Cyber Monday 2020

CYBER MONDAY Garmin, Polar and Suunto 2020 (CONTINUOUS UPDATE)

Cyber Monday for Garmin, Polar, Suunto and more


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Update 30 November 17:58 - Last day of offers.


Here we are one more year, on the doorstep of Black Friday. But Black Friday has become the Black Friday weekand this year it was actually Black November. But it is now when the most important offers begin, or at least the concentration of all of them.

As I do every year I start combing the Internet in search of the best deals on sports technology (along with some other offer that catches my attention, is interesting and that I will also put here). In all cases each offer will be accompanied by some small indication or advice, I do not want this to become a Persian market or an obligation to buy whatever.

And of course, in each offer you will also have a direct link to the full test of that device, so that if you still have any doubts you can solve them in the detailed analysis that I usually do here.

Remind you that when you buy through any of the links I provide you will generate a small commissionThis is what helps pay for the website and the work I do in testing, and it won't cost you a penny more. It's your way of thanking me for the work I do. Although not everyone is an affiliate link, if I don't have an affiliation with the store and the offer is good I'll include it as well.

Do you need more help? Here are the commentsThis Black Friday I'm going to pass it in front of the screens of the different computers that I have prepared, so I'll be able to answer your questions almost immediately.

And as always, this post will always be up to date with the latest offers that you can find among all the sellers.

I won't roll over anymore. I'll leave you with the best offers from all over Europe served up on a silver platter.


In the menu you will find the different categories in which I have been dividing the offers, so you can see all the offers one after another or jump directly to the section that interests you most.



These are the most outstanding offers at the moment




GPS Watches - Black Friday 2019

Best Black Friday GARMIN deals


Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Garmin Fenix 6 Pro

Was this the one you were looking for? I have no doubt that this is the model for which the vast majority of you have been yearning.

One of the most complete Garmin watches, with the full pack of the "advantages-Garmin": music playback (including platforms such as Spotify), navigation with maps and wireless payments.

Logically it is not a cheap watch, but within its high price the offer now is not bad at all. And if it is the model you wanted ... the same gives you 20 € more than less.

 Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Analysis

See offer on RunnerInn

See offer on Amazon


Garmin Fenix 6X Pro ThumbGarmin Fenix 6X Pro

The 6X Pro has a slightly larger screen, along with a longer battery life. Consequently, it's also a larger watch, so you'll need to be sure it won't feel too big on your wrist.

 Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Analysis

See offer on Amazon


Garmin Fenix 6S thumbGarmin Fenix 6S Pro

And continuing with the sizes, the Garmin Fenix 6S Pro for its part is smaller than the regular Fenix 6 Pro (only 42mm), but it is perfect for those who do not have a large wrist and do not want to have the feeling of wearing a monster on the wrist.

Even so, it offers the same features as the rest of the Fenix 6 Pro range, but as in the case of the 6X Pro the autonomy will also be affected. Logically reduced in this case.

 Garmin Fenix 6S Pro Analysis

See offer on Amazon


CYBER MONDAY Garmin, Polar and Suunto 2020 (CONSTANT UPDATE) 2Garmin Fenix 5 Plus

The Garmin Fenix 5 Plus has been one of the top performers in previous offers. So much so that today it is very difficult to find anything in stock.

In terms of functionality they are up to date with the main features of the high-end Garmin. Because in addition to the maps it offers the possibility of playing music directly from the watch, being compatible with streaming platforms such as Spotify and Amazon Music.

You create your playlist and the clock downloads it, no more selecting songs one by one and transferring them manually. And when you update the list, the clock downloads the new songs.

They also have Garmin Pay, so if your bank is compatible you can add your card to make wireless payments. It may seem silly, but when you're out running or cycling and want to buy anything (e.g. water), not having to go out with your wallet is a huge advantage.

 Garmin Fenix 5 Plus review

See offer at Mi Electro


Garmin Forerunner 245 MusicGarmin Forerunner 245 and 245 Music

There is little I can tell you about Forerunner 245 that hasn't already been said... just that it is one of the main recommendations in the shopping guide.

ATTENTION to the offer from Germany and FranceThe historical minimum price by far (1TP10You can use your Amazon account, you just have to pay the shipping, but it's more than worth it). The offer from Amazon France is a bit more interesting because of the taxes (in the end it comes out a bit cheaper).

 Review Garmin Forerunner 245 Music

See offer FR245 on Amazon France

See offer FR245 at Sprinter

See offer FR245 Music on RunnerInn


CYBER MONDAY Garmin, Polar and Suunto 2020 (CONSTANT UPDATE) 3Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

The Garmin Forerunner 645 Music is priced like the Forerunner 245 Music. This is a difficult decision, because you have to choose between the two at the same price. It might seem that obviously the higher-end model is better in every way... but it's not that simple.

The 645 has things like the altimeter, Garmin Pay or steel bezel. But in the FR245 we find Sony's new GNSS chipset with longer battery life (important for music playback) and the latest optical pulse sensor. In addition the 245 has been receiving updates fairly steadily, for example the new on-track race mode inherited from 745.

The decision is yours.

 Garmin Forerunner 645 Music review

See offer on Wiggle


Garmin FR45 ThumbGarmin Forerunner 45

One of my criticisms in the test I did of the FR45 was its price. In that test I commented that at 199€ I saw it as a complicated option in the market, but at 120€ we are talking about something very different.

What makes the Forerunner 45 an interesting model? If you're looking for a small watch for sports, the Forerunner 45S is unrivalled. At just 39mm in circumference it's unrivalled in the market, all others are bigger than this.

It is also compatible with Garmin CoachSo you can create a training schedule to prepare for different races such as 5K, half-marathon, etc.

VO2Max estimation to see the evolution of your performance, rhythm alerts to keep you on track (or not too loose), Body Battery to see the resources available during the day...

 Garmin Forerunner 45 review  

See offer on Amazon


Garmin Forerunner 735XTGarmin Forerunner 735XT

Simply incombustible.

It is the basic model of Garmin for triathlon but meets the demands of virtually everyone. The only thing I can miss is the absence of barometric altimeter, otherwise it is a great choice at this price, both for training and racing.

With the deals out there today I would only consider it if you are looking for a Garmin for triathlon. I think both FR245 and Polar Vantage M are better options right now.

 Garmin Forerunner 735XT review  

See offer on Amazon


Garmin Vivoactive 4 thumbGarmin Vivoactive 4 / 4S

The Vivoactive range is oriented to those who like to have an active life. Going to the gym, going for a run, taking guided yoga or pilates classes, swimming... but all without the desire to compete.

By features they may be similar to the FR245, but it doesn't have the training metrics or load tracking component. In return they have wireless payments, music playback and sync with Spotify and even barometric altimeter to measure floors climbed.

Differences between the Vivoactive 4 and the 4S? Simply the size (and consequently the autonomy). But the rest of the features are the same. The only thing that allows you to choose the "footprint" on your wrist.

 Analysis Garmin Vivoactive 4

See offer on Amazon


Garmin Venu - Black FridayGarmin Venu

It's not part of Black Friday, but it's at a 15% discount and slightly cheaper than it usually is.

It is a watch like the Vivoactive 4 you've seen before, but has a much more colorful AMOLED screen, with very good quality. In addition, the materials are better, and perhaps it is a more suitable option if you want something that does not clash too much in the "day to day" with formal clothes, although it is still a watch for sports.

Garmin Venu review

See offer on Amazon


CYBER MONDAY Garmin, Polar and Suunto 2020 (CONSTANT UPDATE) 4Garmin Instinct

A special watch that bears little resemblance to the rest of the Garmin range, especially in aesthetics.

Designed specifically for the mountains, it has a barometric altimeter, magnetic compass and specific functions for adventure lovers. And also, that "rugged" design that characterizes it so much.

It falls short of the Fenix range, mainly because of its screen. But that split screen also makes it different and perfectly valid. As an access watch to the mountain range it is perfect.

Garmin Instinct review

See offer on Amazon



Best Black Friday deals POLAR


Black Friday on the official website of Polar

This year in addition to having offers on the different websites around the Internet, Polar is also going all out and making Black Friday offers on its own website.

You can see all the offers directly in this Polar special websiteand to apply the discounts you will have to use the code POLARBLACKFRIDAY.

What discounts will you get?

They are not the cheapest prices, but I know that many of you are more comfortable buying from the manufacturer's official website than from third party sellers, so this is another option available to you.

In any case, here are the other offers currently available on Polar watches.


Polar Grit X thumbPolar Grit X

The new Polar Grit X enters the last day of Black Friday, for the moment through offer on Amazon Italy (at 20h on Amazon Spain, price not yet confirmed).

This is Polar's first entry into the mountain world and it does so with the same specifications as the Polar Vantage V, plus some new features such as Hill Splitter, FuelWise and route navigation with turn warning.

Or you can also look at it another way. It's like the Vantage V2but with some features cut back. But at this price as a mountain watch without going up too much in price, it is an option that I quite like.

Polar Grit X review

See offer in Polar

See offer in Amazon Spain



Polar Vantage M thumbPolar Vantage M

Together with the Garmin FR245, the Vantage M is one of my key recommendationsboth as a running clock and as an economic triathlon clock.

It had a complicated start, but with the updates it has received and above all with the last one that loads it with interesting functions (and that it significantly improves the performance of GPS as well), make it a very interesting option.

Polar Vantage M analysis

See offer on Amazon


Polar Vantage V thumbPolar Vantage V

The truth is that there are not that many changes in the Vantage V2 with respect to the original. Perhaps what stands out the most is that it was the first watch that allows to display the power in race without the need of using any external accessory.

Compared to the Vantage m it has better quality materials, some additional resting metrics and one thing I like a lot: poder mark laps by tapping on the watch.

There is also an offer with a Polar H10 pulse sensor. It is a great chest sensor that normally costs quite a bit more. My recommendation is to buy it with it. It offers simultaneous ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity (and for Bluetooth it offers two channels).

Polar Vantage V Analysis

See offer on Amazon

See offer in Amazon Germany

See offer on Amazon (with Polar H10 sensor)


CYBER MONDAY Garmin, Polar and Suunto 2020 (CONSTANT UPDATE) 5Polar M430

One of the best pulse sensors integrated into the watch (at least until the arrival of the Vantage).

The M430 is an easy-to-use watch that offers a lot for its price. Suitable for road runners. Perhaps today is somewhat limited in terms of autonomy, but if you want a watch to start in the world, or you're not going to do too long tests, the M430 is always a great option without spending too much money.

Polar M430 review

See offer on Amazon


CYBER MONDAY Garmin, Polar and Suunto 2020 (CONSTANT UPDATE) 6Polar Ignite

This is the Polar "smart watch" (I'm putting it in quotation marks because it is not an ordinary smart watch) which, except for the strap of the cheapest model, is very well finished.

It has the latest from the Finns, such as sleep analysis or FitSpark that, depending on how you have rested the previous day and the workouts you have been doing, will propose several alternatives for poder exercise on that day.

As for Training Load Pro it is a function that is integrated "halfway", since the details are not present on the watch, but we can see it on the platform.

Polar Ignite review

See offer in Polar

See offer on Amazon


Polar Unite thumbPolar Unite

The Polar Unite is the latest fitness watch from Polar. Similar to its sibling the Ignite, but with no built-in GPS and a somewhat simpler pulse sensor.

Those two features make the Unite a more economical watch. And if you need GPS data for an outdoor activity, it will use it from your cell phone via the connected GPS function.

Which one to choose? If you're going to be doing mostly gym, the Unite will suffice. If you're going to be more outdoors, the Ignite (the one above) is better suited to your use.

Polar Unite review

See offer in Polar

See offer on Amazon



Best Black Friday SUUNTO deals



Suunto 9 thumbSuunto 9

Right now it is the top of the Suunto range along with the Suunto 9 Baro. The difference between the two is that the Baro has a barometric altimeter which allows it to have mountain specific functions such as altitude, storm warnings, etc.

But both have the extended battery feature thanks to FusedTrack (which works great) and have received an update recently with quite a few cool features for SuuntoPlus.

Suunto 9 review

See offer on Amazon

See offer on El Corte Inglés

See offer on RunnerInn


Suunto 7 ThumbSuunto 7

The Suunto 7 has been a change in strategy by Suunto trying to enter a segment, that of smartwatches with clear sports use, where the Apple Watch is king.

But in the sport approach the Suunto 7 is far superior to Apple's proposal. By platform, experience, navigation maps...

The Suunto 7 had a complicated start in its arrival on the market as it lacked some of the functions that should have been elementary in a watch of this type. But all that has been corrected in the updates, specifically with the following inclusions:

  • Ability to customize sport profiles
  • Route navigation using Suunto maps

Both are two basic functions that should have been present from day one.

It is an interesting option if you are looking for something for your daily life and want to go beyond simply receiving smart notifications on your wrist, as is the case with other sports watches. It is a good mix between smartwatch and sports watch, in my opinion the one that best combines both facets. But that makes it neither the best smartwatch, nor the best sports watch. It's up to each individual to decide what exactly he or she is looking for.

Suunto 7 review

See offer on Amazon

See offer on El Corte Inglés


Suunto 5 thumbSuunto 5

With the same features as the Suunto 9, but with a more contained size. If you do not have a large wrist to "support" the Suunto 9, this may be a good option if you want to be in the world of Suunto.

And like 9, it has received the latest updates for SuuntoPlus in exactly the same way.

Analysis Suunto 5

See offer on Amazon

See offer on El Corte Inglés

See offer on RunnerInn



Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HRSuunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR

It's a wig, in every way. If you like big watches it's a good choice, if you have a small wrist it's not so good...

It does not have a barometric altimeter and is not as up to date as the Suunto 9, but the price is a historical minimum and you can be sure of the quality of construction of Suunto.

Review Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR

See offer on Amazon


Suunto 3 ThumbSuunto 3

The Suunto 3 is more of an activity tracker than a training watch. It does not have built-in GPS but works through what is called "connected GPS". By carrying your cell phone with you connected via Bluetooth, it will use the GPS of your mobile phone for outdoor activities. Logically in indoor activities such as gym and the like it does not need any external help.

Analysis Suunto 3

See offer on Amazon




Cycling - Black Friday 2019

Best Black Friday GARMIN deals


Garmin Edge 1030 thumbGarmin Edge 1030

A 41% discount that leaves it at 349€. Its functions are almost the same as those of the Edge 830 (except that the Edge 1030 does not have the ForkSight function, exclusive to the Edge 530 and Edge 830), so the only difference is the huge screen it has. The truth is that navigation is a delight on that very large screen.

Garmin Edge 1030 full review

See offer on Alltricks


Garmin Edge 530 - Black FridayGarmin Edge 530

It is one of the most sought after models this Black Friday... and rightly so. The difference with respect to the Edge 520 (or 520 Plus) it replaces is remarkable, especially for the speed of its processor, which makes navigation usable.

Garmin Edge 530 review

See offer on Alltricks


Garmin Edge 520 PlusGarmin Edge 520 Plus

The Garmin Edge 520 Plus is the same as the classic Edge 520, except that it adds some improvements such as maps for navigation. If your budget is very tight it can be a good option, but the truth is that the Edge 530 you have above is a better investment because its performance is much more satisfactory.

Garmin Edge 520 review

See offer on Amazon

See offer on Alltricks


Garmin Edge 130 ThumbGarmin Edge 130

Don't be fooled by its small size, the Edge 130 is a very capable cyclocomputer. In fact it's the one I use in my races, where I don't want to carry anything that's bigger than this one.

It has some very interesting things for the little less than 100€ it costs:

  • It supports power meters and, although it does not have metrics such as IF or NP, they can be added thanks to ConnectIQ.
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Compatible with external ANT+ and Bluetooth sensors
  • Route navigation
  • Enlarged display, showing the data from your watch on the display of the cyclocomputer
  • Compatible with LiveTrack
  • Incident Reporting
  • Only 32 grams in weight
  • Small but highly visible display

Obviously it is not "the best of the best", but for a price slightly above 100€ it is a great option.

Garmin Edge 130 review

See offer on BikeInn


CYBER MONDAY Garmin, Polar and Suunto 2020 (CONSTANT UPDATE) 7Garmin Edge Explore

Because if what you want is a comfortable device for navigation, then here's the Edge Explore. If you don't care about training or the possibility of using it with potentiometers and all you're going to do is go out and enjoy or do navigation routes, this model is a much better option.

In short, Edge 520 plus for training and Edge Explore for navigation.

Garmin Edge Explore review

See offer on Amazon


CYBER MONDAY Garmin, Polar and Suunto 2020 (CONSTANT UPDATE) 8Garmin Varia RTL515

There are three things I don't leave behind in cycling training. The bike, the helmet and the Garmin radar.

There are two types of cyclists: those who haven't tried the Garmin radar and don't understand spending so much on a light, and those who have tried it and can't live without it. Have I made that clear?

Garmin Varia Radar RTL515 Analysis

View offer on Chain Reaction Cycles


Garmin Vector 3Garmin Vector 3

Vector 3 is the potentiometer of Garmin. In pedal format, and with sensor on both sides. For me it is the most comfortable option (the pedal one), especially if you use more than one bike. You can switch the pedals from one bike to another in a couple of minutes and keep training by power.

There is no need for complex installation or difficult calibrations at each changeover, it's a matter of mounting and pedaling away.

This is the dual version (separating left/right power). I definitely recommend this option instead of the single-sided one, as it is the only way to have the real data of your power. We don't always have a 50/50 split at all times.

See offer on Wiggle



Other Sports Technology - Black Friday 2019


Best Black Friday deals in sports technology



Garmin ETREX 35 Black FridayGarmin ETREX 35 Touch

A good handheld unit for route navigation, including full colour mapping, perfect for anyone who likes to venture off the beaten track.

Unlike the ETREX you see below, this one has a touch screen. Its last best price was 217€, so it's a very good deal.

See offer on Amazon


CYBER MONDAY Garmin, Polar and Suunto 2020 (CONSTANT UPDATE) 9Polar OH1+

The Polar OH1+ is one of the best external optical pulse sensors out there. It has memory so you can record activity without relying on anything else, or instantly transmit data to any Bluetooth compatible device.

Unlike the sensors built into watches, the poder being placed on the upper arm allows the heart rate reading in a much more suitable area. Personally it has worked well for me even on the bike.

One of my reference sensors in the analysis of different devices.

 Analysis Polar OH1+

See offer on Amazon


Fitbit Aria Air thumbFitbit Aria Air

If you want to keep track of your weight, the Fitbit WiFi scale is perfect. In addition to having its own platform it also syncs with MyFitness Pal, and through there you can take your weight to many other sites.

That way I keep track of my weight in both Garmin Connect and TrainingPeaks, the weight is updated in Zwift, and so on. That is, you will not be limited only to Fitbit nor is it necessary to have other products of the brand to take advantage of it.

Fitbit Aria Analysis

See offer on Amazon


Apple Watch Series 6 thumbApple Watch

If you are interested in the latest model of the Apple Watch (the Series 6 that came out in September) you have it with a discount between 50 and 60 euros. It is a very interesting offer, because Apple never makes sales. If you were interested in one it is a good time to buy it.

There are a multitude of Apple Watch on offer. Series 5, Series 4... all of them in their LTE version and with good discounts in general.

Analysis Apple Watch

View Apple Watch Series 6 offer on Amazon

See other Apple Watch deals on Amazon



Best Black Friday deals on sports headphones


  • AirPods Pro - Apple's in-ear AirPods with active noise cancellation, for €70 less than on the official website.
  • AirPods - The traditional version of the AirPods is also discounted to €134.
  • Sony WF-XB700 - 53% rebate. Also available in color blue.
  • Bose Sport Earbuds - 17% rebate for these headphones just released, which I posted a review of last week (note, I do not recommend the Bose SoundSport).
  • Jabra Elite Active 65t - One of the most traditional brands in sports headphones.
  • Soundcore Headphones - The brand within the Anker umbrella (always synonymous with quality), has many headphones with discounted prices.


Black Friday in other interesting articles


Little things that brighten up your life and that you can now get cheaper.

  • Sony WH1000XM3 - I have these headphones (well, the XM2) and I can only recommend them. Active noise cancellation, virtually eternal autonomy and super comfortable. At 229€ it is a more than interesting offer if you want high-end headphones.
  • Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation - Half price. Not only to ask Alexa for things (although she still doesn't know how to bring you a coffee...), but also perfect for listening to music in any corner.
  • Sandisk External SSD - I always carry one in my backpack in case I have to transfer a lot of information in a very short time from/to a computer. I don't have the patience to put up with the time it takes for a traditional external disk...
  • Butler Roomba vacuum cleaner - It's "my dream". If I didn't have so many steps at home, I would have one all day long... and even more at this price.
  • Amazon Fire TV - If you have a Prime subscription but your TV is "dumb", there is no cheaper way to watch Amazon Prime directly on TV.
  • eufy 2K IP camera - I have bought a lot of this eufy. The video quality is really good (even at night) and the application is really good. The manufacturer behind this is Anker, so it's quality assurance.


These are the offers for the moment, but remember that this is just a warm-up... Get ready because this week is going to be loaded.

Thank you for reading and above all, for collaborating with the site!

Do you want to be always up to date?

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  1. Hello Eduardo. Great post, as every year....

    Doubt. I had a fall and broke the 735 I bought two years ago. it still works... but it is very worn out.

    Right now I'm just running and don't do any other sports. I had thought about the 45 because I don't have much money left after visiting your nike post... hehehehe. What do you think about the change?

    1. Thank you Gus.

      If you don't mind losing navigation I think the FR45 is a good option, indeed. As long as you do not do triathlon, the truth is that it covers a fairly large spectrum of use, and also for little money.

  2. Hello Eduardo. I have been reading you for a few weeks and today I finally decided to write.

    I started running a few months ago, and I want to make the leap to a watch. Between the garmin forerunner 45 and the polar m430... which one is better?

    Thank you

    1. Personally I like the Garmin FR45 better, not only because it is more modern but also because of the things the platform offers that are not present in the M430.

      Another thing would be the doubt between the FR45 and the Vantage M, in that case I would say that the Polar is better because it is more complete.

  3. I was waiting for you to post so I could order the Fenix 6 Pro ????

    Of course by your link to thank you for all that you give us all year long.

    1. Without any doubt and unless you want something more than a simple GPS odometer ... the Edge 530. It is a MUCH superior device and when using it the difference is greatly noticed. Believe me... the best 80€ spent in a long time.

  4. Do you think the Fenix 5 Plus would be a good alternative to these. Or would you choose one of the new ones. I would not want to spend much more than 350€.

    1. If you don't need (mainly) the extra autonomy of the Fenix 6 it is a good option. The problem is that they are almost out of stock. The only place where I have found something on sale is here.

      It's about 200€ difference with respect to the Fenix 6 Pro. Is it worth the Pro? If you are not going to make use of the new software features and the autonomy of the 5 Plus is enough for you, I would say stay with the 5 Plus.

    1. If I had to bet money I would say no, it is too new a model. Then maybe I'll be wrong and lose the bet, but I'd pretty much write it off. Maybe the Grit X will come in on the last day of bidding.

  5. Do you think it is feasible for the 530 to go down further these days?
    If not for getting it on wiggle, although I've never shopped there....

    1. The bulk of offers are already quite launched, and the Edge 530/830 have not been discounted as usual (because they do not need them, they sell very well). That there may be some additional discount? You can never say no, but we will be talking about very few euros of difference, there is not going to be an exaggerated discount.

      As for Wiggle you have no problem. I have bought many things from them (up to several thousand euro wheels) and they always respond.

      1. I can't cancel it. Just return it when it arrives next week, but I have to pay shipping costs, so I won't save that much either.
        That's okay, I'll keep this one and that's it.
        Thank you for notifying

          1. Perfect, I hope that wiggle will not cancel it, I had consulted them hehe.
            Thank you for everything.

        1. Oh, sorry! I've made a mess after 11 hours non-stop with Black Friday... I don't even know what I'm saying anymore and I've answered you to something totally different...

          The Fenix 6 range is built up "like cars" by adding extras or finishes.

          The Pro finish gives you: music playback, WiFi, maps for navigation
          Solar finish gives you solar charging

          So it's a matter of matching the finishes. The Pro Solar has solar charging and all the Pro features, while the Fenix 6 Solar has no music or maps for route navigation.

  6. Good morning, Eduardo.
    I found the article quite interesting and complete, so it creates a sea of doubts when choosing a watch.
    I usually do trail running, but now I'm moving to swimming and in the future I'd like to try triathlon.
    But the thing is that right now I would like to buy a watch that is complete for trail and I can also use it for swimming.
    Which one would you recommend?
    Thank you very much in advance.
    A salute.

    1. Thank you, Paco.

      You can take a look at the shopping guide and will surely solve your doubts.

      Almost any model that is focused on trail will allow swimming and triathlon profile (except Instinct), so in that sense you will not have a problem. As a complete trail watch I would say Fenix 5 Plus or if you have the budget Fenix 6 Pro (mainly for autonomy). Both have maps for route navigation, which you will greatly appreciate.

  7. Hello Eduardo. I'm thinking a lot about buying a new watch. I use it practically for running, both in the city and in the countryside, so a good GPS is basic, but as it is also for day to day, I would like to buy one that carries nfc for payments. Any recommendations?

    1. If your requirements are not very high in terms of training load metrics and such, you have the Vivoactive 4 or the Venu with AMOLED display. Both have Garmin Pay. The next jump would be to the Fenix range, but it already goes up quite a bit in price (it all depends on what you want to spend).

      If your use is mostly city and countryside without navigation, a Vivoactive will suffice.

  8. Hello again Eduardo. Let's see if you can give me a little more light on the Polar V2 issue. I have the Vantage and I am happy with its performance. I have only found one flaw, which I still can't put it down to, and that is that without the HR10 band, when I tell it that we are going to do a walking session, there are a few moments, say 2 - 3 minutes, that it shows me 130 bpm. Needless to say that then it goes to 85 - 90 which is how I really go. The question is, is it true that Polar is better than Garmin as far as its PPM calculation without a chest band, or is that just a rumor and they are both just as bad without the band?
    The reason I was interested in the Polar instead of the Garmin is precisely because of its accuracy in measuring PPM throughout the day.
    Thanks again for your response, and your time.

  9. Okay Eduardo, if I have not misinterpreted, after reading the article and see that the second best chest is the polar, at wrist level, I understand that polar and garmin are equal in reliability. Is it possible?

    1. The differences are not great. They do exist, but more than in terms of the type of sensor is where it is mounted. That is, the weight of the watch plays a key role, with the lighter the device, the better the performance.

      In that sense and if the pectoral sensor is uncomfortable, the Polar OH1+ is a sensor that works very well and is really comfortable.

  10. Good afternoon, Eduardo,
    I'm between the FR245 Music (260€), the FR645 Music (251€) and the Vivoactive 4 (258€). Right now they are all three at about the same price.
    I mainly go running two/three days a week and occasionally do other sports. The cons I see to the 245 is the lack of altimeter and payouts. Of the 645 which is an older model, "worse heart rate monitor" and shorter battery life. From the Vivoactive 4 I'm afraid I miss metrics and more information of results and battery life.
    How do you see it?
    Thank you very much.

    1. If you do not run competitively, the Vivoactive 4 is the one that best covers what you are looking for. What you're not going to have are training load metrics, but if you only run 2 or 3 days you're not going to get much use out of it either.

  11. Hi Eduardo, I am interested in Phoenix 6X pro, I see that Amazon Germany is at 509, but when I try to make the purchase it goes to 538, I do not know if I'm doing something wrong or is charging me shipping costs or I do not know. In theory I became a prime trial user for 30 days and the shipping costs should not be free? Because the total price is going up to 538? Do you think a similar offer will come out in Spain?

    1. The amount is correct.

      The first thing to note is that when shipping to Spain Amazon bills you our VAT. It should be remembered that Germany has lowered the rate to 16% because of the pandemic.

      As for Prime, it does not cover international shipments, so you must pay shipping costs.

  12. Hello Eduardo, I follow you for a long time and I wanted to ask your opinion. I do trails, but at quiet rhythms, and now I want to change my suunto ambit 2S. I have 2 looked at now for black friday and they are the suunto ambi3 peak or the garmin vivoactive 3, for the altimeter. My questions, which of the 2, any more but without exceeding the 150 bucks budget.
    Thank you very much and keep it up

    1. You can also take a look at the Garmin Instinct. It is perfect for that use and is better suited to the mountain than the Vivoactive 3, and is quite a bit more modern than the Ambit3 Peak.

  13. A surreal thing happened to me today. In fact, so much, that I have come here to comment on it. Yesterday November 26th I bought the Fenix 6X Pro in Germany, because it was on sale until the end of the day, the case that being from Spain, it was 538 instead of the 509 offered. For international shipping costs etc. Even having made me "prime" in Germany. Well, so far so good.
    The thing is that I finally decide and end up buying the watch at 23:45 at night. I get the confirmation message that it would arrive on December 1st approximately. Today in the morning at 11:00 a.m. a strange number calls me on my cell phone, I pick it up, and I say who is it? And he tells me I'm the delivery man, I'm at the door. Strange I go out, and I say what is it, sometimes I ask for things that take so long that I forget what I bought, usually mundane things, but in principle I did not remember that I had ordered anything. What is my surprise that when I open it is the watch, I ordered it at 23:45 in Germany and it has arrived at 11:00 in the morning less than 12 hours and in the confirmation email it said December 1st. I was so surprised that one begins to suspect, is it a scam? Stranger things, I think I have never ever received a shipment so fast and more having done it at 23:45 which is an hour that everything is already closed!!!
    Anyway I just wanted to comment on my experience. I haven't opened the box yet, I hope it's not a brick hahahahaha.

    1. Don't worry, they didn't send you a brick :D.

      Even if you ordered it in Germany, that watch has left Amazon Spain's warehouse, that's why they have delivered it so fast. They have the logistics well organized and, precisely for that reason, the invoice that you can download is from Amazon Spain (because it is the company that actually sold it to you).

  14. Hi Eduardo. I'm waiting for the Suunto 9 BARO to come down but it doesn't look like it... I've seen the GRIT X offer and I wanted to ask you if it would be a good option being mountain my main activity.
    Or if maybe I should take the leap and pay the extra price for the FENIX 6 (414 euros) although it is a little out of my price range... Thank you very much for your work.

    1. No, I don't think the Suunto 9 Baro will come down in price....

      The Grit X is a very good choice, as is the Fenix 6. Of the Polar I like the load and rest tracking metrics better. The Garmin has a larger screen that allows you to put more data fields. And then it all depends on which platform you are going to find more comfortable, if in Garmin or Polar.

      In short, you can't go wrong with either one of them. However, if you do a lot of route navigation, I think the Polar will fall short.

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