New Suunto Spartan Ultra for 2018?

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Ayer Suunto publicó un «teaser» en sus redes sociales. Simplemente ofrecen la silueta de un reloj en una imagen bastante oscura. Lo suficiente para saber que es un reloj, pero nada más… Es cuando comienzan a surgir todo tipo de rumores en torno a una futura presentación, y todo apuntaría a un nuevo Suunto Spartan Ultra que será lanzado este 2018, previsiblemente a lo largo del verano. Este es el vídeo compartido en redes sociales:

As I say, many questions arise, but no answers, so it is now my turn to make the corresponding assumptions.

I'm sure it's a new Suunto Spartan Ultra

I'm sure to the 95% that this is a new Suunto Spartan Ultra. The original model will be two years old in a few weeks (was presented on 7 June 2016), which may not seem like a lot of time but in consumer electronics it's a lifetime. It's the life cycle that's usually happening in all brands, with some exceptions. Do you want to see it a little better? Well, the only thing we can do is increase the brightness a little and reduce the contrast to try to appreciate a little more the details of the rendered image.

Análisis en Instagram

Suunto Spartan Ultra 2

Now we can see more things. The strap is quite wide, so we can rule out a different edition of the new Suunto 3 FitnessThe strap anchorage is similar to that of the Spartan BaroThe external antenna in the belt area is therefore not available.

At least the three side buttons remain. I don't think the user interface will suffer from redesign as this is something that Suunto-san has been working on for quite a few months.

Sí cambia el bisel, que en lugar de estar enrasado con el cristal como en el Spartan Ultra original ahora está por encima del cristal. También se puede apreciar una esfera de reloj que no está presente en ningún otro modelo de Spartan, aunque es imposible ver si pierde el efecto de «rueda pinchada» al cortar la parte inferior de la pantalla.

At least, these are the aesthetic aspects that can be seen in the image. It will still be a big clock, but my intuition tells me that it will reduce its thickness without losing battery capacity.

Why now

There are several reasons why this watch will now reach the market beyond the two-year cycle, more than enough time to amortize a product, and even more so in the case of Suunto, which bases a complete range on the same product (some hardware features or details are reduced, but the whole range offers almost the same).

New firmware update

The first is that Suunto has just launched a new update for the current Spartan rangeBeyond the logical firmware update that is coming to all products and that Spartans have been receiving over time, it stands out that there has been a significant change in the version. It is now 2.0, so there is a significant change beyond the novelties introduced with the latest version. Probably the core of the operating system has been redesigned, leaving room for new features. Be assured that the new Spartan will have the same features as the current models.

Polar about to launch a new model

Another reason to launch the watch now is simply the market situation. Polar, the other Finnish brand, has yet to launch the replacement for the V800 this year. With this leak Suunto has already given a hint that something is imminent, protecting itself in case of a hypothetical announcement by Polar in the coming weeks.

Wireless payments

The new Spartan will surely have support for wireless payments, through Barclays bBay. The agreement is already signed and was submitted two months agoSuunto will join other brands such as Garmin, Apple and Fitbit in their quest to provide a way to offer wireless payment directly from the wrist.

New Valencell sensor

Valencell, the manufacturer of the optical sensor that currently equips the Spartans, presented a renewed sensor at the beginning of the year.

Although the original Spartan Ultra did not have a sensor of this type, it was later extended to the rest of the range. It is to be hoped that the optical sensor will now be present throughout the range. This same sensor is the one that Scosche will be fitting in its new RHYTHM 24This new sensor is more energy-efficient, so Suunto will be able to mount it on its top-of-the-range model (which has always placed great emphasis on range), but they also announced that it is capable of recording pulse variability, which opens the door to new recovery status metrics and more accurate recordings than ever before.

New mobile application

Suunto continúa trabajando en su nueva app móvil, llamada simplemente «Suunto». Pero hay varias cosas alrededor de ella que crean una situación «extraña». Aunque la aplicación es compatible con todos los Suunto Spartan; por el momento no vuelca los entrenamientos a Movescount, sólo a Sports Tracker The latest Suunto model, 3 Fitness, is not compatible with the Movescount app and is only compatible with the new Suunto... In short, there are several inconsistencies that will only begin to make sense when everything is updated and running internally.

Movesense Sensor

Presented at the CES in 2017, the Movesense pulse sensor is in principle oriented to developers so that they can carry out applications based on it. It has a multitude of sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, pulse, temperature...).

It is much more than a pulse sensor, in fact I would say that it is the least important part of this device. It is a sensor capable of recording a multitude of different data that the appropriate software can then store or process in real time. From here and with so much data a world of possibilities opens up.

In short...

I think it's safe to say that there's a new Suunto Spartan Ultra in the making. Beyond the manufacturer's own shared video, there are many signs that point to it. When will the official launch be and will we know the official details? I think it will be next July, with the watch available by the end of July or August. So until that date, all we know is what we can assume. Some of the things I indicate here will be fulfilled, others won't. But don't worry, as soon as it's officially announced, you'll have all the details.

And with that... thanks for reading!

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