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The Hoka Rocket X are not new to the market, in fact they have been on sale for a little over a year. So... why am I publishing this now? Because I had pending to tell you about them because now that its renewal is near it is an extremely interesting model.

I don't think the Rocket X has had much traction in the market, which I think is both fair and unfair. Hoka sells them as their fastest shoes, intended for competition use. In short, their flyers to fight against the elite of running shoes.

However, we have to admit that the Hoka Rocket X are not up to par. They can't compete on equal terms with the Vaporfly, Alphafly or Metaspeed Sky of the market, even though it is a very light shoe with a carbon plate.

The reason is simple, its midsole is made of EVA. Yes, within the usual Hoka compound (cushioning, low weight), but it lacks that extra PEBAX foam like all its rivals. A foam that allows it to give that reactivation and push in the tread that it somewhat lacks. If I have to judge it as a racing shoe it is a model that falls short.

But if we talk about a fast training shoe, things change. Then it becomes one of the best options on the market, capable of rivaling any other model that is indicated for this use. Comfortable, fast and light; as a shoe for days of series, intervals, fartlek or tempo they are a great option. Especially considering the price for which 1TP7We can get them right now, as they are usually around 100 €.

Usually for everything that is sneakers, YouTube is the platform that works best today both for creating content to explain the details and for users to search and find what they are looking for.

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Review Hoka Rocket X

Little more I can add to what I have posted above. Right now they are my shoes for fast days, series and tempo. I've been wearing them for more than 300km and they are as good as the first day (a bit dirtier...).

I have to say that I have better options as a racing shoe, but as a weekly training shoe it's the one I'm using the most.

It can be a good option for a mixed shoe, even if you don't want to have something exclusively for competitions and want to split them to train and compete in distances up to half marathon.

And with that... thanks for reading!

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  1. Good afternoon.

    Congratulations on your work and with the objectivity and good judgment in all your reviews.

    My question is how to buy from i-run and have your discount code applied?

    Thank you very much.


    1. Thank you, Jorge.
      In i-Run I don't have a discount code, but it will deduct a percentage for future purchases in your account.
      Where there is a code right now for the Hoka is at Alltricks (in the other link) with SMRRUN10.

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