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Garmin Enduro 2 | Maps are coming to Garmin Enduro


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Garmin has just presented the renewal of its watch focused on ultra-distance races, the Garmin Enduro 2. A year and a half after the original model, which was based on the Garmin Fenix 6X Pro and focused on squeezing battery life by eliminating some features.

The recipe for the new Enduro 2 is the same: Garmin takes a Fenix 7X Solar and makes some adjustments, although for this occasion it does not eliminate "basic" functions of the 7X Solar such as navigation with maps, music playback or WiFi.

There are some minor software tweaks (things we had already seen in the beta versions), but in essence it is a lighter Fenix 7X Solar with longer battery life.

Comprar Garmin Enduro 2

News Garmin Enduro 2

Let's go through the new features and specs of the Garmin Enduro 2 in the form of a quick listing, which is the fastest way for podéis to see all the new features and specs.

  • Touch screen
  • 51mm diameter, same as the original model and Fenix 7X
  • 1.4″ display with sapphire crystal glass
  • Greater thickness for a larger battery. Instead of the 14.9mm of the 7X, the Enduro 2 has 15.6mm.
  • Titanium bezel and nylon strap for reduced weight (70 grams instead of 96 grams)
  • Up to 150 hours with GPS use 1 second
  • Navigation with maps (the original Garmin Enduro did not offer maps)
  • NextFork function, an indication on the map of road junctions and how far there is left to reach them (independently of a navigation route)
  • TopoActive maps of Europe and possibility of downloading worldwide via WiFi
  • Training bias and HRV metrics (the same as for the Forerunner 955)
  • Power Guide, allows you to create a power strategy for a given navigation route (inherited from the Edge 1040)
  • Multiband system (dual-band). In the 7X Solar it is only in the models with sapphire crystal.
  • SatIQ, which automatically varies the satellite configuration to increase precision or autonomy, depending on what is needed at any given moment.
  • Garmin Elevate V4 Optical Pulse Sensor
  • LED flashlight with higher brightness than in the Fenix 7X
  • Possibility to change settings from the watch or, finally, also from the mobile application
  • Pace adjusted to the slope, with an estimation of pace on the flat when we are on an ascent
  • POI navigation screen showing the remaining distance to the points of interest you have marked on your route
  • Price: 1099€.

As you can see in this new version of the Enduro everything is very similar to the model from which it starts, the Fenix 7X Solar. The materials change, it is offered with the nylon strap that is lighter, maintains the navigation with maps and increases the autonomy even more than what was capable of offering both the original Enduro and the Fenix 7X Solar.

Garmin Enduro 2

Garmin SatIQ, what it is and what it offers

Garmin takes the opportunity to make official the SatIQ function that has been going around in the beta versions of different watches.

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It is the new configuration option that podemos select in the different activity profiles (or globally in the watch settings) that allows the device to dynamically alternate the satellite settings, for example by increasing the accuracy or using the multiband system when we are running through a dense forest.

Garmin Enduro 2

It is not that the watch knows that you have started running in a forest, but that it starts from the quality of the data it is receiving. The algorithm makes that from a certain point SatIQ activates or deactivates the multiband mode.


So it is the watch that will adjust the mode to save power by switching to a GPS-only setting if we are running in an open area, or sacrificing battery to have more reliable data when we reach a difficult area.

It is more or less what we already had available, but done automatically without having to remember before each activity what setting we want to configure that day.

Opinion Garmin Enduro 2

Garmin Enduro 2

In this new version podemos consider the Garmin Enduro 2 as a premium model of the Garmin Fenix 7X Solar, if podemos say that. Both have the same features, and those that have been introduced at the software level with the Enduro 2 are going to make their way to the Fenix as well.

It is clear that the price is at the top of the models offered by Garmin, and to justify it comes with absolutely all the features that Garmin has (both watches and cyclocomputers) and with the best materials: titanium, sapphire and lightweight strap.

But all in all, there are no major new features in Enduro 2 that we haven't seen before, beyond the SatIQ mode that you only knew about if you had taken a look at the new features in the beta versions of the different models.

By offering greater autonomy and a slightly larger size, the Enduro 2 is positioned as an exclusive product for a very specific customer. And the mere fact of wearing one on the wrist says a lot about the wearer (ultra-distance runner).

Because this is what will make you decide between a Fenix 7X Solar Sapphire or an Enduro 2, since I doubt that the 20 or 30 hours of autonomy that can be between the two models will decide the purchase on one side or the other. Both have battery life for virtually any type of expedition.

What's your opinion on the Garmin Enduro? Below you have the comments section where you can leave your opinion about the new Garmin model and, if you have any questions left about its features, you can also ask them there.

And with that... Thanks for reading!

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  1. What a toy Garmin has come up with.
    I purchased the 955 non-solar a month ago and I am happy. I opted for the price and performance. I use it mainly for trail (310, 910,920,945,955...😁).
    Wanting to want, the fenix 7, white...
    One question, how can I improve the maps? By going through the cashier only?

  2. I have also acquired a Garmin 955, and it's a blast, I came from a Coros Vertix and it has nothing. In addition to being very light, you can wear it all day and take full advantage of the recovery functions, which I see difficult in a watch as big and heavy as the Fenix 7X or Enduro 2. Regarding the question of the previous colleague, it would be interesting something about how to improve the maps, as those that brings the clock are very simple.

  3. I have the 955 Solar and I am very happy, it is a fantastic watch. All the metrics super useful and the best thing is how light it is, I come from a fenix 6x and the weight is noticeable. I just installed the latest beta 12.20 and they have added the Sat IQ system which makes the watch automatically change the gps it uses depending on the signal which saves battery and many other improvements and bug fixes. I use it for trail running and it's great, light and with great battery life. I have put OSM maps without problems of payment and they go very well. I usually get them in digital cartography.

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