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Many times you ask me questions about the best way to train, what you should do to run a competition or how you should tackle a certain distance. My answer is always quite generic because I think training is something that should be directed by a professional, as I point out in the reasons why I think you should have a coach.

But today I want to recommend the training manual of Miguel Angel Rabanal, my coachHe has recently launched a self-training book in electronic format which, far from being a book you have to read from start to finish, is more of an advisory guide. If you know the Arias Paz of the automobileThe approach of this guide is very similar, as it is designed to serve as a consultative tool when you need to solve a question regarding nutrition, strength training, series or how to face a certain race.

Who is Michelangelo Rabanal?

Obviously the first thing you need to know is who wrote all these articles and training plans, because as I indicated in the reasons for working with a coach, you should not put yourself in the hands of just anyone.

Miguel Ángel is my coach, the one who guides me in the preparation of the whole season and helps me to plan it. Of course he has a degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, as well as being a coach of athletics, swimming and triathlon. You can find all the information about his training on its website.

With more than 20 years of professional career training athletes of different levels and modalities, he is also an athlete and directs the Intelligent Running face-to-face training schools; besides writing in different national magazines.

But perhaps what you will be most interested to know is that it always adheres to its maxim of "minimum training for maximum performance".

What you're going to find

As I say, it is not a book to start from page 1 and read it until the end, nor is it a physical book that you will have gathering dust on your bedside table. It is in digital format, and it is a collection of reference documents that you can go to when you have a specific question, a doubt about the training you are doing at the moment or different possibilities to carry out your preparation.

It also has some training plans for different distances on asphalt, trail or triathlon. It is not a substitute for what a coach can provide, mainly because he will design your training for your physical condition and objective, but it is a tool you can use when you need to solve any doubt.

It is the result of 20 years of work, all categorized for quick access to more than 1,000 pages of information. It is not a physical or electronic book, but an orderly and structured access to all these articles and plans, with quality information guaranteed by a professional I trust.

It will help you understand the theory and planning of the training, as well as help you with technique, series, stretching, breathing, strength routines, etc. And without forgetting specific topics of nutrition, supplementation and different diets. You can find a summary of everything that includes in this table of contents.


Buy it at a discount

I have reached an agreement with Michelangelo so that you can all benefit from his knowledge. I recommend his teachings to you and in return he offers you a 40% discount on his price. Doesn't seem like a bad deal, does it?

Its normal price is £49.95, but by entering the code RUN A MARATHON40 when you make the purchase then it will cost you only 29,95€You can buy it by clicking on the image or through this link.

Buy Button Manual

I'm sure you'll like the manual, but otherwise you have 7 days to return it easily and simply.

And with that... thanks for reading!

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