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Garmin Enduro, ya es oficial el reloj de Garmin destinadlo a ultra trail


The imminent release of two new Garmin models should not be any breaking news. We are talking about Garmin, who until now had us accustomed to years with more than 20 new model announcements from different segments, a presentation cadence that was truncated in 2020 for obvious reasons.

However, Garmin's machinery began operating last week with the launch of the Garmin Lily, a small smartwatch focused on the female audience. But there are still pending some announcements that should have arrived last year and we still don't know anything about. These are the releases I thought Garmin was going to make last year (news I announced to you in March 2020):

All that has already been announced, but a few things were still pending.

  • Garmin Enduro — At first I thought it would be a specific Edge for mountain biking, but it turned out to be a watch for ultradistance
  • Garmin Forerunner 955 LTE and 955 — LTE version as the most important thing to highlight
  • Garmin Vector Air — Opposing forces cycling power meter (power estimation by speed and wind) and, combined with a direct measurement power meter, real-time CdA analysis. The presentation may have been delayed to better refine the algorithm.
  • Garmin Forerunner 655 — I'm not very clear that the project is going forward, I don't know if there is a gap in the range to introduce this model

Well, it's the first two that I want to talk you about today.

Garmin Enduro

--- February 13th update

We have images of the Garmin Enduro, and basically confirmation of everything I had told you about the new Garmin model focused on ultra-trail.


In a promotional video that was uploaded to Vimeo (and found by the5krunner) we have already been able to see images of how it looks like, and indeed it is a 51mm Fenix 6X (in all probability).

In the video we do not see any new information besides what we already knew, which in short is this:

  • A lightweight model, supported by new straps and the use of titanium in its most expensive version
  • 80 hours of battery life with use of GPS, relying on solar charge
  • 2 months of continuous use in smartwatch mode (again, supported by solar charge)
  • Specific VO2max for trail running
  • Expanded ClimbPro
  • Rest timer on a new ultra-trail profile
  • Recovery time adjusted by other metrics (rest, sleep, etc) — Not new
  • Workout suggestions — Not New
  • Ski profile - Not new
  • MTB dynamics (Grit & Flow)

Here is a gallery with some of the images.

In short, short information beyond putting a face to the small differences that exist from the current Fenix range. That is, the new straps, the yellow ring surrounding the dial and the button in the same color.

And here is the video from Vimeo. If you don't see it, it's been removed.


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Anyway, on Tuesday we'll have all the details. In the meantime underneath you have everything I wrote at the time.


I'll start with the first one because the announcement is imminent (within two weeks). From the Garmin Enduro I can tell you practically everything, the only thing I don't have are images of the watch. But everything will be very similar to the Garmin Fenix 6X Solar, with a little more battery life and new software features that will also come to the Fenix 6.

But also some omissions that I will discuss later.

Let's go with the full specs.

  • Power Glass for solar charging
  • 1.4″ screen
  • 51mm diameter
  • Steel or titanium bezel with DLC finish. The titanium version also has buttons and back cover of that material
  • Possibility of a nylon strap
  • Up to 80 hours with GPS use
  • Up to one year of battery life with 3 hours of sunshine per day in maximum illumination conditions
  • Power Manager
  • – NEW – VO2max estimation adapted for trail run
  • – NEW – Ultrarun activity profile
  • – NEW – Rest timer for ultradistance races
  • – NEW – ClimbPro new features. In addition to giving the information about the climbs, now it also gives it of descents and flats
  • Advanced recovery time depending on rest and activity
  • Workour suggestions
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Magnetic compass

Not to say there is also a new medal for a challenge of recording more than 80 hours of race in 30 days. Those 80 hours is not a trivial choice, it is precisely the maximum battery life using GPS announced by the new Garmin Enduro.

Garmin Enduro

Things to consider is there is no WiFi connectivity, which practically eliminates the possibility to offer music playback, because there is no wireless download.

A tener en cuenta es que no hay conectividad WiFi, lo cual prácticamente elimina la posibilidad de que ofrezca reproducción de música, porque no hay descarga inalámbrica.

Garmin Enduro

Probably it doesn't have any maps either. At least it's something that doesn't appear in the list of main features. It is strange in the case of a watch intended for ultradistance, but the reason for all this omissions may be in the quest for tremendous extended battery life.

Garmin Enduro

As for the software, there are three new specific features.

VO2Max for trail running

First we have VO2max estimation with specific adaptation for trail running. So far this estimate was not produced in trail run profiles as it was not adapted to make considerations based on the grade.

That is, in the normal running profile the watch records if you run at 4:00 min/km maintaining a heart rate of 150 beats per minute, and will estimate that your VO2max is X (it's a simplification of the algorithm, but it's more or less so).

What happens in trail running? First of all, until now there was no VO2max estimation in those profiles. If you were to use the standard run profile, imaging you are running at 6:00 min/km at 170 beats per minute, but you do it climbing a 12% grade hill. However the watch will not take it into account, so the watch will simply consider that you are running slow and with a high heart rate, so it will lower the VO2max record.

The new algorithm will take these factors into account. What I am unclear is whether it will assign a specific VO2max for trail or provide the data for the general value. It has already been seen in the latest beta firmware of the Fenix 6.

Rest timer

The new ultradistance profile has a rest timer. Its only mission is to record the time you spend on aid stations (or at a lunch/dinner during the race). This will allow you to see more accurate data about running or resting times in the race analysis.

ClimbPro also for flats and descents

Another feature that has been uncovered in the latest Forerunner 945 beta firmware is the ClimbPro new features. So far ClimbPro gave you information about the different climbs ahead, as well as the ongoing climb with details such as grade, graph and remaining distance and positive meters.

As you may well know if you are regular to running in the mountains, running uphill is exhausting, but doing so downhill can be even worse.

ClimbPro on the Garmin Enduro will also offer relevant information for the descents. The graph, what lies ahead, etc.

Remember that to have all this ClimbPro data it is necessary that we have previously uploaded a navigation route. That's where the watch pulls the information from, and it couldn't be otherwise because it wouldn't know where we're going.

Garmin Enduro, price and availability

The official announcement of the Garmin Enduro will take place on February 16th. As for the price, it will not be cheap. You should consider that the watch comes from the Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar. The Garmin Enduro version with titanium bezel with DLC and nylon strap will cost $900.

So doing a few quick calculations and comparing with the current Garmin range, we are talking about this approximate prices:

Garmin Enduro – 750€

Garmin Enduro Titanium – 850€

These are not final prices but simply an estimation I'm doing. But I don't think I'm going to be very wrong.


Garmin Forerunner 955 LTE

And what about the Garmin Forerunner 955? Well, little is known beyond that Garmin has already sent a unit to the FCC to pass all the relevant tests. And one of these tests is radio frequency exposure for the different frequencies used, including LTE.

Garmin Forerunner 955 LTE

We're not looking at Garmin's first LTE watch. A few years ago they announced the Vivoactive 3 LTE, but it was associated with the exclusive sale with an operator as it did not yet equip eSIM. Each watch had a physical SIM inside, so distribution was hard.

That Vivoactive 3 LTE was simply a test model for public acceptance. That is, a market research (but with someone else's money).

But it is clear that in this case we will be talking not about a physical SIM, but about offering the watch with the possibility of setting up an eSIM through the mobile phone app.

The big question regarding this model is how Garmin will take advantage of the LTE connection and how it will save power consumption to continue providing reasonable battery life.

Unless Garmin announces the FR955 LTE with some exclusive and important new features, here are the possibilities I can think of:

  • LiveTrack straight from the watch without using a connected phone. It can be useful not only for training but also for racing, depending on the battery life offered
  • Incident notifications in case of fall, etc.
  • Music streaming (such as Spotify), without having to download music beforehand
  • Sending and receiving SMS messages
  • Activity sync straight to Garmin Connect as soon as we finish our workout

LTE is the only type of connection it will offer (in addition to the classic WiFi and Bluetooth, of course), which means that there are no 3g or 2g bands. This will limit quite a lot the use of mobile connection exclusively to urban environments since the deployment of this band in rural areas is not frequent at all.

What I don't think Garmin integrates into the watch will be sending and receiving calls, precisely because it only has LTE connectivity. It won't be a coverage issue exclusively, the operator with whom we are going to use the watch must have VoLTE enabled, which would be another issue to add to the watch itself.


There's plenty of information for you to chew until the Garmin Enduro presentation on February 16th. And if in the meantime you have any doubts or want to ask a question, you already know that you have the comments at the bottom of the page.

And with that... thanks for reading!

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  1. hola, gracias y felicidades por el post, hablas del enduro la fecha de presentación el 16 de febrero. Para el 955 LTE entiendo que no hay fecha, pero más o menos cuando crees que saldrá?

  2. Hi, Eduardo,

    Me encanta la noticia del Forerruner LTE. No porque lo vaya a comprar, pero siempre había pensado que daría el salto a un Fénix cuando este tuviera cobertura móvil. Para enviar geolocalización en directo y también para temas SOS, básicamente.

    Lo que dices de las bandas 4G, es cierto que no está tan distribuida por el territorio, pero yo tenía entendido que esencialmente las redes 4G eran mejores para la montaña porque tenían mayor penetración y menor atenuación. No sé, recuerdo en 2019 haciendo cantidad de cumbres en el Tirol, no importa cómo de profundo me metiera, no perdía el 4G en el móvil.

    1. La penetración no depende del tipo de tecnología (2G, 3G, 4G, etc.) sino de la frecuencia utilizada. Antes la penetración de 4G era muy baja porque se usaban bandas de frecuencia altas (1900MHz, 2100MHz, etc). Con la entrada del 4G en 800MHz eso se ha visto solucionado, pero es más reciente y depende de la implantación de cada operador.

  3. Gracias por el artículo.
    La verdad, si al final no tiene mapas y sale por esos casi 900€… por mucha bateria que tenga lo veo excesivo

    1. Estoy de acuerdo. Pero es la escalada de precios que estamos viendo en Garmin. En este caso lo justificarían por materiales, peso y autonomía. Pero la falta de mapas sería una omisión importante.

  4. 750€ la versión básica y probablemente sin mapas ni música…

    Miedo me da el Fénix 7.

    Y salvo Coros, ahora mismo no hay alternativa….

  5. Yo creo que si Garmin quiere dar la estocada final a sus competidores, a parte de las nuevas funciones que nos adelantas, deben de incorporan la potencia nativa a sus nuevos relojes, yo creo es una de las mayores demandas hoy por hoy de los consumidores de esta marca.
    Muchas gracias por tu trabajo y tus informaciones, un saludo Eduardo

    1. La estocada definitiva se la está dando a la cartera del cliente y este se las da a las otras marcas comprando relojes carísimos con funciones que jamás utilizará aunque también está disparando los precios en otros más básicos.siento y no quiero sembrar polémica pero después de 20 años y viendo la escalada de Garmin a medida que la competencia es vencida no para de impresionarme que la gente no vea lo que nos espera como Garmin aumente su monopolio.

  6. El Garmin enduro no funcionará en España con esas frecuencias. Ninguna es compatible con las bandas de aquí, y según esas especificaciones si que podría tener WiFi de banda 2,4.

    Me sigue asombrando lo que cuestan estos terminales y lo limitados que salen siempre en cuanto a hardware y sobre todo software…

    1. El informe no es del Garmin Enduro, es del FR955 LTE que sí tendrá WiFi.

      La FCC es la agencia de certificación de Estados Unidos, lógicamente allí realizan los test del dispositivo que se va a vender en EEUU, aquí las bandas soportadas serán otras.

  7. Para los que somos padre de familia, salir a correr con el teléfono es una obligación por si en nuestra ausencia les ocurre algo a los hijo/as y el poder volver lo antes posible. Ahora con un reloj con tecnología LTE, más mapas, más barómetro más pulsometro en la muñeca, más etc, etc, etc de funciones muy útiles, todas ellas en un único dispositivo, podré al fin salir a correr sin nada más que la ropa, las zapatillas y el reloj. Ahora mismo no hay marca que lo tenga, y este garmin 955lte será el único del mercado.
    Cómo yo, me consta que somos muchos padres que queremos correr sueltos y libres sin teléfonos y estar tranquilos de saber de nuestras familias.

  8. En la página oficial de Garmin en la república Checa ya está anunciado el Enduro como próximo lanzamiento, incluso su precio, al cambio a Euros, unos 900, pone próximo y no pone imágenes ni características.

      1. Fíjate el enlace es e7r
        Me imagino que la e de enduro pero el 7, de la gama fenix 7?
        Son conjeturas mías pero igual es mas próximo al fenix 7 que al 6.

  9. Deportivamente hablando espero que el 955 se puedan configurar entrenos personales en multideporte que al final como practicante de triatlón es lo que me gustaría.¿Tu que opinas?
    Tengo el 935 y está a punto de pedir la jubilación.

    Gracias por la info

    1. ¿A qué te refieres con entrenos en multideportes?

      Lo que puedes dar por sentado es que, al igual que el 745, tendrá sugerencia de entrenamientos para ciclismo y carrera. ¿Quizás sea el momento de ver también sugerencias de entrenamientos de natación?

      1. Me refiero a poder seguir mis entrenos, por ejemplo: en multitransiciones, empiezo mi entreno en la bici y cuando cambias a correr no te da la opción de seguir un entreno de carrera.
        I don't know if I'm making myself clear.
        Muchas gracias y perdona

        1. Vale, ya te he entendido.

          Pues no sé si tal y como está «organizado» el software ahora mismo sería posible hacer lo que tú pides… Probablemente la respuesta de Garmin sería que lo trates como dos actividades diferentes.

  10. Gran artículo.Según dices el lanzamiento del 955 esta muy próximo. Una pregunta:yo corro y hago bicicleta y he hecho algún triatlón,me estaba esperando al Garmin 955 pero me gustaría saber si ves mejor el Garmin 945 /955 (usándolo para bici y correr) o tener el garmin 830 para la bici y un reloj más económico para correr y nadar.mas que nada la pregunta es sobre la utilidad del garmin 830 o mejor tenerlo todo en el reloj(y soporte para la bici). Ya me dirás si puedes,muchas gracias por todo y enhorabuena por los artículos.

  11. Hi all,
    I have searched FCC web page and especially part concerning IPH-03949 (or IPH03949). This is actually Garmin model A03949 which is most probably GArmin Forerunner 955 LTE.
    One of documents states that Short Confidentiality (for pictures etc.) is 90 days from Grant date -> this Grant date (so official date when FCC approves device to be released to public usage) is 02 of Feb 2021.
    So .. it means that we shall see 955 released not later than end of April / begining of May 2021 🙂
    Have nice days 🙂

    1. Hi Greg, thanks for your comment.

      That’s a good guesstimate, and official presentation should be shortly before that maximum date.

      HOWEVER, each brand has the possibility to further postpone the publish date if they contact the FCC (but they have to remember to do it). So Garmin may decide to postpone the announcement, and the device be leaked by the FCC. This has happened before.

      But it’s strange that happens and I’m pretty sure we’ll see the 955 rather sooner than later.

  12. Hello,

    ¿Alguna actualización sobre la posible release date? El comentario de Greg es muy interesante pero no veo mucho movimiento por foros respecto a este tema desde hace semanas…


    1. Recientemente Garmin ha vuelto a atrasar la fecha al 2 de junio, si no recuerdo mal. Así que como le contesté a Greg, hay que tener en cuenta que esas fechas no son fijas y que, tal y como ha ocurrido, se pueden modificar por parte del fabricante.

  13. Muchas gracias por la info! No había visto lo del 2-jun. A ver si en 2 semanas nos sorprenden jejeje

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