Garmin Epix, the multisport GPS watch with full colour maps


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Today Garmin introduced a total of four devices: the Garmin vívofit 2 activity bracelet, the multisport and adventure watch Garmin Fenix 3the smart watch Garmin Vivoactive and finally, the Garmin Epix I'm about to tell you about.

Like the VivoactiveLike the Garmin Epix, the Garmin Epix comes to the range as a new product, and has not come to replace another device that was already in the catalogue. Garmin Fenix 3This is a multisport adventure GPS watch, but in this case we have a 1,4″ high resolution full color touch screen, in which we can display navigation maps for your adventure routes.

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The Garmin Epix joins one of its portable navigation units with a multi-sport GPS watch, creating a new range: that of watches capable of doing everything - except dinner. The Epix includes a world relief map, a year's free subscription to BirdsEye satellite images and an 8GB memory into which, in addition to loading Garmin's own maps, we will presumably be able to include free, third-party maps provided by the OpenStreetMap community.

We can summarize the Epix as a Fenix 3 to which we have added the touch screen and the possibility of navigation with high quality maps. It also shares the new omnidirectional antenna EXO™ with support for GPS and GLONASS and of course altimeter, barometer and magnetic compass. Unfortunately, it loses a feature compared to the Fenix 3, the WiFi connection.

The Garmin Epix also incorporates the Connect IQ application platform (as it will include any Garmin clock just over $200 from now on, it will be one of your strongest bets), so you can upload third-party applications to the clock, as well as download clock screens, widgets, or data screens, and it opens the door to connecting any third-party product, as long as it uses the ANT+ standard.

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If there is something I like about these new Garmin devices, it is precisely Connect IQ and the door that opens to thousands of possibilities. I have been thinking for some time that given the current market situation, Garmin, Polar, Suunto and company should not worry about fighting each other, since their new enemies came from California: Apple, Google, Fitbit... Garmin has been able to get ahead of the game and put itself in a privileged position.

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But it's not just a device created for trail and mountain climbing. It incorporates all the functionality of a multisport watch and is valid even for you triathletes, as it has all the sporting possibilities that you can find in the 920xt. being able to run, swim or cycle (with compatibility with all sensors, and if not it will already be Connect IQ to remedy this).

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Other Garmin Epix partners

Garmin also presented other products at the Las Vegas CES: The Garmin Fenix 3with similar features to the Epix but without the navigation maps (which you won't want to take off your wrist). And the Garmin VivoactiveA GPS smartwatch that is far from what we have seen so far, since its training programs will be through apps.

Garmin Epix, availability and price

Like the rest of the range launched today, Garmin is announcing availability throughout the first quarter of 2015. That means we'll be able to find it in stores at around the end of March or April. And its price? It'll be £499.

If you want to get it as soon as possible, you can book it NOW in this shopAnd with the code AF-VOUCHCLOUD-AF at the time of purchase, you get a 10% discount and free shipping.

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