Garmin Connect updates to automatically detect sleep and change workout design


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Without making much noise and without warning, Garmin has released a couple of updates for its website Garmin ConnectAnd one of them was expected, above all, to bring its activity monitors into line with the rest of the competition.

Automatic sleep detection

Oddly enough, no device firmware update was required for this update, which was done directly through Garmin Connect. The button to activate sleep mode manually still works, and presumably will continue to do so for anyone who wants to continue to activate manually or wants to record a quick nap (no detection for naps).

The changes are reflected on the page itself, and include all Garmin devices that support the function, i.e. the entire Vivo range of activity monitors (Garmin Vivofit, Vivofit2, and Vivosmart) and other activity monitor watches (Garmin Forerunner 15, Vivoactive920xt, Phoenix 3 and the EpixWhat the server does now is analyze the movements the device has had during the night and when it has had less activity, so as to determine when you have gone to sleep. Because knowing when you have woken up is easy: when you first hit the alarm clock energetically.

The information you will see on the web or in the application does not vary, is the same as always. That is, compared with other brands, quite brief. As for the detection of tonight for example, has determined that I went to bed at 23:50. It is not entirely true, because at that time I was still doing things in bed with the iPad. Although it is also true that I had gone to bed before, so it has not set the time I have laid down, which would be easy, but when it has detected that I could be sleeping (generally less movement). Neither for Garmin nor for me, we will leave it in a draw. But if the time to wake up is correct.

Monitor Sleep

This update puts Garmin on a par with the competition in terms of detecting sleep automatically. Previously, you had to press the button and indicate it manually. And two things could happen, you could activate the mode and stay watching TV until you fell asleep, or you could fall asleep before you remembered to press the button. Either way, it wouldn't count the time effectively.

And if I'm honest, in my case I ended up just taking off my watch and leaving it on the nightstand. Now I have an incentive to keep it on.

What you need to remember is to leave your phone set to not receive notifications. I don't think you want to be woken up by a vibration at 4am by some mail received when you are supposed to be resting.

New design for training sessions

The programming of the training sessions has received a facelift. In terms of functions it has been extended to 50 possible steps which you can configure (previously the maximum was 20). You can create training for running, cycling or customised training.

Training sessions


The space for programming is now larger, the use has not changed much, and the duration and objectives remain the same.

Training SessionIt's not a major improvement, as I say a simple face-lift, but it's always welcome if it really improves the user experience.

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I've been surrounded by electronic devices of all kinds for more than 25 years. Using them, testing them, taking them apart and dissecting them. Long distance triathlete: I swim, run and cycle for a long time. Maybe too much.

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  1. In the last and recent actuslization they have loaded the siesta mode, for my fenix 3 dl less was good for me.
    On the other hand, the device now registers raised floors but garmin connect says no.
    And why are there so many things in English now?

    1. In the last beta version the possibility of manually activating the sleep period has been added again, so it will come back in future versions.

      The new features are also a bit "beta", with time everything will appear correctly.

  2. Hi everyone, I would like to know how I see my sleep time in my garmin 235 please or is it just in the app or on the computer???. Thank you.

      1. Hi, could you tell me if sleep monitoring in the case of the Garmin Fénix 3 can be done with the chest strap? or does it have to be the HR model that has the optical wrist sensor and the watch has to be on?

        1. Sleep monitoring is not about heart rate, anyone can do it. What you won't get on the normal Fenix 3 is the resting heart rate, even if you put the sensor on your chest.

  3. I have purchased a vivismart, I can't send the training sessions to my vivismart, it tells me it's not connected or not compatible.

    Is it because it does not support custom sessions?
    Thank you.

      1. It's a shame I didn't know about this show before I bought it.
        On the other hand, for naps, how do you activate the sleep mode in the vivomart?

        Thank you.

        1. Sleep detection is done automatically at the server level. Naps are more complicated...

  4. Well, I think the graph that connect shows about sleep is wrong. When it is in deep sleep it moves, and when it is in light sleep it remains motionless. If you notice, connect identifies light sleep with movement, and deep sleep with the absence of movement. It is the other way around

  5. Hi friends, I just bought a vivomart hr+ band, but it turns out that it doesn't automatically monitor my sleeping hours as my old garmin (vivoactive hr) didn't show up on my smartphone screen.

  6. Hi, I don't know what the real range of the garmin fourrunner 230 is, and on the other hand I'm not sleepy. I'd like to know if the GPS always activates when I switch to menu. Thank you.

  7. Hi I have a forerunner 635 but it doesn't record any sleep data for me, like I don't have my garmin on but I always sleep with it adjusted even, q can I do? Thanks

  8. Morning,
    I do not know if anyone can help me, I have a garmin vivace 4 and I can not see the sleep tab, I get everything else, pulse, respirations, stairs....but sleep, no!, I can only do it manually, put the hours I slept and nothing else, by default you control many things, at first it came out and disappeared...I have spent much time to poder view the sleep data and I've already despaired, if someone can help me...Thanks in advance!!!!!

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