New TomTom Spark, with optical pulse sensor, MP3 player and activity monitor


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Today was presentation day at the IFA in Berlin, and TomTom showed us his new GPS watch, the TomTom Spark. It was an important presentation, as TomTom was lagging far behind the competition.

But this is solved with today's announcement, as they present a watch that breaks quite a bit with the previous range, both in aesthetics and in functionality, giving a different perspective to what is offered in the market, always from the original point of view that TomTom always gives to all its products.

There are some points to focus on.

The complete analysis is already finished, so if you are interested in knowing all the details of TomTom Runner 2, I recommend you to read the complete review by clicking here.

Multi-activity clock

The first thing that stands out about the TomTom Spark is that there won't be a cheaper version aimed only at runners, and a slightly more expensive multisport version. The Spark is multisport, so you can use it for running, cycling, swimming or other activities such as strength training in the gym.

TomTom Spark

Optical heart rate sensor

If there was a reason why the previous one stood out TomTom Cardio In fact, it was TomTom who popularized the GPS watch with a pulse sensor. Before we could see the Adidas watch, but its price was much higher and the target audience was quite small. The TomTom Spark, at least in its Cardio version, also incorporates this type of sensor on the back of the watch.

TomTom Spark

TomTom has replaced Mio's optical sensor used in previous Cardio models with a new sensor manufactured by LifeQIt remains to be seen whether it still behaves as well as Mio's sensor did.

Activity and notification monitor

TomTom is also a leader in activity monitoring and has equipped Spark with an activity monitor, both during the day by counting steps, calories and distance, and during the night by providing information on sleep quality - something completely new from the previous range, which did not offer this complete monitoring.

TomTom Spark


TomTom has indicated that at the end of the year it will offer an update that will also allow 24-hour monitoring of the heart rate (such as Fitbit Surge and Fitbit Charge HR) and will allow you to receive notifications from your mobile phone on the clock screen.

Music to your ears

TomTom wants to take the hassle out of running with a load of equipment, and wants to solve everything from the wrist. If you're one of those who likes to listen to music while running, then TomTom has thought of you, and has provided Spark with 3GB of music storage. You can load playlists from iTunes or Windows Media Player. There's room for 500 different songs, more than you can listen to on any workout.

TomTom Spark

You will be able to listen to your lists through a Bluetooth headset, which you can pair with your watch. If you do not have a headset of this type, there will be a pack that includes it.

And if you don't have music to listen to, Ministry of Sound has collaborated with TomTom and offers a list created by them and already loaded on the clock, so you can start training as soon as you receive the clock.

TomTom Spark, price and availability

Introduced on September 3rd, the TomTom Spark will be in stores in October. In fact, it is already possible to book it through your websiteNew TomTom Spark, with optical pulse sensor, MP3 player and activity monitor 1The price of this version is £249, which is quite competitive as it is cheaper than the TomTom Cardio Runner and Multisport.

But according to them it will not be the only model available, but there will be different purchase options (and different strap sizes), although there are no prices available yet for the rest of the packs:

  • TomTom Spark GPS Fitness
  • TomTom Spark Cardio GPS Fitness
  • TomTom Spark Music GPS Fitness
  • TomTom Spark Cardio + Music GPS Fitness
  • TomTom Spark Music GPS Fitness Watch + Bluetooth headset
  • TomTom Spark Cardio + Music GPS Fitness Watch + Bluetooth headset

Support this siteYou can do this by buying your TomTom Runner 2 or Spark (it's the same watch, change the packaging) through Amazon.

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I've been surrounded by electronic devices of all kinds for more than 25 years. Using them, testing them, taking them apart and dissecting them. Long distance triathlete: I swim, run and cycle for a long time. Maybe too much.

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      1. Okay, thank you very much! I
        It seems like an interesting option for those of us who didn't make it to triathlon, but we're a little short on the vivoactive. Let's see how you like it when you try it.

  1. When did Tomtom say that they are going to do an update for the 24h heart rate thing? I have seen that data in several websites, but not something official from Tomtom. Even so I am considering its purchase, because, for not much more money, (it is at 200 euros now in Amazon) it seems to me a more complete product as far as multisport training is concerned than the new wristbands like polar a360 or vivosmart hr, great analysis of this last one is yours.

  2. Good night, because I doubt between the fitbit surge or the tomtom spark cardio...any recommendation to take into account? Thank you!

    1. Ainhoa, I hope to have proof of the Spark in January-February (if TomTom sends me a unit to perform the analysis). I recommend you to wait to see all the details.

      1. Hi, Eduardo,
        I found your website and your comments and the studies you do on the products great. I am also going to wait to see what the tomtom spark cardio has to offer. Like Ainhoa I have doubts between the fitbit surge and the polar M400 and the tomtom.
        you'll tell us,
        good luck and thank you!

  3. Hi, thanks a lot for the review. I just got my Tom Tom Spark and I have a first question. The tracker that measures steps, calories spent, etc; it measures it based on heart rate? In that tracker (hitting the button on the left) there is no reference to heart rate and if I take off my watch, the heart rate monitor is off. You talk about the 10 minutes, but that pulse every 10 minutes is only seen in the MySports application? Thanks for the help, I'm a bit of a fish in this matter.

    1. If the pulse can only be seen in the web or mobile application, there is no reference to the recorded data in the clock. The steps are not requested by the pulses.

  4. Hi there, I was thinking of buying this watch (only in the Music version) or the Polar M400 with HR H7. My question is if you think there will be an upgrade for the TomTom that is similar to the Back to Start at Polar. Also, I would like to ask you which one you recommend, knowing that I am a person who has never exercised, I plan to do hiking and walking routes in my city (hence my interest in the Polar Back to Start feature). I am a person who likes electronics a lot and I have a budget of 150 ?. The last question is if the TomTom is compatible with the chest strap they sell.

    Thank you.

    1. If they don't include it already in the watch itself, I don't expect them to. If you enjoy electronics, you'll probably be more satisfied with Polar because it has more configuration possibilities and a better online platform.

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