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New Vivomove 3 range. 4 models to choose from and a multitude of colours


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And we continue with the IFA presentations, this time it's the turn of Garmin Vivomove (Take a look at the other presentations, Garmin Vivosmart 4 and Garmin Venu), Garmin's hybrid watches.

The new Vivomove range includes 3 different models: a new smaller model of 39mm (Garmin Vivomove 3S), the traditional size in 44mm (Garmin Vivomove 3), a premium model with an intermediate size of 42mm and double AMOLED screen (Garmin Vivomove Style) and finally the luxury version (Garmin Vivomove Luxe) with leather straps, gold coating or sapphire glass.

New Garmin Vivomove 3

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Garmin Vivomove 3

There are a few new features in the new Vivomove range, and also differences between the normal models (Vivomove 3 and Vivomove 3S) and the premium models (Vivomove Style and Vivomove Luxe). Materials, finishes, functions... the truth is that it is not easy to see all the differences.

I will therefore begin by showing you what is new in the normal models, the Garmin Vivomove 3/Vivomove 3S, compared to the previous Vivomove HR model:

  • Two sizesThe Vivomove HR was only available in 43mm diameter, now it is possible to choose between 39mm (Vivomove 3S) or 44mm (Vivomove 3)
  • Slightly smaller OLED screen, but with a little more resolution. It's barely noticeable anyway.
  • Function GPS connectedThe clock does not have GPS, but you can use the phone's clock to record the track and give rhythm and distance data, similar to what other manufacturers like Fitbit offer.
  • New optical heart rate sensor Garmin Elevate v3, the same as the rest of the range of watches such as the Fenix 6, MARQ, Forerunner 945, etc.
  • SpO2 estimation (blood oxygen saturation) with the Pulse Ox function of the optical sensor. You can make spot measurements, but do not make a constant measurement throughout the day
  • Monitoring the phases of sleepAlthough Pulse Ox does not work during the day, it will work at night to analyze the phases of light, deep and REM sleep
  • Function Body Battery to control the remaining energy level
  • Menstrual cycle tracking
  • Hydration monitoringYou can manually enter the amount of liquid swallowed
  • New sports profiles: cycling, elliptical, stair climbing and yoga
  • Monitoring of the breathing rate when practicing yoga (only in that sport profile, not during the day)
  • Price: 249

So finally we have the possibility to train with more accurate data of pace and distance thanks to connected GPS. Okay, the watch does not include GPS, but at least there is the possibility to get the data from the phone in the same way that other manufacturers have already done, like Fitbit or Suunto.

Garmin Vivomove 3

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If we go up the ladder of the different Vivomove models that Garmin presented today we find the Vivomove Style, the first of the premium finishes that are available. In addition to having the same as any other Vivomove 3 this is what adds to it:

  • Dual AMOLED screen That is, it replaces the OLED display below the hands with a higher quality color display, and adds another one above the hands to show even more information
  • Combines the use of the hands with the top display to show graphical information as an indicator
  • Wireless payments with Garmin Paywhich is not available in the basic model
  • Curved glass finished Gorilla Glass 3while the Vivomove 3 is made of flat glass.
  • Aluminium case and bezelinstead of the plastic box and steel bezel we found in the Vivomove 3
  • Chronograph
  • Possibility of silicone or Nylon.
  • Price: 299 with a silicone, 349€ with a Nylon

It is in this version where we already find the double AMOLED screen, the main attraction of the new Vivomove. You have to scratch your pocket to get it... but besides the difference of the screen we have a few more benefits like the curved glass (aesthetically it is much nicer) or the possibility to pay directly with the watch, not to mention the quality of the materials when switching from the plastic to the aluminium box.

Garmin Vivomove Style

Finally, it's time to dress up, because I'm going to talk about the Vivomove Luxe. Here, it's no longer good to wear a tracksuit or a sport jacket, you have to be prepared with the suit, the tie and even with the champagne glass.


The Vivomove Luxe is the top of the new Vivomove range. It is based on the Vivomove Style, but adds more quality in the materials used.

  • Curved sapphire glass instead of the Vivomove Style Gorilla Glass
  • Stainless steel case with the possibility of gold finish unlike the Style's aluminum case. The gold coating is PVD.
  • Italian leather or Milanese mesh strapsThere's nothing here that we found in the Style
  • Price499€ with the leather strap, 549€ with the Milanese strap

In other words, there are no specific functions in the Vivomove Luxe, it is simply differences in materials and finishes (straps, gold finishes, etc.).

Garmin Vivomove Luxe

This is just an initial presentation of the watch, with the main details and new features. The full analysis will come later, once the final units of the watch are available and it has reached the market. So stay tuned because there will be a test of the Vivomove range with all the details, as always.

And with that... thanks for reading!

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