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Finally, after the presentations of the New Garmin Fenix 3 models and his new glasses - or accessory for the glasses - Varia Vision (along with other advertised products such as the tactical clock based on the Fenix 3, Garmin tactix Bravo, or a new car navigation system), the people of Olathe do not want to miss the opportunity to show us the new features that will arrive in the Garmin Connect application, including Connect Insights.

The first thing I wanted to clarify with Garmin is whether this was a new application separate from the current application. They have confirmed that it is an evolution of the current application, and that Insights will be one more part of the one you know right now and that you will already be using with your Garmin device, whether it is your GPS clock or your activity monitor.

Insights, which can be translated as "ideas", will be a series of tips that the user will receive in the Garmin Connect app to help them maintain healthy activity habits. It will also show tips from experts and compare data from users similar to you to give you that extra motivation you're lacking. It is oriented to activity monitors and watches that do such monitoring, so if you have a watch that does not have this feature logically for you will not have any use.

The tips received are customized for each user and depend directly on the data synchronized to Garmin Connect. Initially the tips you will provide will include improved sleep analysis and daily goal prediction from each user's trends. There will also be reminders to move if you want to reach your daily step goal.

In short, it will offer different stimuli such as videos, articles or messages of congratulations to encourage you to achieve your goals. And thanks to the more than 10 years of data collected by Garmin, it will allow you to know how your activity compares with users of the same age and sex. At first they will only be points of reference with respect to steps, but there will be more and better comparisons in the future.

This new part of the application will be released in January, completely free for all Garmin users, and will receive more updates over 2o16.


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