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CYBER MONDAY NIKE | Las mejores ofertas (CHOLLAZOS) de la Cyber Week

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Por fin ha llegado el día en que se activa la promoción de Cyber Monday de Nike. Uno de los días más esperado del año porque te permite volver a llenar el armario de zapatillas, camisetas y pantalones que vas a ir gastando a lo largo del año.

El código de descuento que te traigo hoy te permitirá save you 25% on everything (bueno… casi todo) el catálogo de la web. Y como siempre en Nike, todos los pedidos con gastos de envío gratis por el simple hecho de ser Nike Member (que es gratuito).

La promoción comienza hoy 24 de noviembre, así que si eres rápido todavía vas a encontrar muchos productos y tallas disponibles. Y va a durar hasta el 29 de noviembre a las 8am, pero más que el tiempo que dura la promoción lo que debería preocuparte es el stock de productos y tallas disponibles. Normalmente el problema no está en el plazo que dura la promoción sino lo que se tarda en vaciar el almacén (generalmente poco).

The promotion procedure is very simple. You simply search for the item you are interested in, add it to the cart and before paying you enter the promotional code GOBIG22 in the corresponding box.

Here is the direct access to the products of the promotionBut if you want, here are some of the most interesting offers, especially in sneakers.




Cyber Monday de zapatillas Nike running

These are all Nike shoes on sale. It is possible that through this link you will find colors that are not in the links below, because they are not all grouped within the same model. And then there may also be Shield, GoreTex, etc. versions.

Let's go through a quick list of my favorites from this promotion:


Don't miss out on Cyber Monday deals for sports technology from Garmin, Polar and Suunto.

That's my list, but if there isn't one in your size or you want to see if you can find something that better suits your characteristics, you can check out the complete list in this link. Here are some of them:


Nike Vaporfly NEXT% thumbNike Vaporfly NEXT%2

Es la oferta de la que habla todo el mundo hoy. Por sólo 112€, con tallas disponibles y cuatro colores que puedes elegir a los que aplicar el código GOBIG22 para dejarlas a ese precio.

Ya sabes, zapatilla de competición top con ZoomX de verdad y placa de carbono. Poco más puedo decirte de ellas, porque las conocerás más que de sobra.

Si estás dudando… no sé por qué dudas. Aunque sólo sea para que pruebes la sensación, merece mucho la pena su compra.

Si quieres saber cuáles son las diferencias con respecto a las Alphafly, here you can see the video I made about it.

See offer on Nike


CYBER MONDAY NIKE | Las mejores ofertas (CHOLLAZOS) de la Cyber Week 1Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT%

The jewel in the crown. It's Nike's fastest shoe, the most special and certainly the most eye-catching. It has a huge midsole of ZoomX, Nike's highly reactive foam, and carries a carbon plate inside for stability and some extra propulsion. The icing on the cake is the air chambers in the forefoot.

See offer on Nike


Nike Invincible RunNike ZoomX Invincible Run 2

No hay muchas diferencias con respecto al modelo original, tan sólo en el upper. Pero la magia, que está en la mediasuela, sigue intacta. Here is the analysis of this model in text, y if you want to see it in video, click here.

They stand out for their huge midsole with ZoomX foam. It is the same material that podemos find in the Vaporfly, Alphafly or Tempo NEXT%. Very soft, with a lot of energy return, very comfortable and despite not having a plate with sufficient stability.

See offer on Nike


Nike Pegasus 39 thumbNike Air Zoom Pegasus 39

Es la zapatilla de entrenamiento por antonomasia dentro de la oferta de Nike. De hecho son ya 39 años del modelo, así que algo bueno tendrán… Perfectas para rodajes medios o un poquito rápidos o trabajos de series largas.

Y si te cuestan poco más de 50€… una compra obligada aunque sólo sea por tener una zapatilla multiusos en el armario.

See offer on Nike


Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT%Nike Air Zoom Tempo NEXT%

The Tempo NEXT% is one of my favorite shoes on the market. Yes, there are the Alphafly or Vaporfly, but these are shoes meant to be treated with care and reserved for race day.

The Tempo NEXT% however are a training shoe. The feel they have is very similar, but they don't give so much respect to wear them out.

It also has an inner plate, but instead of carbon it is made of nylon. They are slightly heavier than the Alphafly and without being as pointy. You have all the details in the analysis.

See offer on Nike


CYBER MONDAY NIKE | Las mejores ofertas (CHOLLAZOS) de la Cyber Week 2Nike Zoom Fly 4

Las Zoom Fly 4 son la zapatilla de entrenamiento con placa de carbono de referencia en Nike. Y en mi opinión, mejor opción que las Zoom Fly 5 que no me han gusta

They are the successors of the Zoom Fly 3, with which they share midsole and outsole but with a redesigned upper, which was the most criticized aspect of this model.

The foam they use is React, harder and less reactive than ZoomX. Personally, I find the Tempo NEXT% more interesting, but it's a matter of taste...

See offer on Nike




Cyber Monday Nike en textil

But we don't live by sneakers alone. We also need clothes and textiles. Pants, t-shirts, tracksuits, sweatshirts... If there's one good thing about Nike, it's that they make so many things in so many price ranges.

Free shipping and 60 days return

When you create your Nike account and become a Member you will have free shipping costs.

Not only that, if when you receive the order and for whatever reason it does not fit what you expected (size error, you do not find it comfortable or you have changed your mind) podrás request the return of the order for free, no questions asked and no objections. You prepare the package, request the return and that's it.

I won't keep you any longer and I'll let you shop in peace. Just remember that you have to add the products to the cart and apply the discount code GOBIG22You must be logged into your user account for the discount code to be applied.

And with that... thanks for reading!

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