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The promotion of the 21% discount at El Corte Inglésvalid for EVERYTHING. Yes, yes, you read that right, EVERYTHING. That includes a 21% discount on almost everything Garmin, Polar, Suunto and in general on any electronics product at ECI.. This discount is in addition to the discount that the product in question may have previously had, so it is certainly a great opportunity.

In this link you can see all the conditions of the promotion. This is a direct discount that is applied to the price of the product (it is not a voucher to spend as it happened a few weeks ago), so the price is already discounted.

In addition to sports electronics, you can find discounted items in television, telephony, sound, photography, drones, computers, home appliances and video games.

Here is a list of interesting products that you can get at a good price. And remember, the promotion is only valid today June 4 and ends tomorrow June 5.

As I said, there are interesting opportunities. For example watches that have just hit the market and that, if not for generic promotions like these, we would never see at a reduced price. And you already know, I leave you a link with the complete analysis (really complete) for each of the models in question.

How the 21% discount works

This is not a direct discount. At the time of purchase you pay the full amount, but after finishing the purchase you will receive an email with the discount codes that podrás will apply to your next purchase.

The discount codes will be for 50€ and, if the amount to be returned is higher, you will be sent several codes.

You can redeem the discount coupons from October 9 to 15 on any purchase of fashion, accessories, shoes, sports, home and toys. You will be able to apply one of the codes received for each purchase over 50€.


Suppose you buy the new Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE which has the same price as in almost any other store: 649,99€.


That is the amount you pay today, but you will receive in the mail discount vouchers for an amount of 136,50€. There will be three vouchers, two for €50 and one for €36.50.

Those vouchers podrás spend them from tomorrow on individual purchases of more than 50€. It may be a good time to go to the toy section and start making arrangements with Gaspar and apply that discount code (warning, with the history of microcontrollers and so on, this year the theme of toys is going to be complicated ...).

Or you buy a shirt. Or a pair of shoes. Or a dress.

Discounts on Garmin

Here are some ideas for possible discounts

Discounts on Polar

Discounts on Suunto

Discounts on other products

More ideas on where to get great discounts on related products...

In short, today there are many options to save a good amount of money because the offer is valid for ALL PRODUCTS. You can buy a refrigerator, a console, a computer...

Nothing else... thanks for reading and for supporting the site by buying through the links!

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  1. Hi, do you get a coupon back to have 21% on your next purchase or do you get a coupon back with money that would be the 21% from the May 20 purchase?

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