third exit on the roundabout, or turn right on Main Street.

The screen is larger without the device having overgrown. It still has a compact size and appearance thanks to its rounded shapes, but now you can see the data on the screen more clearly.

It's not the only thing it has over the Edge 520. The Edge 530 now also has WiFi, ambient light sensor to change the screen backlight automatically and supports Bluetooth sensors. None of these things were present in the Edge 520 as they were reserved only for the more expensive models.

The battery life has increased significantly thanks to the Sony GNSS chipset, the same that all brands are now using on their devices.

The software also received a lot of improvements. The one you will use most will be ClimbPro, a feature that separates the climbs individually and indicates distance and elevation remaining for each one of them. A quick view of the hill or pass you are currently on, and not the total of the route.

Garmin Edge 530 - ClimbPro

But there are many other features that I'm going to detail quickly and, if you want to know them in more detail, you can see them in the full Garmin Edge 530 review.

  • MTB specific metrics
  • Full road and mountain maps, with Trailforks function for trails
  • ForkSight
  • Dynamic performance control considering heat, humidity and altitude acclimation
  • Smart nutrition and hydration alerts
  • Critical power curve
  • Find my Edge
  • Bike alarm feature

It is, in short, a great device that you will love to have on your handlebar. The only thing that didn't convince me on my test unit was the touch feedback of the buttons. The other objections were software issues that Garmin has been polishing to a greater or lesser extent.

If the question is whether the Garmin Edge 530 is recommended, my answer can be none other than: yes, totally recommended.

No te olvides de revisar la prueba para ver exactamente qué es lo que ofrece cada modelo, y también de cómo es su funcionamiento general en realidad. Aquí tienes el enlace directo:

Eso sí, que tu decisión no se demore demasiado, porque la oferta no va a durar mucho tiempo.

And with that... thanks for reading!

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  1. Hola, estoy dudando entre comprarme este dispositivo, Edge 530 o el etrex 32x. Lo uso tanto para MTB, como para senderismo y alpinismo. Me gustaría saber cuál me recomiendas. Gracias y un saludo.

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