Camelbak hydration vest as a gift!

Entering the sweepstakes is easy and straightforward


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If there's ever a good time to have a hydration vest, it's now. Spring is just around the corner, it's getting warmer and it looks like (finally!) our competitions are getting closer. So it's likely that you'll be spending more time training not too long from now. It's been a few days since had announced the raffle on the podcastbut the promotion was pending to be "assembled".

The winner of the raffle will win a Camelbak hydration vest. I've been using vests from this brand for a long time and the truth is that they have a superb quality, I'm sure they won't let you down. And it doesn't matter if you need a model for boy or girl, because I have an option for each of you:

  • Camelbak Circuit hydration vest for girls (blue)
  • Hydration vest CHICO Camelbak Nano (red)

By the way, if you think these things then never play, here is an example of the latest Camelbak raffle. This time the lucky winner could be you.

You just need to know how to participate. I had thought about asking you to run 1km under 3:15 and share the activity to have a participation... but I'll be more benevolent and make it easier for you, you are suffering enough without poder competing.

Camelbak Sweepstakes

How to participate:

The sweepstakes takes place on Instagram. Click here to access the publication.

1.- Tag that training partner who has also been knocked down in a competition (and as there will be more than one... tag all of them).

2.- Follow the accounts of the members of the podcast of Entre Umbrales, we are @correrununamaraton and @jose.m_plaza

3.- Follow @camelbakbecause that's what the prize is for!

And keep your fingers crossed!


Good luck!


You can participate until March 16, 2020, until 23:59. For Spanish users, I cannot ship internationally. The winner will be selected randomly among those who have satisfactorily fulfilled all the requirements. Once the winner is selected I will contact you to request shipping information and specify which prize you want to receive. The shipment will be immediate because I already have it in my poder.

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