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The Mio Alpha 2 is similar in concept to Mio LinkOriginally, the Mio Alpha was the first device to offer a quality optical pulse sensor.

This original Mio Alpha was basically a pulse sensor and allowed you to display your heart rate, time, calories and heart rate zone. It also allowed you to connect to devices via Bluetooth Smart. These devices can either be watches with this type of connectivity or mobile phones that support this type of connectivity.

The second version of Mio Alpha adds this extra functionality

  • Pace, speed and distance thanks to an internal accelerometer
  • Training recording mode
  • Allows you to synchronize completed training with your phone
  • Add screen lighting
  • Timer, stopwatch and replays

For specific sensor tests, it is best to review all the data you will find in the Mio LinkThe sensor is the same and the data you get will be of the same quality.

Buy Mio Alpha 2

You can find the Mio Alpha 2 in two different colours, black or yellow. Its retail price is £179, but below I provide links to good offers.


  1. I bought a Mio alpha 2 according to your recommendations, my doubt is that it does not turn on the screen light when I touch it twice. Is this normal? Does the watch have a light to see the screen in the dark?

    1. Rather than touching the screen (as if it were a phone), you have to make two taps, or two generous taps. Try it out.

  2. Hello.
    I bought this watch and my problem is that it doesn't connect to bluetooth, I get that link rejected by my global alpha 2.
    I have a samsung galaxy s6 so characteristics are not the problem.
    see if you can give me a hand.
    Thank you very much.

  3. Hello
    I purchased the Alpha 2 and the device does not connect via Bluetooth to the app.
    Mio go does not find any connected device, however the phone displays the alpha 2 device, but when you try to select it it does not succeed.
    It is not possible and the linkage is rejected.
    Can you do something or should I return the pulse generator?

    1. You don't have to connect the device from the phone settings, but directly from the application.

      You must uneven it from the phone's settings

        1. I'm sorry but I can't help you, try to get in touch with the company. But if they don't have it in stock anymore it's hard to get it

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