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Update: 3 December, 8:25
News: And that's it. I hope you had a chance to do some interesting shopping. I must confess it's been a very exhausting week!


What is Cyber Monday?

And we've come to Cyber Monday. A tradition that came as a response of Internet stores to the Black Friday of physical stores. Years ago it was those stores that organized "Black Friday", and there was no online presence.

At first you could only buy on Black Friday in physical stores (and for one day only, imagine the crowds...), and Cyber Monday exclusively on the Internet but only on that Monday.

In the end what has happened is that both channels have adopted the two days, and have extended it in time with more days of offers, now revolving everything around the Black Friday weekend or even the whole week.

One more year we arrive at the Black FridayAs you may know, Black Friday has become Black Friday week and, at the rate we're going, in a few years you'll be buying your Christmas items by eating paella from the beach bar. But then again, it's not a question of putting up a fight when prices go down, is it?

As every year I start to search the whole Internet to find you the best offers in sports technology (and some other offers that I find interesting and worthwhile). In all cases, all the offers that I include will come with a little indication or advice.

Remind you that when you buy through any of the links I provide you will generate a small commissionThis is what helps pay for the website and the work I do in testing, and it won't cost you a penny more. It's your way of thanking me for the work I do. Although not everyone is an affiliate link, if I don't have an affiliation with the store and the offer is good I'll include it as well.


Do you need more help? Here are the commentsThis Black Friday I'm going to pass it in front of the screens of the different computers that I have prepared, so I'll be able to answer your questions almost immediately.

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I won't roll over anymore. I'll leave you with the best offers from all over Europe served up on a silver platter.

In the menu you will find the different categories in which I have been dividing the offers, so you can see all the offers one after another or jump directly to the section that interests you most.


These are the most outstanding offers at the moment



GPS Watches - Black Friday 2019

Best Black Friday Offers on Garmin GPS Watches

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus: Even cheaper than Black Friday

BOOM! Here it is, the star of Black Friday. It's never been so cheap. Its star feature is map navigation, something that works very well (exactly like on the Fenix 6), and you also have music playback or Garmin Pay.

Is it worth it before the Fenix 6? Well, at this price, yes, it certainly is.

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus review

See offer on Amazon

See offer on RunnerInn

Cyber Monday in Sports Electronics 2019 | [CONSTANT UPDATE] 1Garmin Fenix 5S Plus

The Garmin Fenix 5S plus is also discounted at the same price. It is the same watch but adapted to those with smaller wrists.

The performance is the same in both cases, the only difference is that the battery of the 5S Plus is slightly smaller, so it has a little less battery life, but both share screen size and resolution.

See offer on Amazon

Garmin 735XT - Triathlon

Garmin Forerunner 735XT: Stock Returns

It's back. 199 euros minus 10 euros that are discounted when the order is processed. Next to the Fenix 5 Plus, the other star of these offers (although it was cheaper at the beginning of the week).

It is the basic Garmin model for triathlon but it meets the requirements of almost everyone. The only thing I can miss is the absence of barometric altimeter, otherwise it is a great option for both training and competition.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT review  

See offer on Amazon

See offer on RunnerInn

Cyber Monday in Sports Electronics 2019 | [CONSTANT UPDATE] 2Garmin Fenix 5

Without a doubt, one of the classics of these days, the Fenix 5 continues to be a good option for those looking for a basic mountain watch.

Just because you're looking for a basic watch doesn't mean that the Fenix 5 is limited... it's not, it just doesn't enjoy the latest features you can find on Fenix 5 Plus or Fenix 6.

But if you don't need a huge battery life, music or maps... go ahead with it (although it's not its best historical price).

Garmin Fenix 5 review

See offer on El Corte Inglés

See offer on Amazon

Garmin Forerunner 45 - Connect IQ Sphere

Garmin Forerunner 45

It just arrived this year and we found it on sale... Well, it's already priced at what I think is interesting. That's the main objection I made when I tried it, so it's already saved.

It is far more capable than what has usually been the case with Garmin's low-end watches, and is available in both sizes: 45/45s.

Garmin Forerunner 45 review  

See offer on Amazon

Garmin Venu - Black FridayGarmin Venu

It's not part of the Black Friday, but with a 37 euro discount it's something to keep in mind. I don't have the proof yet (although it's basically a Vivoactive 4 with a better screen, so you can read this one's), but it's on my wrist right now and I hope to have it ready by next week.

Garmin Venu background information

See offer on Amazon

Garmin Vivoactive 3

Garmin Vivoactive 3: Historical minimum price

- Sold out on all Amazon, stock left at RunnerInn

This is a very capable watch for both runners and sportsmen in general. Don't be afraid that it is not a Forerunner watch, it is perfectly suited to accompany you in training for any type of competition and even for marathons.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 review  

See offer on RunnerInn

Cyber Monday in Sports Electronics 2019 | [CONSTANT UPDATE] 3Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music

The version with music playback is also available at a slightly higher price.

The only difference between the two models is that the Vivoactive 3 Music plays music autonomously, saving the songs on the clock itself and is compatible with streaming platforms such as Spotify or Amazon Prime Music.

🔥 🤑 The best prices every day

See offer on Amazon

Cyber Monday in Sports Electronics 2019 | [CONSTANT UPDATE] 4Garmin Forerunner 35

A simple watch for those who do not want complications, including optical pulse sensor.

If you don't want to get involved with multiple options and only want to have the basic data, this is the most recommended option.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 review  

See offer on Amazon

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music: At FR245 Music's price

The Garmin Forerunner 645 Music is priced at the same level as the Forerunner 245 Music. This is a tough decision, because you have to choose between the two at the same price. It might seem that the top-of-the-line model is obviously better at everything... but it's not that simple.

The 645 has things like the barometric altimeter, Garmin Pay or steel bezel, but in the FR245 we find the new GNSS chipset from Sony with longer battery life (important with music playback) and the latest optical heart rate sensor. The choice is yours.

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music review 

See offer on Wiggle

Garmin Forerunner 245 - Training load

Garmin Forerunner 245: This is where it's cheapest

It is not entering "in rotation", but many of you ask about it. Currently this is the cheapest option which, without being a bargain, is a good price. Of course, it has to be the red strap (which if you are not convinced can be changed in 5 seconds).

As for the version with music, it is at the price of the normal FR245.

There is little I can tell you about Forerunner 245 that hasn't already been said... just that it is one of the main recommendations in the shopping guide.

Garmin Forerunner Analysis 245  

See offer in RunnerInn (normal)

See offer in RunnerInn (Music)

Special mentions

Many of you have been looking for these models on sale at Black Friday, but either they haven't come in yet or the occasional offer from a seller has already run out, so at least I leave you with a link to the cheapest reliable options for each model.

You can find them cheaper on eBay or on pages in China, but I strongly advise against it for several reasons: They have no guarantee (in case of failure, you will have to send it to China), if you order a watch with maps they will not be the ones in Europe, the EMEA market watches are updated later and, as if all this were not enough, you will probably have to pay customs fees when you get them (VAT+tariff+management fees). As you can see... bad business.


Best Black Friday Offers on Polar GPS Watches


Polar Vantage V - Swimming in the pool

Polar Vantage V: The offer is back 309 euros

Polar Vantage V Titan on flash offer!

It has the same thing as the Vantage M above, but with a few more features, perhaps most notably that it is the only watch that allows you to display the power on the run without using any external accessories.

Polar Vantage V Analysis

View Vantage V Titan offer on Amazon Italy

See offer on Amazon

Polar Vantage M - Back to top

Polar Vantage M: The offer in Spain is back

It's one of my key recommendationsboth as a running clock and as an economic triathlon clock.

It had a complicated start, but with the updates it has received and above all with the last one that loads it with interesting functions (and that it significantly improves the performance of GPS as well), make it a very interesting option.

Polar Vantage M analysis

See offer in Amazon Spain

Cyber Monday in Sports Electronics 2019 | [CONSTANT UPDATE] 5Polar M430

One of the best pulse sensors integrated into the watch (at least until the arrival of the Vantage).

The M430 is an easy to use watch that offers a lot for the money.

Polar M430 review  

See offer on Amazon

Cyber Monday in Sports Electronics 2019 | [CONSTANT UPDATE] 6Polar M200

77 for a watch that, apart from its low-resolution screen, is very competent.

The optical sensor is of good quality and the customization possibilities are identical to the rest of the range.

Polar M200 Analysis  

See offer on Amazon

Cyber Monday in Sports Electronics 2019 | [CONSTANT UPDATE] 7Polar M600

The Polar smart watch is a great choice for anyone looking for a smartwatch, but who doesn't want to give up on sports.

The integration that Polar has done with its platform is very good and the optical sensor is Polar's "very good".

Recommended if you have an Android phone and want the smart features it offers.

Polar M600 Analysis  

See offer on Amazon


Best Black Friday deals on Suunto GPS watches


Suunto 9 - Area of activity

Suunto 9: Historical minimum price

There are two reasons why the offer is good. Firstly because it is a couple of euros cheaper than the last time it was on sale (so it is minimum price), but more importantly... at this price you can get any of the colours available.

In the past only black was on offer, but this time there are all the others, including yellow which is usually the most sought-after. This is the normal version, without a barometric altimeter.

No doubt a great watch (in every sense) that has improved in functions and GPS quality after the last update.

Suunto 9 review  

See offer on Amazon

See offer on RunnerInn

Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HRSuunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR: Minimum price

It's a wig, in every way. If you like big watches it's a good choice, if you have a small wrist it's not so good...

It does not have a barometric altimeter and is not as up to date as the Suunto 9, but the price is a historical minimum and you can be sure of the quality of construction of Suunto.

Suunto Spartan Sport Analysis  

See offer on Amazon

Cyber Monday in Sports Electronics 2019 | [CONSTANT UPDATE] 8Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro

I think it is the most balanced version of the entire Spartan range, but at this price I think Suunto 9 is a better choice, even if it doesn't have a barometric altimeter.

The Spartans will no longer receive new updates, so this is a factor to be considered.

Suunto Spartan Sport Baro analysis  

See offer on Amazon

Cyber Monday in Sports Electronics 2019 | [CONSTANT UPDATE] 9Suunto Ambit3 Peak HR: Best price ever

A classic. A super-reliable watch with extended range, altimeter, and proof against any adventure in the mountains. Another one that is at a minimum price.

Suunto Spartan Sport Baro analysis  

See offer on Amazon

Cyber Monday in Sports Electronics 2019 | [CONSTANT UPDATE] 10Suunto Core

One of the quintessential mountain watches. With barometric altimeter and compass, the Suunto Core is a reliable and very resistant watch for those who "live" in the mountains but do not need what a GPS provides.

See offer on Amazon

Cyber Monday in Sports Electronics 2019 | [CONSTANT UPDATE] 11Suunto 3 Fitness

Suunto 3 Fitness is a rather special activity monitor, offering training programs that can guide you both in maintaining and improving your fitness, and this small model of the Finnish is unique in that.

Suunto 3 Fitness review   

See offer on Amazon


Cycling - Black Friday 2019

Best Black Friday Offers on Garmin Cycling

Garmin Edge 1030

Garmin Edge 1030 pack: Minimum price including all sensors

Very good price because it comes with all the external sensors (pulse, speed and cadence) which usually makes it very expensive. After receiving almost all the updates of the Edge 830 and Edge 530 (only missing the MTB maps, which in Spain do not have much performance), it is still the top of the range. To be considered especially if you are looking for a HUGE display.

Garmin Edge 1030 full review   

See offer on Alltricks

Cyber Monday in Sports Electronics 2019 | [CONSTANT UPDATE] 12Garmin UT800

It is not listed as a Black Friday offer and, although it is not at an all-time low for a matter of 6 euros, it is still an interesting option. As a bicycle headlight it is one of the best options available, especially because of the integration it offers with Garmin cycle computers.

Complete information Garmin UT800   

See offer on Amazon


Other Black Friday cycling opportunities


Favero Assioma DuoFavero Assioma Duo

Favero's potentiometer pedals. Easy to install, very reliable and totally accurate. They're the ones I use, so I guess that tells you everything...

Favero Assioma Information 

See offer in Biciescapa

Tacx Neo 2 Black FridayTacx Neo 2 Smart

With the arrival of the 2T (with which there is not much difference), Tacx - or we can already say Garmin - has decided to give you a good discount on the 23%. I regularly use the original Tacx Neo and have nothing but good words for this roller. This is the cheapest price in all of Europe.

See offer on Wiggle



Other Sports Technology - Black Friday 2019


Best Black Friday Offers in Sports Technology

Garmin HRM-Dual Black FridayGarmin HRM-Dual pulse sensor: 30% discount

Garmin's new dual-connectivity pulse sensor sends heart rate data not only via ANT+ but also via Bluetooth, making it a great option not only for sports, but also for your Zwift or similar platform sessions.

See offer on Amazon

Apple Watch Series 4 Black FridayApple Watch Series 4: from 369

The previous model to the current one, starting from 369 ?. There are only two differences from the new one: it does not have the screen always on and it does not have a magnetic compass.

If you're not picky about sports performance or range, the Apple Watch is definitely the smartest watch.

See offer on Amazon 

Garmin ETREX 35 Black FridayGarmin ETREX 35 Touch

A good handheld unit for route navigation, including full colour mapping, perfect for anyone who likes to venture off the beaten track.

Unlike the ETREX you see below, this one has a touch screen. Its last best price was 199 euros, so it's a very good deal.

See offer on Amazon

Garmin Etrex 22x Black FridayGarmin ETREX 22x

This is a handheld GPS navigator with cartography, perfect for all your mountain outings. It doubles the amount of memory compared to previous models.

See offer on Amazon

Beurer EM49 Black FridayElectrostimulator Beurer EM49

If you don't feel like paying what a Compex is worth, how about this Beurer model? It doesn't have as many modes of use as the more expensive versions, but it's perfect for getting those tired muscles back.

See offer on Amazon


Black Friday in other interesting articles


Black Friday My ProteinBlack Friday in My Protein: Now 40% discount on ALL

40% discount ALL with the code BFESwhether it's protein, bars, gels... like I say, everything.

See offer in My Protein

Amazon Echo Dot Black FridayAmazon Echo Dot

63% discount for the small speaker with Alexa. Ideal to start caching in home automation environments or simply as a sound and radio player for any small office. In general, there are VERY discounted Amazon devicesI've already bought a couple of Echo models for Christmas.

See offer on Amazon

Discount Refurbished Amazon Black Friday20% discount on refurbished products: There are very interesting offers

Refurbished products receive an additional 20% discount that is applied upon completion of payment (not listed on the page, see below).

In my experience there are very good opportunities, especially those marked "Very Good" or "Like New". In those cases 90% of the occasions I have received a brand new product with an open or deteriorated box.

Some interesting examples:

  • Suunto 9 Baro HR - From 327 euros with good condition (small marks behind the clock)
  • Polar Vantage M - From 120 Euros, marked as very good condition
  • Polar Ignite - From 93 euros in different states
  • Polar M460 - For 81 euros it is a basic GPS cycle computer, but with a screen and enough information for basic routes. Here's the proof of the M450.
  • Aerohead Turn - For 151 euros. One of the best aero helmet for triathlon. Very comfortable and despite the screen is not too stifling or hot. It is the one I use and I am very happy with it.
  • Thule trunk bike carrier - For 58 euros.
  • Xlab frame bag - For bikes with screws in the horizontal tube (goats). It's very big, I carry tools, patches, a spare tube and a couple of gels.

See offers on Amazon



These are the offers for the moment, but remember that this is just a warm-up... Get ready because this week is going to be loaded.

Don't forget to take a look at the specific article with the offers of running shoes and textiles.

Thank you for reading and above all, for collaborating with the site!



Expired offers

These offers are no longer available. Sorry, you're late!

  • Xiaomi Mi 9 - Refurbished from 215
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e - From 380
  • 30% discount on Timberland boots - It's not a brand that usually launches many promotions... so when there are, it's a matter of taking advantage of them.
  • Elite Direct - In terms of quality/price ratio, the Elite Direto is undoubtedly the rival to beat. It won't be the quietest, the fastest in ERGO mode or the most accurate certified... but for less than 600 euros I challenge you to find a better roller with potentiometer and direct transmission. No, don't bother, there isn't one.
  • Apple Watch Series 3 - Refurbished from 175
  • Salomon Agile Belt - Reconditioned for 20
  • ???? Garmin Edge 820 pack - Edge 820 offer with the sensor pack for 259 euros, lowering its best price by 20 euros. If you want advanced navigation features the Edge 820 is the option to choose, if not with the previous Edge 520 you will have more than enough. You can see their differences in the 820 test.
  • ???????? Garmin Fenix 6 Pro - OFFER 20% off. Run because it's going to fly. And after you buy it, if you want, you can read the proof. BUT BUY NOW, YOU FOOL!
  • ???????? Also Fenix 6S Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi 9 - If you are looking for a new cell phone this is a great opportunity. 150 discount for one of the "flagship" from Xiaomi, with a triple 48mp camera, Snapdragon 855 processor and 6GB of RAM.
  • Wahoo ELMNT Bolt - Refurbished for 159
  • Thule baby bike seat - Refurbished for 52
  • Amfit protein bar - It's Amazon's own brand. I've tried them and they're good. Ideal as a snack or as a source of protein after training.
  • Garmin Venu - Thanks to Rafa for locating it. It's not part of the Black Friday, but with a 60 euro discount it's a pretty noticeable drop. I don't have the test yet (although it's basically a Vivoactive 4 with a better screen), but it's on my wrist right now and I hope to have it ready for next week.
  • Apple Watch Series 4 - The previous model to the current one, starting from 339 euros. There are only two differences from the new one: it does not have the screen always on and it does not have a magnetic compass. If you are not very demanding with the sports performances or the autonomy, without any doubt the Apple Watch is the best intelligent watch.
  • Garmin ETREX 32x - Similar to the 22x, but has a camera and ANT+ connectivity for external sensors.
  • Polar OH1+ - Refurbished from £45 as new. If I'm using an external optical pulse sensor, it's definitely the Polar OH1+. Fantastic not only for performance but because it's able to record data without an external device. You have all the details in the OH1 test.
  • GoPro Hero 8 Holiday Pack - Chollazo that of this new Hero 8. Besides having a good discount (its price is 429 euros), it comes with a pack of original accessories -which are not at all cheap-, among which the Shorty, the extra battery or the spare battery stand out.
  • Tacx exhibition stand - For £17.50, perfect for storing your bike

Eduardo Mateos

I've been surrounded by electronic devices of all kinds for more than 25 years. Using them, testing them, taking them apart and dissecting them. Long distance triathlete: I swim, run and cycle for a long time. Maybe too much.


  1. What a black friday scam. Last week my 820 broke and I was almost happy to buy the 830. I looked at it and it was very well priced, at 359 €, but I thought it was better to wait a few days to see if with the black friday I saved something and what was my surprise that three or four days later is above 400.

    1. Patience... this has just started and there are still other vendors to be added... 🙂 🙂

      Also, Amazon has no sale of the Edge 830, so I didn't expect to find it there.

        1. You're right, they just put it in recently because until two days ago neither these nor FR245 were for sale on Amazon.

          Anyway, I'm telling you... don't despair because there are still sellers who haven't entered Black Friday (which is normal, on the other hand...)

  2. Thank you very much as always. The truth is that I was waiting like May water for this kind of articles that you make like last year or in Amazon prime to see if the phoenix 6 pro came out to renew my phoenix 3, and I did it because a week ago Mark returned the 21% of what you bought for future purchases and as I had to take more things for Christmas because that 21% less than I got the phoenix 6 pro. It is a pleasure to read you Eduardo.

  3. Morning.
    I have a phoenix 5 with almost 3 years (it can be or I am adding time ??????) well, and I am "capricious" and I also carry sometimes a polar v800, something older.
    Without complaints or problems, I practice ML triathlon and I normally use garmin.
    I've wanted to try Suunto for a long time, which I've never done, and I love Suunto 9 aesthetically.
    How do you see it for triathlon and running which is basically what I do.
    Will it perform well? Is it a good price or do I expect a little more from Black Friday?
    Thank you very much!

    1. The main problem you may have with Suunto 9 is that it doesn't have a duathlon profile, so if you're going to do this kind of race from time to time, you'll have to use the Fenix 5 or the V800. The other possible problem would be the size, but if you're used to the Fenix 5 it's very similar.

      For running it's a watch that I like a lot, especially because of the big screen it has. For triathlon I don't like it so much because I prefer a smaller watch, but we're back to the same thing, if you're already using a Fenix 5 there won't be much difference.

      As for the price, I don't think it's going to go any lower, in fact it's the lowest price ever (2 euros less than last time... but it's good for re-marking). I think it's a good opportunity to try Suunto if you've been thinking about it for a while, and that way you can make a value judgment for yourself.

  4. And the Polar Ignite nothing? I expected it in about 170-180, the "worthy" models, as with white strap. I see that in small, thin and with color display I only have this option on the market ... And on top of that it lacks music. It is inexplicable that Garmin does not have such a model among its increasingly extensive and saturated catalog (because the Vivoactive 4 is either very small or very large, and in both cases very fat and heavy).

    1. Polar has not yet entered in promo, because neither are the Vantage that are going to appear for sure. You have to keep an eye out in the coming days because I'm sure there will be things. Now, whether they are with the strap "in condition" is another thing....

      As for the Vivoactive that there is no intermediate size that space is occupied by the Venu that stays at 43mm, just in between the Vivoactive 4 and Vivoactive 4s.

  5. Wiggle's affiliate link to buy the Garmin Varia doesn't work. I'm trying to get in, but there's an error in the search. I haven't bought it yet, waiting for you to take the commission. Thanks Eduardo!

    1. Amazon doesn't have the 245 at the moment, because Amazon selects the sales channel and has not included Amazon for that model (at the moment). It already happened with the Edge 530 and 930, or with the 935 and 945.

      I don't think there will be big discounts, at least with manufacturer origin. If there are shops that make offers it's another thing, but don't expect big price drops.

  6. Eduardo, with a budget of approximately 200 euros, what watch with similar characteristics to the FR245 would you recommend? That's counting that I don't like to buy a model that has been on the market for more than 3 years like the FR235. I use it for running on the track mostly (I prepare for the police exam), a couple of days a week I do swimming in the pool and calisthenics. I also do trekking because I live at the foot of the mountains but nothing pro, almost always the same known route. Thanks in advance.

    1. If you don't need navigation (if you always do the same route), my option would be the Polar Vantage M. In fact it is the one next to the FR245 in the recommendation guide which I renewed last week.

      The FR235 I rule out completely, plus if you do pool with even more reason, you'd have the 735XT, but I'd wait to see if the Vantage M comes down on Black Friday.

  7. Hi there, I'm hesitating to buy the FR935 with the tri pack or the FR945 alone. I come from a m430 fleece and I'm starting in the world of tri with quite a few bike routes and my orientation and knowledge of the routes are not my strong point.
    Thank you and a greeting.

    1. If you are starting out in triathlon I would recommend going to the basics, i.e. the 935. But since you will need the navigation for the bike routes then you should seriously consider the 945 because it can get you out of more than one predicament, and being able to leave home knowing that you will not get lost under any circumstances is a huge peace of mind...

      Unless there's an offer these days, this is where you get it cheapest right nowBe very careful where you buy it, because if it comes from Asia you will have neither guarantee nor European maps...

  8. Hi Eduardo, first of all congratulations for your work and the website 😉.

    Would you trade a Fenix 5S for the plus model? My initial idea was to go straight to the 6 Pro, but in the end I don't think there are any great offers on the last one so I would be satisfied with the maps and spotify.


    1. Thank you Juanjo

      Well, besides maps and Spotify... maybe the main reason I would make the change would be the screen. In the 5S Plus it's not only bigger, but it has much more resolution which is the main drawback of the 5S.

      In fact, the screen is the same in the 5 Plus and 5S Plus, with the same as in the 5 and 5S. That also means that the screen frame is smaller in the 5S Plus.

      As I say, if the price was similar I would obviously prefer the 6S Pro, but with the 200 euro difference you can do a lot of things...

      1. I hadn't fallen for the screen size, and that's a difference I'd like to make.
        I'll wait these days in case the surprise of the 6th pro jumps out, although I see it as difficult.

        Thank you again!

  9. Hi, Eduardo,
    I'm thinking of buying the Garmin Phoenix 5 and I've seen the price go up since last Friday, from £314 to £329 on Amazon. Do you think I should buy it now or could there be another sale for Friday?

    Thank you very much.

    1. Amazon offers are very complicated... everything is governed by the amount in stock and the rate of sales. It happened a few days ago with the 735XT, there was a lot of sales the first few days and since then it has gone up twice in price.

      It can be both, that it continues to sell despite the extra £15 and stays that way or that it slows down the sales level and goes back down again. But there is nothing guaranteed...

      Anyway, I'm going to change that offer for Amazon Italy, which even if you pay for shipping is worth the increase it has given in Spain.

  10. Hello there if you buy a Forerunner or Phoenix from a Chinese site without European maps, if you get them from a third party the function of creating a return route would work just as well.
    Thank you and a greeting.

    1. Well, if you're buying from China, keep in mind a few things:

      - You will most likely have to pay customs (VAT + duty + handling fees)
      - You will not have an official guarantee, if there is a problem with the watch you will have to send it to China (paying for the shipping)
      - If the watch is intended for the Asian market, it will not be updated like the European models, but will receive updates much later
      - And of course, you don't have maps of Europe

      As you can see, it's not worth it, but each one of us has his own decisions.

      As for the maps, with the generic ones you can create routes but you don't have the Trendline function to create the routes, as well as other layers such as topographic maps, altitudes and so on.

  11. Hi Edu, do you trust those at ""? when someone makes such a great offer I tend to be suspicious. Sometimes I prefer to pay a little more and buy on amazon just for the customer service, but with this price difference and if you trust them I'll go for the fenix 6 or 6 pro! Thank you!

    1. To tell you that yesterday I made a 600-odd euro purchase... ????

      My conditions to verify that he's a serious salesman:
      - Valid HTTPS certificate issued in the name of a company (compliant)
      - Joined Confianza Online (complies)
      - Social networking sites with movement and no ghost customers or complaints (compliant)
      - Search for opinions (for instance) (complies)

      So, as it has no red flag, "palante".

  12. Hi, first thanks for all the information, this part and the textile part too. Great work that saves searching for the rest of us 🙂
    Second, I don't know if it's allowed to put links, if it is, my apologies. But I think it's info that might be interesting.
    I have bought the Garmin 245 on this page and it has come out very well in price (205 + 12 ? shipping), add that the guarantee is national, although it is bought in Andorra, I made the order yesterday and today I have received it in Madrid.
    They don't have many on sale, but for example the 945 is also on sale, they were asking for it...

    Thank you again.

  13. Hi, Eduardo.
    Congratulations on your work.
    Between a 5 Plus sapphire
    And a 6s Pro sapphire

    Which one do you think is better?
    Thank you!

    1. I had to edit the links for you because it got caught in spam.

      They are two different watches... because there is quite a difference in size. As for functions, it is up to you to know if the features of the Fenix 6 are worth the difference in price. That is what you have to value.

        1. I guess it would be for some slip or punctual price changes ... because for example yesterday was also the Garmin Venu with a reduction of 60 € "without coming to account".

  14. Good morning, Eduardo,
    With a maximum budget of 300 euros, what watch would you recommend? I am mainly a fitness and cardio person, and I run an average of 40 km per week.
    I'm also a technology geek and I like to be "up to date" haha and have all the features possible.
    What I value most is that even if it is not excessively complete what I do, I do it well and the autonomy.
    I had been rating: forerunner 245 music, vantage M or V and fénix 5 plus (although I'm out of budget). I don't really know the suunto.
    Let's see what you could recommend for a quality-price ratio that suits my needs, now that there are so many offers for black friday
    Thank you and a greeting

    1. In your case I would stay between the FR245 Music and the Vantage M/V. The Fenix 5 Plus I do not see because you do not make mountain.

      If you like to be on the cutting edge and value performance, you'll like the FR245 a lot. And if you want good workout control, then the balance goes to the Polar even though it doesn't have as many "smart" features.

      1. And is the current price difference between the Vantage M and V worth it? With today's offers there is a 140 euro difference

        1. It is something that already depends on each individual... It is a watch that not only uses better materials (in case you plan to use it every day...), it also has more features: racing power, Recovery Pro, route navigation...

          If you're not going to take advantage of those features, I personally would save the money and invest it in other things. What's certain is that Vantage M, at that price, is a real bargain.

  15. Hello, about to buy 245 Music and now I see 645????????♂ What dilemma, which one would you take? 245 I guess it will be difficult to lower the price further, right?

    1. I tell you that it is to sow doubt in your minds ????

      No, within what are reliable and guaranteed sellers... I don't expect any more downgrades.

      I'd rather not put myself in your shoes, because it's a complicated decision. On the one hand, I'm attracted by the altimeter and Garmin Pay on the 645. But on the other hand, the autonomy and being a new watch that will continue to receive updates (for example, you just received PacePro) is also important...

      I don't know, if you don't see it clearly... you can always flip a coin ????!

  16. Hi, Eduardo,
    Thank you so much for the work you're doing.
    One question, I see that the Garmin 645 Music and the 245 Music are about the same price.
    The 245 is more current and with the Sony chip and the 645 has some more function, leaving aside the barometric sensor,
    which one do you think is more worth buying today?
    Thank you very much.

    1. I just answered Marcos with the same thing... you have it VERY difficult ????

      With either of the two you will not be wrong, but I recognize that the option to choose is very, very difficult. Perhaps I throw a little more FR245 for the fact of being able to receive more updates and for the autonomy ... but not enough to say clearly that it is a better option.

  17. Eduardo, your revisions are a luxury, and they help enormously.
    I can't decide whether to choose the garmin 5 plus, or the 945... what do you think?
    Thank you very much!

    1. Thank you, Luis.

      It depends a lot on which values more, whether training functions or watch finishing.

      The Fenix 5 gives more of a "premium" watch feel because of the materials and weight, something that the FR945 which is all plastic does not have. However, the 945 has better performance in terms of advanced training metrics, as it is on the same level as the Fenix 6 in that regard.

      Finally, if it is for triathlon I prefer the 945 because of its weight and its lower profile to have it underneath the neoprene.

  18. Well, once this carousel of offers is over, I see that the 945 has only had an interesting discount on ebay at 389, but my friend and I don't trust it much, have you seen it? is it reliable?
    Thanks, we'll keep an eye out, I'm going after the jalopy

  19. Well, once this carousel of offers is over, I see that the 945 has only had an interesting discount on ebay at 389, but my friend and I don't trust it much, have you seen it? is it reliable?
    Thanks, we'll keep an eye out, I'm going after the jalopy

    1. Well, I copy what I have written in one of the articles of Black Friday (the one about the Fenix 6):

      You can find them cheaper on eBay or on pages in China, but I strongly advise against it for several reasons: They have no guarantee (in case of failure, you will have to send it to China), if you order a watch with maps they will not be the ones in Europe, the EMEA market watches are updated later and, as if all this were not enough, you will probably have to pay customs fees when you get them (VAT+tariff+management fees). As you can see... bad business.

      I, personally... wouldn't. Firstly because it might cost you more, and secondly because you might spend a considerable amount of money on something that doesn't work the way you want it to.

    1. Well, yes, even cheaper...

      I don't think they even understand your pricing algorithm. Good time to buy it, because I don't think it's going to stay at that price

  20. In case you are interested to change the last minute offers, there is right now in Stock offer the Garmin Fenix 6 for 478 euros and the Fenix 6 pro for 562 euros in the shop (in principle it has good opinions and physical shop in Spain), which is the cheapest I have seen them since you published the offer of mielectro, in case you want to update it. 5 hours left to the offer and there is still stock.

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