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Garmin Enduro, Garmin's watch for ultra running is out


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The new Garmin Enduro is probably the watch that has suffered the most leaks of recent times. Today, everything I announced a couple of weeks ago are made official, even confirm its appearance as we saw last weekend.

The Garmin Enduro becomes the most focused on the ultra-running or ultra-trail segment from the American manufacturer. It's a step further than the Fenix 6 family, that despite perfectly covering that segment, let's say that it is “degraded” to simply trail races -at least in what Garmin's catalogue corresponds.

The Enduro is based on the Garmin Fenix 6X Solar, from which it takes its aesthetics and most of its features, but there are some important changes in the sense of functions, reduction of other features and a new lighter strap.

Perhaps the most significant thing about the Garmin Enduro is that it is a watch capable of offering up to 80 hours using 1s GPS recording, something that no other manufacturer has reached. To do this, the Garmin Enduro relies on solar technology and increases by 20 hours the battery life offered by the Fenix 6X Solar. I don't know if there is anyone who the 60 hours of the Fenix 6X Solar would fall short, but if you needed 20 extra hours of battery, here's the watch you were looking for.

But as I say, in order to achieve these numbers, we have to make some concessions, which is something we can see by looking at the spec list.

Garmin Enduro, specifications

Beyond battery life I'll list below the full specifications. And yes, this time are official (although it's the same we knew from weeks ago).

  • Power Glass for solar charging
  • 1.4″ screen
  • 51mm diameter
  • Steel or titanium bezel with DLC finish. The titanium version also has buttons and back cover of that material
  • New lighter nylon strap weighing only 6 grams, 21 grams less than the Fenix 6X silicone strap
  • The steel Garmin Enduro weighs 72 grams, while the titanium 58gr (in both cases including the strap)
  • Up to 80 hours with GPS use with 1 second recording (70 hours without solar charge support)
  • Up to 300 hours of GPS with maximum battery use (200 hours in the shade)
  • With GPS expedition mode, 95 days of GPS use (“only” 65 days if you are under heavy rain for two months)
  • Up to 65 days in smartwatch mode (50 if you don't go out of the pain cave)
  • Up to 130 days in energy-saving mode, showing only the time (can reach 1 year in this mode if we sunbathe every day for 3 hours)
  • Power Manager
  • – NEW – VO2max estimation adapted for trail run
  • – NEW – Ultrarun activity profile
  • – NEW – Rest timer for ultradistance races
  • – NEW – ClimbPro extension. In addition to giving the information about the climbs, now it also gives descents and flat areas
  • Advanced recovery time depending on rest and activity
  • Workour suggestions
  • MTB dynamics
  • Performance metrics, heat and altitud acclimation, advanced running metrics, etc.
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Magnetic compass
  • Garmin Pay compatible

As you see there are some new things, but there are also certain omissions when comparing it to its sibling, the Garmin Fenix 6X Solar. These are the things that are not present in the Garmin Enduro and the main differences with it.

  • No music
  • No WiFi
  • No maps
  • Only 64MB of memory (more than enough if we consider it does not have all of the above) instead of the 32GB of the 6X
  • Available in steel version. The Fenix 6X Solar is only sold with titanium finish
  • Garmin Enduro's exclusive nylon strap, although it's compatible with the Fenix 6X
  • The Garmin Enduro brings new software features, but will soon be available on all Fenix 6 via software update

These features that are now omitted are simply done to achieve that extended battery life. I think that the absence of maps will be the hardest thing to digest for many users, but it is something that should undoubtedly be left out if what you are looking for is an ultra battery life (to run your ultra-races, obviously).

The fact of having maps makes that in case of carrying a loaded route the processor is always working to update all the details, and the only way to solve that is to eliminate the possibility of root.

Do you want maps and is one of the most important features for you? Well, you can always opt for the Garmin Fenix 6X Solar, I don't think the 60 hours of battery life is so bad after all.


But let's go into a little more detail on what are those new software features that Garmin releases today with the Enduro.

News Garmin Enduro

As I said, beyond the extended range offered by the Garmin Enduro, this model also brings other trail-focused innovations.

VO2Max for trail running

First we have VO2max estimation with specific adaptation for trail running. So far this estimate was not produced in trail run profiles as it was not adapted to make considerations based on the grade.

That is, in the normal running profile the watch records if you run at 4:00 min/km maintaining a heart rate of 150 beats per minute, and will estimate that your VO2max is X (it's a simplification of the algorithm, but it's more or less so).

Garmin Enduro - VO2Max

What happens in the trails? Until now in those profiles there was no VO2max estimation. Because in case of using the normal running profile, maybe you are running at 6:00 min/km at 170 beats per minute, but you are doing it climbing 12% hill.

However that detail of the earring the watch will not take into account, so you will not simply consider that you are running slowly and with a high heart rate, so you will lower the VO2max record.

This is where the new VO2max estimation makes sense, as it will now take that data into account in order to better assess what your real performance is.

Ultra-distance race profile and rest timer

The new ultra-distance race profile has a rest timer. Its sole purpose is to record the time you spend at the refreshment posts (or at a meal during the race).

Garmin Enduro - Ultrarun

This will allow you to see in the race analysis more precise data about your running or refreshment times.

ClimbPro also for descents

So far ClimbPro gave you information about the different climbs ahead, as well as the ongoing climb with details such as slope percent, a graph and distance and positive meters remaining.

As you may well know if you are regular to running in the mountains, running uphill is exhausting, but doing so downhill can be even worse.

ClimbPro on the Garmin Enduro will also offer relevant information for the descents. The graph, what lies ahead, etc.

Garmin Enduro - ClimbPro

Remember that to have all this ClimbPro data it is necessary that we have previously uploaded a navigation route. That's where the watch pulls the information from, and it couldn't be otherwise because it wouldn't know where we're going.

Garmin Enduro, price and availability

The Garmin Enduro is offered in two finishes, whose only difference are the materials used: steel or titanium. The steel version has a grey strap and case, while in the titanium version both are black. But in both cases the accents are yellow (main button and line around the dial).

Garmin Enduro - Colors

Let's talk about price. With the steel version, the price is €100 lower than the Fenix 6X Solar (which is only offered in titanium). However, the titanium version of the Garmin Enduro and the Garmin Fenix 6X Solar have the same price, something strange if we consider that the performance level is lower.

Therefore, it remains as follows:

  • Garmin Enduro Steel: 800€, gray color
  • Garmin Enduro Titanium: 900€, black color with DLC cover

As for its availability, right from today.

Garmin Enduro opinions

The launch of the Garmin Enduro seems somewhat strange, because Garmin wants to cover a segment that, in my opinion, had more than covered with their extensive Fenix 6 range.

Although maybe if we go over how the Fenix 6 family is formed we may find a little response to this release. If you remember, when the Fenix 6 arrived on the market we had three levels of “performance”: standard, pro and sapphire. For refreshing your memory, I copy what I wrote in the Fenix 6 family review:

  • Standard version: There is no type of denomination (i.e. Garmin Fenix 6). It has no maps, music or WiFi. With Garmin Pay. It uses Gorilla Glass 3.
  • Pro version: It's the same as the standard version, but it adds full maps of the continent where you buy it (Europe, America, Asia), 32GB of internal memory, music playback capabilities and WiFi connection.
  • Sapphire version: It has the same features as the Pro version, but it changes the Gorilla Glass protection for a sapphire lens.
  • Solar version: Initially it was only present in the 6X. It is now possible to opt for solar charging throughout the range, regardless of whether the watch is standard or Pro version. It replaces the Gorilla Glass with one called Power Glass that offers solar charge, and sapphire crystal is not an option.

Where was the important detail? Garmin understood that their Fenix 6X should be an even more premium product and was not offered in the standard version, the most economical version was the Fenix 6X Pro with maps and music playback.

Therefore the Garmin Enduro would be a standard Garmin Fenix 6X, but with solar charging. The development cost for Garmin is virtually non-existent, because they are using components that they already had available in the rest of the range.

Why didn't they call it Garmin Fenix 6X? Because they are releasing a new model and not a “remastered” version of what was already on the market. That means that they can maintain a high price, because in fact the non-Pro versions of Fenix 6 and Fenix 6S have already dropped quite a lot in price.

And why not, they create a new market segment that did not exist until now, where they are the only ones that offer a device: ultra-performance lightweight watch, as they say in their advertising slogan.

But regardless of all that, they give one more possibility to offer a product adapted to a very specific usage profile. It will not be sold as the Fenix 6X has been sold, but it becomes an exclusive product for a very specific customer. And it is that the mere fact of wearing one on the wrist says a lot about who carries it (ultrafondo runner).

However, I don't think the market was asking for this watch or needed it somehow. If you are in a money spend mood, the Fenix 6X Solar offers more features (maps, music, WiFi) for the same price.

Are there really people who fall short with the 60 hours of GPS use of the Garmin Fenix 6X Solar and the 80 hours of Garmin Enduro are their salvation? Maybe there is that user profile, but I doubt it's too large.

What's your opinion on the Garmin Enduro? Below you have the comments section where you can leave your opinion about the new Garmin model and, if you have any questions left about its features, you can also ask them there.

And with that... Thanks for reading!

Eduardo Mateos

I've been surrounded by electronic devices of all kinds for more than 25 years. Using them, testing them, taking them apart and dissecting them. Long distance triathlete: I swim, run and cycle for a long time. Maybe too much.

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  1. Thank you very much for the coverage you have been giving us.
    One doubt I have. It doesn't have maps... but it has navigation?

  2. Good article as always.
    To me what I like most about this release, is that for those of us who have a Garmin fénix 6 pro from the beginning is a watch that is receiving improvements since it came out, and I think Garmin should continue to improve or polish their software of these watches, not because I consider that they are going bad, but because I think they can get much more out of these watches.
    And I also like the Nylon strap option, because soon you will see on the market a few options for watches and such end more to choose from.
    What I no longer like so much, are the prices, that not long ago with 500 € was a top of the range and now we do not go below 700 or 800 in sports watches of this level, and remember that they are watches with planned obsolescence or not, and are already difficult amounts to assume from my point of view.
    A salute.

  3. Good article. Thank you very much.
    I don't know if anyone else has noticed but on my fénix 6 pro, if in the power options I disable the maps, bluetooth, I put the screen off (it turns on only when I turn the wrist), I select only gps and disable the heart rate (if you wear a HRM-tri you save the data and at the end of the training you can pass it to the watch) you get up to 61 hours of battery... I guess doing this on a 6X will get you up to the 80 hours of the Garmin enduro... For me the best thing about this release is the new trail focused options, finally!!! ☺️☺️
    Greetings 🖖

    1. The greater autonomy of the Enduro also comes from a new processor (or adjustments to the processor, Garmin has not clarified this). In other words, the Enduro should be able to reach those 80 hours of autonomy without having to disable all those sensors.

  4. I don't understand an ultra-distance watch at that price WITHOUT maps (having the technology and software).
    I don't get it.
    I don't know what GARMIN wants to tell me with this model when there is the Fenix 6 PRO below and the MARQ Adventurer at the (very) top. I've missed something.

  5. I'm thinking of buying the garmin fenix 6 pro solar Blue...between this watch and the new release of Enduro .... which one do you recommend in your opinion? In terms of features of any kind since the price is similar....
    Between the pro solar Blue and the Enduro, which one would you buy based on your experience?
    Thank you very much...waiting for a reply...Best regards

  6. I'm about to buy the garmin fenix 6 pro solar metal Blue and I've seen the new Enduro....
    Which of the two watches do you recommend in terms of features of all kinds since the price is similar?
    In your experience which is better or more suitable of the two?
    Waiting for an answer..thank you very much...Best regards

  7. Good, when is garmin going to release a watch with e-sim? In my opinion, to go running with just the watch, without the need for mobile, today and with the prices they have, it should be possible. There are already several brands of watches that have this option, what is garmin waiting for?

  8. I have the garmin fenix 6×pro 51 mm is extraordinary and lately I have the garmin enduro titanium is equally bestial excellent the garmin Good and the last the enduro the no va mas chapo

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