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Nike has two models in the super-sneaker segment. On the one hand, the Nike Vaporfly (the latest iteration of which are the Nike Vaporfly NEXT% 2), but part of the limelight is stolen by the Nike Alphafly.

Broadly speaking both are very similar: carbon plate, PEBAX ZoomX foam midsole, very reactive, lightweight and intended for long distance races. And yet, despite all these similarities there are a few differences you should keep in mind.

Typically for all things sneakers, YouTube is the platform that works best today both for creating the content to explain the details and for users to search and find what they are looking for.

This doesn't mean that I don't do written reviews on the web. You already know that I have done them in other occasions (without going any further the Vaporfly review that I have linked above), but this time being a comparison, I leave you directly the link to the video to watch it on YouTubeor directly on the page by clicking on the header or the video below.

In any case and as a guide, here you have direct access to the different parts of the video with the corresponding time codes:

  • 00:00 - Entry
  • 01:38 - Nike Vaporfly vs Nike Alphafly Differences
  • 07:06 - Nike Vaporfly vs Nike Alphafly Similarities
  • 07:54 - The real difference
  • 17:17 - Different running sensations with Nike Vaporfly and Nike Alphafly
  • 18:34 - Final conclusions
  • 19:47 - Nike Vaporfly and Nike Alphafly Rivals

In the different tests and comparisons I have made of the Nike Vaporfly and Nike Alphafly I have found many similarities in both models. In both cases they feel very reactive shoes, perfectly perceiving the difference with any other shoe considered more "normal".

Both use PEBAX ZoomX foam. In both models we find carbon plate. The geometry is rocker type in both cases. And yet the sensations they produce when running are different.

The Alphafly has a double air chamber which is not present in the Vaporfly. We also have more ZoomX in the forefoot, making the shoe higher in that part and consequently changing the drop.

These are the measurements of the shoes:


Nike VaporflyDrop 8mm
Forefoot: 32mm
Heel: 40mm

Nike AlphaflyDrop 4mm
Forefoot: 35mm
Heel: 39mm

Running the feeling is quite different, but it is only noticeable when using both simultaneously. Alphafly is softer, more reactive. Vaporfly does not have as much foam or air chambers and, despite being a soft shoe, it feels firmer than the Alphafly.

The downside is that being taller the Alphafly has less stability when facing tight turns. To solve this Nike has made the Alphafly wider, especially in the rear. Being the base wider it tries to counteract the extra height in the front, but in those turns the Vaporfly feels more secure (even though they are not pure flyers).

Both are very expensive shoes focused on competition use. But while the Vaporfly NEXT% 2 cost 250€ the Alphafly is 300€. 50€ is 50€ even if both are very expensive.

Whichever one you choose, you can't go wrong. Both are racing shoes with plenty of energy return and designed for the lowest possible leg fatigue on long distance runs.

Perhaps it is possible to say that the Vaporfly, even though they are special shoes, feel a bit more standard. The Alphafly have a different feel and depending on how the track you are going to run on, even slightly unstable. They need a little more time to get comfortable with them, tame them and poder get the best out of them.

So enjoy the video I have prepared for you with the comparison between both models and remember: Give a like and subscribe to the channel, that helps a lot to the channel and more people can see the video. thanks for watching!

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