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Garmin Lily, an exclusive smartwatch for women


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Garmin today unveils a new smartwatch, but this time it is exclusively focused on women both by size and design.

It seems that manufacturers are loosing interest in activity trackers, something quite normal considering the war they receive from Asia with increasingly more economical models. That forces them to look for alternative outputs, in this case with more premium looking products and exclusive designs.

The new Garmin Lily meets these premises perfectly. It is a really small watch, which we could well confuse with a simple bracelet but when you turn your wrist, it will turn its OLED screen on.

The most special thing about its aesthetics is that you have to differentiate between what is the screen and the background of it. Hopefully with an image you will better understand how this works.

This is how you'll see the bracelet when the screen is off.

Garmin Lily - Display off

Turn your wrist or tap the screen, and all the information will appear “automagically”.

Garmin Lily - Pantalla encendidaThis is not a new concept within Garmin, it is something that was already used with other watches such as the Vivomove( Vivomove 3being the last exponent). The difference is that there are no analog needles here and the size, with just over 34mm in circumference, is much smaller.

Another difference when compared to the Vivomove 3 range is that the screen is not in color, but uses an OLED display that lights up in white (well, it's actually 16 shades of gray).

What it does share with its brothers in range is the absence of GPS, so in case you want to go for a walk or run, if you want to have precise training data you will have to be accompanied by your mobile phone.


Garmin Lily uses the technology Garmin calls “Connected GPS.” The watch does not have a GPS inside, but when paired with a mobile phone you can use the phone's GPS to get all the necessary data and record your workout.

Garmin Lily - GPS connected

It doesn't mean it's mandatory to always carry the phone with you. If you don't want to wear it, you won't have a track of where you've been, but the pace and distance data will continue to be recorded thanks to the internal accelerometer of the watch, although less accurately than if you were using GPS.

But let's see the full specs of this Garmin Lily.

Garmin Lily specifications

Here are the full specs.

  • Stainless steel or anodized aluminium bezel (classic or sport version respectively)
  • Leather or silicone strap (again, classic or sport version)
  • The strap allows to be replaced, but obviously the design is quite specific
  • Touchscreen with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection
  • 34.5mm diameter, 10,15mm thickness
  • Only 24 grams of weight
  • Battery life: up to 5 days without using SpO2 estimation
  • Connected GPS (it doesn't have GPS, uses the one from your phone)
  • 24/7 heart rate tracking with alerts
  • 24/7 breathing rate tracking
  • Blood oxygen saturation estimation(SpO2) manually or during sleep
  • Body Battery to track remaining energy
  • All-day stress tracking and relaxation reminders
  • Steps and daily activity tracking
  • Sleep tracking with different phases analysis
  • Menstrual cycle tracking
  • Pregnancy tracking
  • Shows full notifications from the paired smartphone
  • Assistance alerts (You can send a message asking for help via paired phone)

As you can see, Garmin has added all the health tracking features available, as it is the focus they've put on this watch. Although the sports part is not the most remarkable, being Garmin you can be sure that it offers everything you need to keep track of daily activity as well as other sports.

Specifically these are the profiles that supports: Running, treadmill, walking, cycling, swimming (swimming pool), cardio, elliptical, strength training, climbing stairs, yoga, pilates and breathing exercises.

It is possible to configure each of these profiles individually, so you can have some data in the walking profile different from those shown in the yoga profile.

Garmin Lily, price and availability

Find the best offer


Garmin Lily will be available over the next few weeks. Of course, what you must have in mind is that since Garmin wants this to be a premium offer that comes at a cost, and is that they are not cheap watches at all.

It is the toll to pay for a watch with a different aesthetic and a very small size.

As indicated in the specifications, there are two types of “finishes or versions”. First we have the most expensive, the classic version with steel bezel and leather strap is priced at 250€ and is available in these combinations:

  • Dark Bronze Bezel with Paloma Case and Italian Leather Band
  • Cream Gold Bezel with Black Case and Italian Leather Band
  • Light Gold Bezel with White Case and Italian Leather Band

As for the “less expensive” version, with a price of 200€, it offers the anodized aluminum bezel and silicone strap. Also in several color combinations:

  • Cream Gold Bezel with White Case and Silicone Band
  • Rose Gold Bezel with Light Sand Case and Silicone Band
  • Midnight Orchid Bezel with Deep Orchid Case and Silicone Band

As you've seen, each color is also associated with a different dial type. Such a sphere is fixed and cannot be changed.


Any further questions regarding the new Garmin Lily? Feel free to use the comments below. And... thanks for reading!

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  1. If the incident (drop) detection works without initiating any activity it could be a good gift for grandma. If it also had LTE 1TP10It could be a bestseller for seniors.

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