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Garmin Venu : Analysis of the first details

Official presentation


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Along with the Vivoactive 4 and the Vivomove familyGarmin is also introducing another smartwatch at the IFA today, the Garmin VenuIt was filtered out earlier, but there were still some details to be known, which have logically been revealed today.

The Garmin Venu is a new model in the American manufacturer's range. To describe it quickly, it is a Garmin Vivoactive 4 "posh", or Sunday dress.

The main difference between the Vivoactive 4 and the Venu is in its screen. While the Vivoactive uses a transflective screen technology, the Venu becomes the first Garmin watch to use a full color AMOLED screen. More contrast, more vivid, faster transitions ... in short, a higher quality screen.

In addition to the display, the design of the bezel also changes. Like the Vivoactive 4, the bezel is made of stainless steel, but in this case it is somewhat different with a kind of grooved design.

Garmin Venu

Garmin Venu News

The new features of the Garmin Venu are practically the same as those of the Vivoactive 4, not in vain the watch is based on those models with the change of technology used in the display.

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  • AMOLED screen for the first time in Garmin, which until now had always relied on transflective technology. 390×390 pixel resolution
  • Display mode always on, despite being an AMOLED display. Displays basic information
  • Clock dials with movement and colours
  • Sony GNSS chipset (like all the rest of the Garmin and other manufacturers' range)
  • Optical heart rate sensor Garmin Elevate v3 with Pulse Ox (pulse oximetry to identify the different phases of sleep)
  • Size from 43mmTherefore, it is located between the Vivoactive 4 (45mm) and the Vivoactive 4S (40mm)
  • Two buttons I emphasize this because the Vivoactive 3 only had one button
  • 20mm wide silicone strap, with Quick Release system
  • The AMOLED screen is of course touch-sensitive (as it is a smart clock), but there are also two buttons control
  • Music playback, Both synchronized from your computer and from streaming platforms, highlighting Spotify and Amazon MusicThe memory capacity is 4GB
  • Wireless NFC payments with Garmin Pay
  • WiFi connection for synchronization and download
  • Two new sport profiles: yoga and pilates
  • Training sessions It is the main novelty of the Venu (as well as the Vivoactive 4), which brings a series of exercises directly in memory, but it will be possible to extend them by downloading from Garmin Connect. The exercises will be for cardio, strength, yoga and Pilates training
  • Function Body Battery showing the remaining energy and recharge with rest.
  • It adds the possibility of doing menstrual cycle monitoring It was previously available through the application, but now you will also see on the clock screen
  • Hydration monitoring to keep track of the fluid you've been taking throughout the day
  • Estimated sweat loss after training
  • Breath tracking. In addition to being recorded in the Yoga profile workouts it is a function that will also be available 24 hours a day, helping to monitor the quality of sleep as well
  • Incident detectionThe watch will send a message asking for help to the contacts you have programmed in advance. The watch does not have a LTE connection, so you need to carry the phone with you as it will be in charge of the communication. It can be activated automatically (if it detects a fall or similar), or manually if you find yourself in a difficult situation

In short, as I said at the beginning, the Garmin Venu is just a Vivoactive 4 with AMOLED screen, but with the same sports features as the new Garmin model. This screen allows videos and transitions (such as the exercise guide) to be more fluid, but there is no other advantage in the Venu over the Vivoactive 4.

Training animations

This is the main novelty we see in the Garmin Venu and Vivoactive 4. It is not something totally new "per se", since the first time we saw something similar was in the Fitbit Blaze (and later models of the brand). Although the only coincidence is that it shows exercise videos, but from there the differences begin.

When doing exercises (remember: yoga, pilates, cardio or strengthening) you will be able to see on the Venu screen videos of how to do the exercises. They are exactly the same as you can see on the Vivoactive 4, only in the Venu they will be of higher quality due to the AMOLED screen, but there are no differences in the duration or content of the exercises.


But in the case of Garmin, what is interesting is the training possibilities and Garmin Connect. The training schedule is also extended to these sports, and now we can design the workouts including the different exercises, just as we can do an interval session indicating the segments.

Let's assume a Pilates training session. You can enter the application and design a session with the positions you want in the order you choose. After synchronizing it to the clock, it will guide you through the different steps, along with videos of each of the exercises.

Garmin Venu, availability and price

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Garmin Venu

Unlike the Vivoactive 4, the Garmin Venu will take a little longer to reach the market, but it will be in a few weeks, and you can be sure that before December (there would be no point in missing the Christmas sales period).

As for the price, it is somewhat higher than the Vivoactive 4, not only because of its AMOLED screen, but because it is a watch of a premium segment. 349 for the watch in gray with silver bezel, when the Vivoactive 4 starts from 279 euros in the same color.

The other colours have a surcharge of 30 euros, so if you want it in black, beige/pink gold or black/gold the price will be 379 euros.

This is just an initial presentation of the watch, with the main details and new features. The full analysis will come later, once the watch's final units are available and it has reached the market. So stay tuned because there will be a test of the Garmin Venu with all the details, as always.

And with that... thanks for reading!

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I've been surrounded by electronic devices of all kinds for more than 25 years. Using them, testing them, taking them apart and dissecting them. Long distance triathlete: I swim, run and cycle for a long time. Maybe too much.

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  1. Is the screen supposed to be off during exercise and to turn on when you turn your wrist?
    I understand that the always on is just showing the digits of the time and little else, right? If I don't understand the 5 days of battery...
    Greetings. Great job.

    1. During the training the display is always on, no wrist turn or button is needed to activate it. Being AMOLED and not LED the battery consumption is lower (but of course higher than a transflective display).

      On the time display, the always on is actually simply showing the time and nothing else.

  2. Hi! a question, the vivoactive 4, I understand that you can sync with the TrainingPeaks platform, and I will get the workouts, right? That is, if I create a workout in TP, I will podré download it on the watch to do it, and once completed that workout, and once synchronized with Garmin, I will see the results in TP, is that right?

    Thank you,

    1. Yes, that is something that depends on the platform level synchronization and not on the clock in question. As long as the clock is compatible with advanced trainings (and the Vivoactive 4/Venu is), once synchronized the workout will be available in the Garmin calendar to perform it.

  3. What do you think of the Venu with respect to the Apple watch? as a sports watch and day to day and run from time to time which you see better? the doubt is the battery, which here lasts a little longer

    1. I hope that next week I can have the Apple Watch test completed, so you can compare them on your own.

      However, if you are looking for a smart watch, the Apple Watch is a better option, but it is much more limited in terms of sports use. If you only want to run sporadically without a major goal, the Apple Watch is enough.

  4. Since mid-November I've been using vivoactive4 and I've noticed a couple of problems that you might be able to solve for me.
    The first one refers to the loss of connection between the clock and the phone (the pairing was not a problem). What happens is that if the phone and the clock are separated and remain disconnected for a few minutes when they approach, they do not reconnect. This does not happen at all with the other garmin devices I use (currently a vivosmart 4 and previously a vivoactive 3 and a vivoactive HR, all of them with the same phone).
    Another problem that I have not been able to solve is the lack of update of the VO2 values, both with Vivoactive 3 and Vivosmart 4 are updated after each timed exercise and reflected in the time charts. Vivoactive 4 stopped recording the VO2 a few days after having it.
    Finally I have also observed that the Body Battery with the Vivoactive 4 has a very different performance than with the Vivosmart 4. With the latter the energy recharge is very contingent on the rest time and the wear and tear with the activity level. In the Vivoactive I have observed how it is practically impossible to obtain a higher recharge of the 70% when in the Vivosmart it easily reached 100%
    I tried to talk to the Garmin SAT and it was useless, after asking me for a lot of data they limited themselves to sending me a generic email telling me to uninstall Garmin Connect and reinstall it adding that if it doesn't go well it will be a phone compatibility problem. No comments.
    Anybody got the same problem? Any possible solution. The only thing left to try is to reset the factory clock before returning it.
    Thank you very much.

  5. I'm sorry, but I see that I have the wrong article at the time of publishing the comment. I wanted to delete it and move it to the place where it should be but I do not see how to remove it from here.

  6. I bought my garmin Venu and I have a problem, let's see you who know so much about the handling, can you help me, I raise and lower the volume on the watch, but it does not change it on the helmets, therefore, I can not use the music, it leaves me completely deaf. what can I do?

    1. Not all Bluetooth headsets have the same standard of operation. If they do not respond to the watch controls and the headset has no control itself, there is nothing to do. You will have to try other headsets.

  7. Hi, I would like to know from you who have the GARMIN Venu, how would you rate the quality of the display.
    My partner and I bought it during the confinement, because our Apple Watches broke and we wanted to improve in performance and we knew that with a GARMIN we were not going to go wrong. The issue is that mine, from day one, any little rubbing, has marked the screen, making it look very deteriorated.... Something that in the 3 years with my Apple Watch never happened to me. The thing is that my partner's is not... it is as it was at the beginning... Impeccable. I have put several claims to Garmin, explaining this, and they tell me that it is from use, and I think my screen lacks some kind of "anti-scratch" treatment or something similar, because it is not normal, considering that it is a watch for sports and as it is logical will receive blows, etc.. (and I can assure you that I have not given any). It seems a quality problem, but they do not want to help me .... How is your screen ?

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