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Update: 6 April - 10:59

Every now and then, there are some pretty juicy offers. It's not a sales season, nor are we in Black Friday or any special dates. There are just offers. We're not going to complain, are we?

Is there a reason for these sales? Well, not especially, beyond moving a little inventory and boosting the market. Maybe they have too much stock and want to reduce it without having to wait for more important dates. Logistically, waiting for something like Black Friday can be a real nightmare that they want to avoid.

None of these watches can be considered old, they are still fully valid today. If you ask me if they are going to replace them... of course, they will all end up being replaced sooner or later. But the interesting thing is that, as of today, they are fully valid models.

So... what can you get cheap?

There is a 35% discount offer for the Garmin Edge 520 pack, with pulse, cadence and speed sensors. You can find it on Wiggle.

And I wouldn't be too clueless. There may still be offers available throughout this week. Don't worry, I'll keep this article updated with the latest offers in case there's something you're interested in. It's always good to save a few euros that you can spend later on some shrimp.

Oh, and logically, if you buy through the links I include, you will be helping to support the site. And I will consider you incredible for it.

And with that... thanks for reading!


Expired offers

  • We start with the Garmin Forerunner 235 (yes, the one desired by many). 208.90 in Amazon Germany only today April 4th or until end of stock (probably out of stock before midnight). You can see the proof here.
  • But that's not the only thing that's discounted. The Garmin Forerunner 35, for those looking for something simpler, is also discounted. Up to £133.33. If you want more details, you have them on the test.

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  1. Hi. I guess you have to be registered at Amazon Germany to order, it's not worth being registered at Amazon Spain. No?

    1. No, no special registration is required. You use your same Amazon Spain account and have all the details of addresses, payment methods and so on.

      In addition, at the top left of your account, you can select the language in English, for ease of use.

  2. Hello, the shipping costs from France, do you know how much that is? I don't do very well with French.
    Thank you.

    1. They are 7.81 euros for fast shipping, 8.19 euros for express and 11.72 euros for express, although these prices may vary slightly depending on the weight and volume of the item.

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