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After a second version that had only slight changes in the upper, the new versions of the new Nike Invincible 3 are a much bigger change to one of Nike's most important shoes in recent years.

There are important aesthetic changes (the first version of the Nike Invincibleand also the second, had a very unorthodox aesthetic), a different upper, changes in the feel of the midsole, and even the sole has changed to be now a little lighter.

It is impossible to speak of a new model because the essence of the Invincible is still present: a shoe with lots of cushioning, cloud-like feel, big and bulky.

It has corrected some defects, although it has encountered new problems that it did not have before.

The main ingredient remains the same, a huge block of ZoomX foam. And no more juggling the marketing by encapsulating it in a harder material like SR02 (as with the Zoom Fly 5) or by using recycled ZoomX (as in the Pegasus Turbo Next Nature). Although Nike has played a bit with the behavior of the midsole.


  • There is still plenty of ZoomX to enjoy
  • Aesthetically, they are much improved
  • Improved stability


  • As has happened with everything due to inflation, the price has gone up. And it was already an expensive shoe...
  • By incorporating a lining under the insole, it loses the "Invincible" feel of the previous models.
  • Upper too stiff
  • Lacking some support on the collar

Recommended use for the Nike Invincible Run 3

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Nothing has changed from the original model. The Invincible Run continues to be ideal for everyday training, whether for light jogging, long runs or recovery days. 

Lightness has not been one of Nike's goals when designing these shoes (to be honest, except for a few models, it's not something they put much effort into). Weighing in at 353 grams in my size 46, it's not something poder can brag about. There are many other models on the market with similar features and a much lower weight.

But let's not forget that weight is not the important part. In fact it's not something I worry about in this type of shoe.


In short, the Nike Invincible Run is ideal for everyday training and offers comfort rather than speed. 

Nike Invincible 3 Upper

The upper of the new Invincible reminds me a lot of the Pegasus Turbo Next Nature. It's a one-piece yarn mesh, it stays pretty stiff and doesn't adapt to the foot as podía happen with other models made with knit. 

Nike Invincible Run 3 ZoomX - Upper

Aesthetically it is much more discreet because Nike has eliminated the external padding in the collar area, something that I personally appreciate a lot because in the first version it was an area that began to wear out before 100km due to friction from the opposing shoe due to its great width.

The inside of the collar maintains a high padding, however the collar is too low so although it has plenty of padding it sits too low, leaving the ankle too free.

Nike Invincible Run 3 ZoomX - Necklace

I find the last slightly narrower, something I also appreciate. In fact, the Invincible 1 is the only Nike shoe that I can't wear for more than 30 to 40 minutes because I get hot spots from rubbing due to its width in the toe area. This is something that does not happen to me with these Invincible 3I feel more comfortable with. 

However, when it comes to fixing the foot in the shoe, I am not so lucky when tying the laces, as the upper is not very elastic and does not allow me to stretch it by tying the laces tightly. Chickens in for chickens out.

What remains the same is the midfoot area, something that has characterized both this model and the Infinity. They have a marked arch, so if you are flat-footed or too wide in that area, it may cause chafing. It's not something that happens to me, but you can feel it's there.

The ZoomX of the Nike Invincible Run 3

Nike Invincible Run 3 ZoomX

The midsole is the most critical point of the Nike Invincible Run 3. And I say this in general - because of the concept of the shoe - and in particular - because of how it compares to previous models.

Nike has avoided making weird inventions like last year and has not put encapsulations of other materials to make the ZoomX more stable. It has not done it by modifying the foam, but by changing what we have under the foot.

If we lift the template of the Invincible, what we find is directly the ZoomX. On the other hand, if we do the same in the Invincible Run 3 we found a kind of thin plastic sheet.

Nike Invincible Run 3 ZoomX - Midsole lining

What it causes is that when the foam compresses under the foot it does so as a complete block. 

In fact, running with one shoe on each foot, you can perfectly appreciate how, while the Invincible 3 sink "en bloc", the original Invincible sink the foot only in the area where we step, as if the outer foam were a float.

It's not the only thing that changes to give more stability to the Invincible 3The side reinforcements do as well. There is a plastic piece around the heel, much more concealed than it was before. It is placed lower and integrates perfectly with the end of the midsole. 

Nike Invincible Run 3 ZoomX - Lateral Reinforcement

But now that piece is longer, reaching almost to the arch of the foot. I haven't had any problems either, but again, it's something that everyone will have to take into account.


The sole has undergone a small evolution, although when it comes down to it, there are no major changes because the rubber is the same and the cleats are very similar.

The design is more careful than in previous versions, in which Nike had simply glued a piece of rubber to the bottom and finished the job. 

Now the outsole is split into three different parts, and beyond that it has many cut out areas through which the midsole foam can be seen. Here Nike has saved some weight, something it had not taken advantage of in the past.

Nike Invincible Run 3 ZoomX - Outsole

The tread pattern changes, but the feel is very similar. Sufficient for dry running but very limited on wet or damp asphalt.


This kind of inner lining above the midsole changes the character of the shoes, for the better but also for the worse. The Invincible Run 3 feel firmer and at the same time more stable than their predecessors.

Now they have the feel of a traditional shoe with lots of cushioning, with a much more confident stride. But it is no longer that special shoe with its pros and cons that differentiated it from the rest of the market.

Nike Invincible Run 3 ZoomX - Heel

Don't get me wrong, it continues to be a tremendously comfortable shoe, accumulating kilometers in them becomes very easy because they are really soft.

It is a shoe that moves well at easy paces and can even add a little joy to the race, but not much more. Not because of the behavior of the midsole but because of its weight and above all its volume. 

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Nike Invincible 3 Review

It's clear to me that the Nike Invincible 3 is a better shoe than the previous two models, but it's not clear to me that it's something that fans of the original and second models will want.

Nike has improved the midsole and made it more stable, but to achieve that greater stability the feel is somewhat harder. And if there was something buyers were looking for in the previous Invincible, it was precisely that feeling of running on top of a cushion, something they didn't get in any other shoe.

The Invincible 3 they don't have that characteristic rebound of the Invincible 2, nor that extremely comfortable ride that characterized the two original models. However, since it has gained in firmness it is a shoe that no longer gives that feeling of insecurity in turns that 1TP7We used to have with the other versions and it has a little more response when going up the pace because it does not "catch" the footprint so much.

In this version everything is much more controlled, more stable, the movements more neutral, in short it is better. But at the same time worse, because now it has become a more traditional shoe, without that characteristic that differentiated them from everything else. They have moved into the segment of the Infinity Run.

Then we have the upper. The aesthetic changes make it a big improvement over what we had so far in this model. Although it continues to give the feeling of being a "massive" shoe, it no longer has the image of an orthopedic shoe. It doesn't give that feeling of being a shoe on top of a flotation device.

The heel reinforcements are more concealed, but are still just as prominent. If the first two versions were digging into your arch, that's something that will continue to happen with the Invincible 3. If it didn't bother you in the past, it won't bother you in the new version either.

What I don't like is the upper material. Too stiff which together with the lack of height in the collar makes the foot support not quite right.

As I said at the beginning of the section, they are the best shoes of the Invincible range to date, but they are the worst Invincible because they have lost what most differentiated them. Of the three versions it would be the model I would choose, but knowing that they have lost that special character.

And with that... thanks for reading!

Nike Invincible Run 3
NIKE INVINCIBLE 3 | Analysis and review of the latest with ZoomX 13

After a second version that only had slight changes in the upper, the new Nike Invincible 3 represents a much bigger change in one of Nike's most important shoes in recent years.

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  1. First of all thanks for the review,I am a fan of the invincible I have had the v.1, currently the v2 and already thinking about the v.3.After seeing your analysis I have several doubts,I had decided to run my 1st marathon with the invincible v.2 my rhythms are low approximately 5:10/5:20 on average,the case is that my invincible will have too many you think it would be good option to opt for the v3 for the marathon.thank you very much,greetings

    1. Of course, always taking into account its weight, but I suppose that more than a good time what you are looking for is a lot of comfort, and that is something you will find in this third version.

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