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After a few weeks of searching for candidates, I finally found the perfect partner for the job. The interviews were long but fruitful. The request for letters of recommendation was also important. In fact, I had already chosen a first candidate, but after a difficult initial choice, her reluctance to accept the offer made me have to change the selection. This was fortunate, as I have been able to find an even better qualified candidate with the ideal profile for the job.

Let me tell you about the selection process It wasn't quick or easy. First I did an initial round for the reception of resumes. At this point many candidates met the requirements. But of course, the vast majority had economic claims that podía could not assume, so the range was quite reduced.

After this time I made a final decision. After more than a month waiting to see if he would decide to make the move, I finally issued an ultimatum. By the deadline I still hadn't decided whether to stay in Germany or move permanently to Spain, so I was forced to pull out my resume again.

There she was. Young, slim, athletic, curvy and very light-skinned. And she looked like she was going really fast.

This new collaborator will be the one to help with all the tests of specific cycling devices: potentiometers, cycling computers, specific cycling options in race clocks... In other words, all the aspects that were not covered until now, from this moment on 1TP10 will be covered perfectly thanks to her invaluable help.

And since I know that many of you are eager to meet her, I leave you a picture.


What? You wanted to see her totally naked? What a hot mind you have, I hope it's a summer thing. Good thing I censored the image...

Don't worry, you'll soon have more revealing photos. But you're going to have to wait a little while until I put all the clothes on and can take them out.



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  1. Congratulations, you're getting closer to the Triathlon!
    Recommendations: if you get the budget shimano Di2
    The EDGE 1000 is mandatory for testing things, especially power meters.

    The frame looks like Giant, you want to see it mounted... it's going to be a luxury to read your analysis on cycling material!

    Greetings from zitaSport and any questions you may have, here we are


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