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Garmin Edge 530 and Garmin Edge 830, the new Garmin Edge computers

Now also thinking about the mountain bike


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Today Garmin announced its new GPS cycle computers, the Garmin Edge 530 and Garmin Edge 830Well, actually there have been three products announced because there are also new speed and cadence sensors whose only new feature is that they are now dual ANT+/Bluetooth. There is nothing exciting about them.

But back to the Garmin Edge 530 and Garmin Edge 830, we have quite a few new features in both hardware and software.


The tests of both devices are already published, this is just the presentation of both models, take a look at the analysis of each one of them to know all the details and their real operation.

Garmin Edge 530 Analysis

Garmin Edge 830 Analysis

New Garmin Edge 530

Both are the same in terms of aesthetics and size, with some differences in performance in favour of the more expensive model, the Edge 830. In other words, exactly the same as with the Edge 520 (even the Plus) and Edge 820.

The design has changed slightly being now a bit more rounded and above all leaving room for a bigger screen, going from 2.3″ to 2.6″. Inside there are important new features, now the GPS chipset is from Sony -the new fashion in all manufacturers given its good performance in terms of range- and has a more powerful processor that will help with route calculations (something that could be desperate in the Edge 520 Plus and Edge 820). These are all the new features in terms of the device itself and its specifications (I'll talk about the software later).

  • Larger screenfrom 2.3″ to 2.6″
  • New Sony chipset for greater autonomy
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life (and 48 hours in battery saving mode)
  • You now have WiFi for synchronization of all data such as routes, activities, etc. Previously it was reserved for higher models
  • Add light sensor to vary the intensity of the screen light (and also for the use of Garmin Varia lights)
  • Compatible with sensors Bluetooth in addition to the traditional ANT+
  • Compatible with the external battery Garmin Edge

But that's just its new specifications, there are also many new features in its software, many of them specifically oriented to mountain biking, an important novelty since until now the Edge had focused mainly on its use on the road.

  • MTB-specific metricsNow count the distance and duration of your jumps, the difficulty of the route and the fluidity of the descent.
  • Complete maps for road and mountain that, as a novelty, includes data of Trailforks with information about the trails we're riding on
  • When you make navigation routes and stop at a fork in the road, the display shows different options, which are presented below. This function is called ForkSight
  • They now have ClimbPro, a function we first saw in the Fenix 5 Plus that separate the climbs individually, indicating the distance and elevation remaining to complete each one of them. It's a unique view of the climb we're suffering at that exact moment, not the overall route
  • Dynamic Performance Monitoring, Now, given the heat, humidity and altitude for recovery and performance metrics
  • Nutrition and hydration alerts are also dynamic. When you navigate a route and based on different values, the Edge will recommend how much you should be eating and drinking. It will also record what you have taken and you will be able to see it later in the Garmin Connect
  • Find my Edge, in case the Edge is dropped, it will be marked at what point you lost the connection with the mobile, to try to find it when you know where it could be taken down
  • Function of Alarm Once the function has been activated, and thanks to the internal accelerometers, an alarm will sound in case the bike moves. Ideal for when you stop at a bar or gas station to rehydrate
  • Critical power curve, something similar to what you'll find in apps like TrainingPeaks, Golden Cheetah or similar
  • Interface user redesignedA change of look to make it more modern, although everything will be very familiar

Garmin Edge 530 and Garmin Edge 830

As you can see, it's a lot of little things, but when you put it all together, it becomes a pretty interesting unit.

New Garmin Edge 830

For its part, the Garmin Edge 830 has the same features as the Garmin Edge 530 but with some additional improvements.


The main difference you'll find is that the Edge 830's screen is touch-sensitive and has only 3 buttons (for the 7 typical buttons on the Edge 530), so the operation is different. What's better? Well, it depends, sometimes I prefer the immediacy of the touch screen and sometimes I appreciate the buttons that you know you've pressed and that don't fail under any circumstances.

Garmin Edge 530 and Garmin Edge 830

As for the software, Edge 830 is the best option for navigation, allowing you to calculate routes from an exact address (e.g. to the Plaza Mayor in Madrid), while on Edge 530 you can only follow routes you have downloaded and cannot plot the route directly on the device.

It also has a database of points of interest (POIs) that will help you calculate a route to that point or simply know where they are

What about the Garmin Edge 1030?

All of the new software you've seen before will arrive at Edge 1030 via a firmware update, with the exception of the MTB-specific maps which for licensing reasons will not arrive (although I wouldn't be surprised if they can be loaded unofficially).

So if you own an Edge 1030 don't worry, all this goodies will get to your device too.

Price and availability

Both models will be available in a matter of weeks and will start at similar prices to the models they replace. The Edge 530 starts at £299 while the Edge 830 is £100 more, making it £399. In both cases it will be supplied with standard bracket and front handlebar support.

These are the prices for the device only versions, from there you can choose to buy the pack with sensors (heart rate, speed and cadence), which means 100 ? extra for the three sensors.

There is a second option, the so-called Mountain Bike Pack, which for 70 euros includes a specific mountain bike holder, silicone cover and the remote control.

You can buy them now, exclusively at Wiggle.

Buy Garmin Edge 530

>> Buy Garmin Edge 530

>> Buy Garmin Edge 530 pack MTB

>> Buy Garmin Edge 530 Performance Pack

Buy Garmin Edge 830

>> Buy Garmin Edge 830

>> Buy Garmin Edge 830 pack MTB

>> Buy Garmin Edge 830 Performance Pack


Garmin Edge 530 and Garmin Edge 830

Opinion Garmin Edge 530 and Garmin Edge 830

I think Garmin has done an upgrade that has gone beyond the usual brand. The usual thing for Garmin is to renew the device by including one or two software features along with the hardware upgrade, and ready to introduce a new model.

But here they have gone much further. The specifications have improved in each and every point, standing out mainly in the power of the processor, something very necessary especially when performing route calculation which, in previous models such as the Edge 520 Plus and Edge 820 was painfully slow. And despite having a more powerful processor now the autonomy is greater thanks to the new chipset from Sony.

But where the Edge 530 and Edge 830 stand out most is in all the new software included. Firstly by giving mountain bike users a good number of functions intended exclusively for them; and secondly with things like ClimbPro, dynamic performance control or new hydration and nutrition possibilities.

All in all, I liked them very much, especially the Edge 530 because it's cheaper and, except for the touch screen and navigation options, offers the same possibilities as its big brother. What's more, except for the larger screen size, both models practically put the Edge 1030 out of action, which is priced higher than both.

I like them. I like them a lot. And I can't wait to get my hands on them for the full test and see what they're both capable of.

And with that... thanks for reading!

Eduardo Mateos

I've been surrounded by electronic devices of all kinds for more than 25 years. Using them, testing them, taking them apart and dissecting them. Long distance triathlete: I swim, run and cycle for a long time. Maybe too much.

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  1. And hopefully the screen won't suffer from the blue halo...
    The truth is that they look very good, a renovation that was needed. Let's see if all those functions "work", because in the 1030, many things like livetrack, grouptrack, remote control... everything has been a torture and never end up working well.

    What are the specific maps of MTB? and why by license they cannot be bought or acquired for a 1030? .

    1. Personally I haven't had the blue halo problem in the two Edge 1030 units I've used. It's a problem that's there in certain units, but it's not as widely distributed as it might seem.

      The maps are specific because they contain Trailforks data. The licenses typically work by paying a fee per unit sold as of a certain date. That's why this type of novelty applies to new models and not to older ones. At the moment, Garmin has not said anything else about the software features that will also reach 1030, except for the licensing issue.

      Anyway, I'm telling you... I wouldn't be surprised if the map was fully compatible and could be copied from an Edge 830 to a 1030, for example.

      1. The problem with the weird blue halo is that it doesn't come off.
        It's highly distributed as it seems.

        It's for hours of use, but you've only got so much use for that unit. I've got two.
        In my group, everyone's got it, and in the replacement units it's coming back.

        1. Yes, I know it's a very common bug, but also that it doesn't happen to everyone. Mine is quite a few months old, and I know more users who haven't had the problem either (and they use it more than I do).

          I guess it will be a (pretty big) defective screen game, but too bad Garmin didn't give you a definitive solution or investigate the problem further.

    2. Hello, I 1TP10Could you tell me if any of them have the option of the complete track profile. I know it comes out but only the climbs, and I am interested to know if they have the full track profile, I would like to buy one of the two and that option interests me, for example in marches where you have never been to know how to regulate well.


      1. I'd say yes, because it's his standard behavior, very rare that he didn't have it. I'll have to confirm with the test units, which are already ordered.

        However, separating it by uploads is only an additional option, ClimbPro, which does not replace anything but adds to it.

        1. the climbPro will be available on the 1030 with a ?? update, I am very interested in it, thank you

          1. Yes, except for the TrailFork part of the MTB maps everything else will get to Edge 1030 by upgrade.

  2. Thanks Eduardo. I follow your reviews and they all seem very complete. Congratulations! One question, do you know if Garmin will launch a new forerunner or Fenix 6 soon? Touch screen, Garmin Pay, music and so on? Thank you.

    1. Forerunner estimates that they will arrive next week. The Fenix are always announced in January. There is nothing on the touch screen, but there will be units with Garmin Pay and music playback.

      1. Thanks Eduardo, they have already been released on the Spanish website. 935, 245 and 45 have been updated. 245 only with music and without Garmin Pay. I have seen on the American website that they are lowering the fenix 5 plus 150$!!! That means something? as you say that until January nothing of anything... Thanks again!

        1. Yes, of course the whole procedure of launching the new models is being a nonsense...

          The Fenix 5 Plus will have been downgraded in the U.S. as a Mother's Day promotion, but no new model is imminent.

          1. Here it seems that 245Music doesn't have Garmin Pay, but in the review of DCRainmaker it says that it does. Do you know if it's only in the USA or is it a failure of the review, or only of the music model,...?

          2. No, there's no Garmin Pay on 245 and 245 Music. Are you sure you're not reading the 945 review?

  3. Hello, Eduardo.

    I won't be original in thanking you for the great work you do, which helps us make decisions when buying, but I must say that I ended up buying the Garmin Fenix 3 for example, thanks to your excellent review and I am delighted with it.

    The next step I wanted to take was a device for the bicycle (road). I don't go out much and when I do I look for routes with very little traffic (that's the main reason for not going out almost, to avoid cars).

    That being the case, I had planned to buy the Garmin Edge Explore because of the features it provides, since I mainly look for certain metrics and navigation (ensuring low-traffic routes).

    However, as a result of recently buying the Tacx Satori Smart roller, when I train with it I have power data that with the "low" range devices from Garmin I will not be able to take advantage of for this type of training, which is why I thought I would opt for the 820 as it is very well priced (about 230 euros) and offers good navigation and power training (although not linked to the roller, as the latter does not allow it).

    With the next exit of the 530 and 830 I have been assailed by doubts. Is it more worthwhile to continue betting on the 820 (230 euros) or to do it on the 530 (300 euros)? The 830 I almost discarded because I think that 400 euros is too much for the use I will give it.

    Thank you very much for your help and attention.

    1. The 820 is weighted by its processor when calculating routes. Once it is open, there is no problem, but at the beginning it is slow, just like if you have to do a recalculation.

      I'd go straight to 530.

    2. If you only want power in an edge explore, I could swear there's a GARMIN IQ plugin that implements it. I can prove it, I have at home a 1030 and an explore from my wife.

    1. It has 16GB in total. There goes the operating system and original map, there should be 8-10 GB left.

  4. In my team we are 8 with 1030, and all of us have had to send them (the same as the 820)... In my case I am going for the 4th. So I would say that it is a problem, not only usual, but in the 100% of the cases. It is verified that it is for hours of use. We who do of average between 10.000-15.000km a year, since every 4 months we are with the problem again. The people who use it less, since equal one throws a year without the problem. But change me yours for mine new, and you will see like in a couple of months already the problem is again...
    By the way, I see that in some English courts since last week already sell the forerunner 245, and no info anywhere ... you know something? Greeting

    1. There is no info because it hasn't been officially presented yet, so whoever has placed it in that Corte Inglés is going to drop the sticks, because Garmin is very strict about those things...

      I "should" be in tomorrow. But I haven't said anything...

  5. Hi, Eduardo.
    Can Garmin cycle computers be used as GPS devices for hiking?

    I have a Garmin etrex and I was thinking of changing it for some Edge or Edge Explorer model.

    A salute.

    1. Yes, I don't see the problem in not doing it. In fact, I have used Edge 1030 as such on some occasions. The only thing to bear in mind is that each of them is oriented to a different use and therefore the difference in metrics, but the base map is the same.

  6. Hello, very good info about the new products, so it's a pleasure. I have a doubt and I can't manage to solve it, it seems that it's something that doesn't matter much to people when buying one or another model, but for me it's basic. I would like to know what device I have to buy to be able to have a screen with the profile of the stage loaded and my snapshot in the profile. But I would like to be able to choose the km to see, pq I understand that the 520 only shows one mile ahead. I hope I have explained myself well and thank you very much!

    1. Well, it's something you could do in the old Edge 500 and 800, but I don't know why it's a fixed zoom now. I think it hasn't changed in the 530 or 830.

      1. Thank you very much for the answer, but what do you mean by fixed zoom? I mean, I don't need to see a certain number of km on the profile screen either, but if I go 20 km, to say the least...which model would I have to go to have this?
        Thanks again!

        1. By default, the preset zoom is shown on the screen at a certain remaining distance (which I can't remember what it is now), but it can't be changed to increase or decrease. This could be done by the previous units.

  7. Thank you very much for the answer, but what do you mean by fixed zoom? I mean, I don't need to see a certain number of km on the profile screen either, but if I go 20 km, to say the least...which model would I have to go to have this?
    Thanks again!

  8. Hi, which one would you recommend between the 530 and the Explorer, I don't see any major differences... What would they be?
    Recreational use of a couple of outings a week of 2-3 hours. Which best proposes new routes, from a point or something similar?
    Thank you

    1. If you don't mind paying the difference, the Edge 530 is a better choice if only for the processor speed (regardless of the other features). The routes it gives are the same, but on the Edge 530 the calculations are much (but much) faster.

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