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Sparkasse Marathon. 3 countries, one lake, 42km.


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Usually, when we think of a marathon, we imagine running through a big city like London, New York, Boston or Berlin, going through neighborhoods and with the neighbors of the same encouraging all the runners.

But there's another kind of landscape to run a race in. How about a marathon between three countries? What if we also run by a lake? Sounds good, right?

Well, that's the marathon of SparkasseThe race starts on the island of Lindau, on the German side of Lake Constance, and then crosses the border into Austria. In St. Margreten the race goes to Switzerland and then back to Austria in Hard via the Rheindamm and ending at the Bregenz stadium, still in Austria. The 60% of the course takes place on the shores of Lake Constance.

The entire route is quite picturesque and practically flat. The roads it runs on are varied, including cobblestone, asphalt and gravel roads. And to return to the starting point, if we do not decide to stay in Bregenz, we can return in a relaxed way by boat or train.


Sparkasse Marathon, photo 1


If you are still a beginner and the 42km seems too much for you, don't be discouraged, because the organization prepares a total of three races. Besides the marathon, which is the main event, you can also participate in a half-marathon and a third race of so only 10km for the less initiated.

It takes place every year on the first weekend in October, a couple of days after this entry, so for the 2014 edition you're a little bit short of time. But it's a race you can aim for right now on the 2015 calendar. And once the race is over, take advantage of the Oktoberfest holiday to toast with all your teammates to the great race that has taken place - a perfect plan!


Marathon Sparkasse, official website

To register and have complete information, please go to



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