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The first update for the Polar Vantage V2 has arrived, and it is quite focused on running power.

Power-based interval training

It is now finally possible to select a power target when creating interval training (both running and cycling).

At the moment this function is enabled exclusively in the mobile application; it will not appear on the web until April 2021.

The targets to be selected are through the zones you have created, so it is important that they are the "really good zones" and not a bit crazy.

Zone locking for power and pace/speed

The zone lock function, a favorite feature of Polar, is now extended to cover power and rhythm as well.

As you may recall, zone locking allowed that once you reached the desired HR zone (e.g. zone 3), you can press and hold the main button to lock that zone. You will then be alerted if you go up or down in heart rate by switching to another zone.

It is now possible to do it also for power or pace/speed zones. However, it is necessary to add a specific data screen (Power limits for power and Speed/pace ZonePointer for pace). You will be able to lock the desired zone for pace or power only from the screen that includes that data.

Polar Vantage V2 Upgrade

This option is included exclusively in the Vantage V2. And now you ask... why is it not included in the Vantage V or the Grit X? Well, I have the same question, but I'm sorry I can't poder give you an answer...

The rest of the improvements

As for the rest of the improvements, now we finally have the possibility to turn off the watch if we are not going to use it for a while. Until now it had to stay on. Personally I appreciate it because it is the only way for the watch to have battery for when I need to do some specific test, although my use is "special"...


Once turned off, if we want to turn the watch back on, we simply have to press and hold the main button.

Accompanying that shutdown button we also have another one to reboot or return to the startup values (for which we always needed a computer before). All of these options are found in the Settings - General Settings - About your watch menu. The options are at the bottom of the details screen.

Polar Vantage V2 - Shutdown

The pause menu now includes information on how much time has elapsed and the distance traveled up to that point.

Polar Vantage V2 - Pause Menu

There is new data that 1TP10We can add to the profiles related to the last lap for the main metrics of pace, HR, power or cadence.

That is, you can now add things like maximum pace of the last lap or average power of the last automatic lap to any of the data screens.

And in addition to this there are a number of bug fixes.

Version number: 2.0.6

Launch date: December 16, 2020

Improvements / corrections in this version:

  • Create simple power-based training objectives
  • ZonePointer for power and speed zones
  • Last lap detail in training views
  • Option to turn off the watch and reset all data and settings (factory reset) directly from the menu
  • New watch face with your name
  • Possibility to manually skip an interval during a phased training session
  • When pausing a workout you can see in the pause display time and distance covered.
  • You can mute a phone call from the watch.
  • In some cases during a phased training session, the 1TP10 clock may lock up at the beginning of a phase, corrected
  • Malfunction when changing physical configuration causing MAS value to be updated possibly in error, corrected
  • When running a race program, it is possible that the watch may be blocked, corrected
  • Certain combinations of training views caused the HR value not to be updated in real time (only updated when changing view), corrected
  • Other bug fixes and quality improvements

Don't forget that you can read the full Polar Vantage V2 test here.

In the absence of the implementation of training programming with pace and power targets via the web, Polar covers an aspect that was long overdue, especially when it comes to offering power for racing.

As I say above, right now owners of the original Vantage or the Grit X are probably a little upset that these are features that have not made it to their watches (and according to Polar, will not), and I think they have reason to be on this occasion, I think they are pretty basic features within the feature set they purchased when they bought their watch.

And with that... thanks for reading!

Eduardo Mateos

I've been surrounded by electronic devices of all kinds for more than 25 years. Using them, testing them, taking them apart and dissecting them. Long distance triathlete: I swim, run and cycle for a long time. Maybe too much.

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  1. Hello, thank you for your analysis

    The M430 or the v800, if they had power, would be the perfect polar watch for me. Not long ago I purchased a vantage m and the truth is the change did not generate as much hype as I expected, except for the measurement metrics. With respect to functions (displays, choose a day in the diary and repeat that activity) there are several that I miss on the Vm and that the 430 had, the V2 looks interesting for the new tests. I've been looking at the fr 745, maybe the day I catch it on sale, I'll give garmin a try.

    Will there be an analysis of chorus pace 2?


  2. Well, two years ago I changed Polar for Garmin after being my brand for 11 years. But the Polar that exists now has nothing to do with that one. Of my friends, the few that are still with Polar (some V1 and Grit X) after this update are already clear that the next watch is not going to be Polar. I do not know what future they expect in Polar with this policy, they remove functions that already had the V800 in the V1 and now they recover some for the V2 and sell it as a novelty (jump test for example), they remove the white screen and leave a screen that does not look like shit unless you are 20 years old of course, and everything else that they don't have, that we all know and that the competition has, not only Garmin, now also Coros, and now if we talk about navigation, and their "outdoor" clock is to freak out, the same crappy navigation of the V800, 6 years later, seriously Polar? And the turn by turn they have had to rely on Komoot because otherwise not even that, I do not continue. It makes me angry because I loved Polar, but you can't always live on rents and Polarflow. The others have overtaken them on the right and left. Just my personal opinion. Greetings and congratulations for your hard work and for the Podcast.

    1. I'm walking like you... 1 year almost with the Polar Grit X and 0 updates... look I defend polar... but they are resting on their laurels and Garmin is not...


      1. Garmin eats and will eat the market..... is impossible that neither polar nor suunto can stand up to Garmin in raw performance, I do not want to sound disrespectful but it seems that the athlete in general does not realize (perhaps due to ignorance) something quite obvious: you can spend the same on a bike (for example) if you earn 5000 euros that 1000? Garmin has plenty of money for research while polar and suunto have enough with the improvements they apply, (regardless of the fact that it is true that polar sometimes makes very incongruous movements) I personally appreciate that polar has implemented the power on wrist or have their own optical sensor successfully and suunto has achieved such a good result with fusedalti or fusedtrack.
        Garmin instead buys firstbeat directly because they have incomparable economic muscle, in reality they are not comparable and we better hope that polar suunto, choirs etc. succeed, otherwise let's get ready for Garmin to do and undo in prices what it wants .....indeed it already does.

  3. Hi, Eduardo.
    Looking at the photo, I get the impression that you've already lost the metal piece on the buckle, to ensure that the excess strap doesn't shift. is that correct? I thought they had fixed it on the new vantage V straps?

  4. I have a Polar Vantage V and my biggest disappointment in this type of watch is the erratic instantaneous speed. This model in particular takes a long time to update. As the pace is not very stable, it corrects the data until it is adjusted but in a very wide range. On uneven terrain it is not very useful. The maximum speed is useless, it gives stratospheric figures. I think that a lot of value is given to these devices for training, then I see the trainers of the pros with the chrono of a lifetime. Honestly, I'm not surprised.
    Does anyone dare to recommend a more reliable one?
    Thank you very much.

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