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Garmin Edge 130 Plus | The smallest member of the Edge family updates with features from it's siblings

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The other announcement by Garmin today is the Garmin Edge 130 Plus (they have also introduced the Garmin Edge 1030 Plus). Like it's bigger brother, it should have reached the market a few months ago, but Garmin chose to delay the announcement to better dates (thus avoiding the COVID-19 pandemic).

The Garmin Edge 130 Plus is a slight evolution over the original Edge 130, a model that did not seem to work very well commercially because it is in the shade of other models with a higher number of features (especially the Garmin Edge 530), but that I personally love for several reasons.

It's small, lightweight, covers the most basic functions and in this new version it includes features that will certainly be very well received by all users.

Aesthetically both are exactly the same. They share dimensions (41x63x16mm), weight (33 grams) and screen (1.8″ diagonal). Internally, there are not too many innovations beyond including now internal accelerometer for the incident detection feature, but the main innovations come within the software.

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What's new on the Garmin Edge 130 Plus

Hablemos específicamente de todas las novedades que presenta el Edge 130 Plus. Ninguna de ellas es nueva en la gama de Garmin, todo viene del resto de modelos. Por tanto lo que Garmin hace es «democratizar funciones» y permitir que el modelo más económico de la gama (y sobre todo más pequeño) también disfrute de todas esas bondades.

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  • Includes ClimbPro. One of the flagship features of high-end Garmin devices comes to the little one in the Edge family.
  • Advanced structured workouts, created from Garmin Connect or downloaded from TrainingPeaks .
  • Incident detection
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life
  • MTB metrics: Grit, Flow and jump measurement.
  • Sony GNSS chipset
  • Compatible with smart trainers (not at launch, will be in the future via firmware update)

If you've never used the ClimbPro feature, it's definitely one of the most interesting features offered by this new model. This allows us to automatically see how much we have left on each climb, knowing what you have left to suffer ahead.

Garmin Edge 130 Plus - ClimbPro

And not only the hill at that moment, you can also check how many climbs are left on your route and the details of each of them (length and average slope). You can see all the details of ClimbPro in the Edge 530 review, for example.

Another thing that inherits from that Edge range is MTB dynamics metrics. These are the ones that correspond to Grit (difficulty of the journey), Flow (how fluid you are during the route and if you make a lot of sudden speed changes) and jump measurements with distance and time in the air. And as in the previous function, if you want to know more details of what it offers I recommend you take a look at the review of one of the models that included it for the first time, for example the Garmin Edge 830

Garmin Edge 130 Plus - Dinámicas de MTB

Garmin also wants the Edge 130 Plus to be a GPS bike computer that you can use to train, so it has made it compatible with advanced workouts. You can create a workout directly on Garmin Connect, or download it from TrainingPeaks if it's the platform you use (learn how to use TrainingPeaks in the podcast).

What do you get with that? Well, you can perform interval workouts in which the bike computer guides you through the different phases, not only in time or distance but also in the target of each interval (power range, heart rate, etc.).

The fact that Garmin wants the Edge 130 Plus to be also a good training bike computer can be seen in that they want it to be compatible with smart trainers through ANT+.

The previous Garmin Edge 130 already allowed us to receive cadence, speed and power data from the trainer (in short it is nothing more than information from external sensors), but what we can do now is to control the resistance of the trainer, provided it is smart.

Pero no sólo es controlar la resistencia para aumentar o disminuir la dificultad del entrenamiento, es que al combinarlo con el seguimiento de entrenamientos que he indicado anteriormente, podrás hacer los entrenamientos de intervalos en rodillo y el Edge 130 Plus le irá «ordenando» al rodillo que vaya cambiando la resistencia a medida que avanzamos por las diferentes fases del entrenamiento.

The latest feature is the addition of the internal accelerometer, which allows it to have the incident alert. If your device detects a sharp deceleration, it will send a SOS message automatically and independently, as long as you carry your mobile phone with you.

These are the main features, but remember that the Edge 130 Plus still supports navigation routes, although no maps on the device.

Garmin Edge 130 Plus - Navegación

Garmin Edge 130 Plus, availability and price

As with the Garmin Edge 1030 Plus, the Garmin Edge 130 Plus is available right now. It is normal considering that this bike computers should have been introduced a few months ago, so they have had more than enough time for manufacturing and distribution.

And likewise the price remains relative to the original Edge 130 (although the original is now cheaper as Garmin has lowered its price). It's €199 if you buy only the device, €249 if you do it with the HRM-Dual heart rate sensor (ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible) or €269 for the MTB pack.

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Garmin Edge 130 Plus opinion

Today's both presentations are modest renovations of a product that was already present in the range. This is an upgrade to revalue a device without having to take too high costs.

However, this renewal has been better for Edge 130 Plus because Garmin has added useful features that are among the favorites of Garmin users.

On one hand we have ClimbPro, one of the best features that are available on Garmin devices when they we have days of accumulating positive meters. In fact, on many occasions I create a navigation route just because I have this extra screen, even if I perfectly know where I'm going and I don't need the Edge to let me know when to turn.

And on the other hand the possibility of performing interval workouts and smart trainer compatibility. Both options substantially expanded the possibilities of using the Edge 130, which were previously somewhat more limited for those who wanted to use the device for workouts. I have an Edge 130 that I use for competitions, but it is true that if one day I have to do an interval workout, not having the possibility to sync those workouts is something that limits me in a certain way.

Overall it is an interesting renovation for a device that usually goes quite unnoticed (and in my opinion, unfairly).

And with that... thanks for reading!

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  1. Opino lo mismo. tengo el 130 normal y la verdad es que para lo que es, estoy muy contento con el…

  2. Muchas gracias por tu artículo.
    Mi pregunta es si todas estas novedades de software estarán disponibles para los que ya tenemos el modelo “antiguo”?

  3. Hola gracias por tú artículo.
    Tengo un fenix 6x pro y estoy pensando en comprar un ciclocomputador sencillo para ver más comodamente la actividad cuando voy en BTT ¿merece la pena? Por otra parte el 130 y el 130 plus llevan la opción de compartir pantalla y así poder ver los datos que proporciona el Fenix 6? ¿Se comparten todas las pantallas (mapas incluidos ) ó solo las de datos? y por último entre el 130 plus y el 520 edge plus ¿Cual merece más la pena comprar viendo que hay ofertas del 520 que mejoran el precio del 130?

    Saludos y gracias por anticipado

    1. Indudablemente un ciclocomputador es mucho más cómodo para llevar en la bici, especialmente por la posición en el manillar que hace que sea mucho más fácil de visualizar los datos.

      Tanto Edge 130 como Edge 130 Plus tienen la función de pantalla ampliada, puedes ver cómo funciona y lo que puedes mostrar en la prueba del Edge 130.

      Personalmente el Edge 520 Plus no me gusta, el procesador es demasiado lento para todas las tareas de navegación. Si quieres algo más capaz que los Edge 130 entonces la mejor opción es pasar al Edge 530.

  4. Es todo lo que debió ser el 130 normal. Por lo que vale el 130 normal, mínimo poder crear sesiones de entrenamiento en la web de garmin.

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