Garmin Connect is down. How to sync workouts and routes.


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I don't think I'm giving you any news. If you are a Garmin user you will have already noticed that your watch or bike computer is not syncing your workout through the phone or even with the data cable. Or if you've been on social media for sure you've seen it at some point.

It all started yesterday morning. Something that just seemed like a fall or unscheduled maintenance.

It can happen in the best families, and in fact has already happened before. But as hours went by and the state of the entire Garmin ecosystem continued to fall, the thing seemed to be getting serious.

Throughout the afternoon rumors began to arrive, both from Taiwan (where Garmin has its factory) and from Kansas (where its headquarters are located).

In the absence of official confirmation from Garmin, they appear to have been the target of a Ramsonware attack that has killed all their systems.

But it's not just Garmin Connect what doesn't work, it's EVERYTHING. Call centers don't work, they don't have access to chats or emails.

Garmin Connect no funciona

How long can it be until Garmin Connect is up again?

Well, it's totally indeterminate, but we're probably talking about several days. Garmin will have plenty of backups of all its servers, but now they need to scan all of them very carefully to verify that the virus is not on them and is reactivated when the server is recovered.

But don't panic, because luckily we have the possibility to get the data of our workouts through the data cable as I will explain below. Once you have the workout file you can upload it to other platforms like Strava, because as you know... if it's not on Strava, it hasn't happened. So do not use this as an excuse not to train, because you can do it perfectly!

Buscador de chollos

How to sync workouts when Garmin Connect doesn't work

For the duration of this period and until Garmin reestablishes full service, you can continue to use your GPS watch or bike computer for your workouts. You record the activity as before, and in that sense you don't have to worry.

Once you're done, you have two options. You can be patient and wait for Garmin Connect to recover, at which point all your workouts will sync and appear on the platform. That you're a craving and can't wait? You can extract the workout file from your device's memory and then upload it to any other platform. Here's the procedure:

    1. Connect the device to the computer using the data cable. Yes, that cable that until now you used only to charge, also allows you to sync your device. You can close Garmin Express, because we won't use it (mainly because it can't connect).
    2. Once connected to the computer and depending on the device, we will have to operate one way or another.

      Devices that do not support music playback
      For watches without music or bike computers, you can access memory directly as if it were a flash drive, regardless of the operating system you are using. Both Windows and Mac will behave the same.Estructura de archivos Garmin
      Devices with music playback
      This case is different, since these watches when connected to the computer behave like an MTP device. In the case of Windows that means that we will have two hard drives, one for the file system and one for the music. It also does not presents any issue. However on Mac you will have to install another program, since the operating system is not able to operate with MTP drives. How can I access the memory then? With the help of Android File Transfer.Android File Transfer and FR645

    3. Well, you already have access to the device's memory. Where are your workouts? In this folder:


      Inside this folder you will find all your workout FIT files, both those of these days and the previous ones. Identifying the one you need is very easy because the name of the file is the start date and time of the activity.

      For example, the one I needed to extract now is called “”. That is, the training I started at 6:35 on July 24. Copy it to your computer in the location you want (desktop, downloads, etc.) and you're done.

    4. And now that you have the file on your computer, you can send it wherever you want. For example TrainingPeaks, dragging the file to the calendarSincronización manual con TrainingPeaks
      Or upload it to StravaSincronización manual con Strava

That's all, you'll be able to review your workouts even without having to wait for Garmin Connect to return from the grave. When that happens, the workouts will be synchronized with Garmin Connect as they have always done and from there they will continue their usual route, sending them to the rest of the platforms.

Strava identifies that you have already uploaded that file, so it won't be duplicated. However, there are other platforms that don't, such as TrainingPeaks, so you'll need to check when Garmin Connect is operational again.

However, if you don't want to be aware of that and only use the external platform, you can delete the file from the memory after passing it to the computer, so you make sure it doesn't sync later.

How to sync routes without Garmin Connect

The workouts done are not the only thing to take into account. What if you planned to navigate a route on the weekend and haven't uploaded it to the device yet? Don't worry, because you can also do it even if Garmin Connect doesn't work.

To do this, you simply need a FIT or GPX file from the route. You can download it from Wikiloc or from the platform you use. What if you wanted to “draw” it from Garmin Connect? You can use any other platform, such as RideWithGPS.

Once you've downloaded the route to your computer, you'll need to pass it to the memory of your watch or device. Where? Just upload it to GARMIN/NewFiles folder.

That folder is for everything. You can put any file and, after disconnecting the cable and restarting the device, it will be placed in the folder that corresponds to it. So after the device is turned on, you will already have your route loaded so you can navigate it.

How to sync interval workouts without Garmin Connect

You didn't have any route planed, but your coach had programmed an interval workout in TrainingPeaks? Well, it's the same as with the routes.

You can download the training file in TrainingPeaks. Open the workout and where you have the intervals you will find a download button.

Exportar entrenamientos TrainingPeaks

When you click on it you will see the option to download the FIT file.

Same procedure as before, you put the file you downloaded into the Garmin/NewFiles folder and when you disconnect it, it will be placed in the corresponding folder and, on your device, you will find it in the workouts menu.


As you can see, working with Garmin devices is very easy even if Garmin Connect doesn't work. It is an advantage that they offer, as other brands depend only and exclusively on the cloud, and in a case like this in Polar or Suunto we would have no way around (in Wahoo we could work in a similar way).

I hope this little guide helped you go though this difficult days... Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hombre Eduardo, gracias. No creo que debas tomarte tantas molestias, eso es algo muy lógico. Sé que lo haces porque te lo preguntan, pero un día de estos te van a llamar a que les pongas el reloj en la muñeca porque no saben cómo….. Gracias!

  2. Greetings

    Como hago para que el portátil windows me reconozca el garmin edge 830 no he podido

    Thank you

  3. ¿Hay forma de hacer lo que dices sin un ordenador de por medio? ¿Se puede extraer el de alguna otra forma? Lo pregunto porque estoy de ruta y no tengo acceso a mi ordenador. Gracias.

  4. Hola yo empecé a tener el problema de la sincronización el día 23 por la tarde.

  5. Es la primera que vez que salgo en bici.
    Me compre un 530, para que me indicara los caminos y no se como hacerlo. No puedo conectarlo al ordenador. No me lo reconoce garmin conect.. y también alguien me puede ayudar como puedo ver los caminos? No me salen algunos.
    Greetings and thanks

  6. Los entrenamientos de natación no son exportables desde trainingpeaks hasta Garmin ya que parece que no han hecho público el formato que ha de contener.

  7. Yo tengo el Garmin 310 XP que utiliza el sistema +ANT inalámbrico para comunicarse con el PC. Sólo puedo bajar la info a garmin connect, no funciona alámbricamente. ¿Alguien sabe como bajar los datos a Strava con este monitor?

    1. También tengo ese reloj y llevo 3 días buscando la forma y creo que no es posible. Si alguien da con la solución, que lo comparta por aquí.

    2. Estas son las instrucciones para modelos antiguos que no utilicen cable de datos (310XT, 910XT)

      1.- Cierra Garmin Express
      2.- Descarga la aplicación ANT Agent, una aplicación antigua de Garmin. Se puede descargar desde aquí:
      3.- Abre la aplicación que acabas de instalar, busca su icono en la barra inferior y haciendo clic derecho selecciona “Send my data to Garmin Connect”. Vuelve a hacer clic derecho y selecciona “Open ANT Agent”.
      4.- Antes de sincronizar los archivos se guardan en local. Copia y pega esta dirección en la barra del explorador: %appdata%\Garmin\Devices
      5.- Abre la carpeta del dispositivo, y en la carpeta Activities encontrarás los diferentes archivos de actividades. Se ordenan por año (20200727 por ejemplo), busca los que no se hayan sincronizado todavía y subelos.

  8. Por si a alguien le sirve, yo he conectado el reloj (fénix 5) a la tablet para extraer los ficheros .fit y subirlos a ibpindex. Al extraer (de modo seguro, supuestamente) el reloj se ha quedado bloqueado. He perdido las actividades grabadas, los widgets, pantallas de datos y pantallas del reloj que tenía instaladas, y el reloj se ha quedado en inglés, y no se puede cambiar el idioma. No se si tendrá algo que ver con todo este follón, pero es una faena importante.

  9. Además de los entrenamientos ¿cómo se transfieren el resto de datos, como por ejemplo las calorías quemadas por día Boddy Batery, etc?O sea, me refiero a datos que no son los de un entrenamiento concreto.

  10. Además de los entrenamientos ¿cómo se transfieren el resto de datos, como por ejemplo las calorías quemadas por día Boddy Batery, etc?O sea, me refiero a datos que no son los de un entrenamiento concreto.

  11. Buenas. Estoy intentando instalar Wikiloc y no me deja pone que se instalará cuando sincronicen…..sera problema del jakeo a Garmin? Gracias

  12. Buenas noches , tengo un forerunner 735xt y esta tarde me falla la aplicación Garmin Conect no funciona , bueno he salido de la misma y no puedo volver a entrar…
    Alguien sabe si es normal¿?

    Muchas gracias:


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