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Today begins the madness of the Consumer Electronics Show - CES - in Las Vegas. As every year, the main companies that want to be something in the world of consumer electronics meet there. It is the starting point of a new year and all the manufacturers dress up in their best clothes to present new products. If you want your product to have visibility you have than being in Las Vegas.

Traditionally CES has been a fair focused on other types of consumer electronics: HiFi equipment, TV, audio or telephone accessories. On the last occasion I visited CES the fitness part did not go beyond a few exhibitors with quite generalist products, and always as an accompaniment to other devices. Nobody would have thought of having an exclusive stand dedicated to sports.

Pero cómo ha cambiado el panorama desde entonces… Por supuesto la sección de electrónica de consumo continúa siendo muy importante, pero la parte de «wearables» ha crecido exponencialmente, already occupying two complete halls and even hotel suites. That's a lot of companies exhibiting products

Of course, not all of them will be a success in the market. Probably 6 out of 10 that will be presented this week will not see the light of day in the market. This does not mean that they will not be a success for their manufacturers. Collaboration agreements, sale of technology or assignment of patents. It is not all about putting a physical product on the shelves of stores around the world. So you have to be aware of all the new products that will appear throughout these days, because even if we do not see it as a final product it is possible that it will reach us in one way or another.

If you have noticed, the pace of publications has been quite slow in the last few days, because this week is being prepared along with the previous ones: mailings, press releases, contacts, product confirmations, clarification of details... and of course everything under a strict information embargo to avoid details leaking out and ruining the presentation. There are already some articles prepared, while others are outlined but lacking details.

Each company works in a different way in their launches. Some provide all the details days in advance to have everything ready. Others confirm what they are going to present and what they are not going to present, but without going into complete details. And there is a third option, manufacturers that I know that they present something, that I know the day and time of the presentation... but there has been no way to get a single piece of information to prepare the article.

Although the fair officially begins on January 5, from today onwards news will begin to appear in different media (each dealing with its own sector), as today the fair begins for the media with CES Unveiled.

CES Unveiled

So stay tuned, because much of what's new in 2017 will be what you see on these pages throughout this week.

Are you looking forward to the news? Well, you still have to wait a little... what I can do is talk a lot about optical pulse measurement...


And with this... I begin CES coverage!

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  1. Habrá Garmin 1100 para substituir el gran «1000» pero con 3 añitos ya en el mercado. No entiendo como tardan tantoooo

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