Nike Invincible 3 - First Impressions


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Quick announcement article to let you know that I have already uploaded on YouTube my first impressions of the new Nike Invincible Run 3. In it I tell you my hot impressions (literally just back from running) after the first outing with the new Invincible Run, which are a significant change from the first two models of the shoe.

Today I had an hour of running at a gentle pace, the ideal type of training for these shoes. I still have to run them more, possibly so that the foam gets a little softer and also vary the paces to see how they behave.

At the moment I have noticed more stability, but also more firmness. An upper very similar to that of the Pegasus Turbo Next Natureand full ZoomX (no recycling).

And don't forget, if you like the video, hit the like button and subscribe to the YouTube channelbecause doing both helps a lot both for the video in particular and for other users to discover it as well.

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