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COROS APEX 2 Pro Kilian Jornet Edition | Exclusive Version Details


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COROS, in collaboration with Kilian Jornet, announces today an exclusive version of its APEX 2 Pro. This COROS APEX 2 Pro Kilian Jornet Edition This is a limited edition of only 5,000 units worldwide, and once sold, it will be gone forever.

This is the same APEX 2 Pro that was introduced late last year, but with a different aesthetic and more extras inside the box.

I can tell you little more about the base of the watch than what has already been said. I wrote in its complete analysisJust to remind you that this is a watch with multiband satellite reception, sapphire crystal, 1.3″ touch screen, titanium bezel and cover, autonomy of up to 75 hours of activity with 1-second recording, maps for route navigation...

Buy COROS APEX 2 Pro Kilian Jornet edition

What's so special about this new exclusive version? Here's what's special about it:

  • White color exclusively for this model. The case is white, the bezel is dark gray and the strap combines both colors.
  • It includes two straps inside the case, the classic silicone strap as well as a lighter nylon strap. Both combine the same white and dark gray colors.
  • NNormal cap as a gift, Kilian Jornet's trademark
  • Possibility to participate in a training camp designed by Kilian himself.
  • The price goes from 579€ to 599€. Drops to 549€ with the april COROS update

COROS APEX 2 Pro Kilian Jornet

But I insist, beyond the contents of the box or the exclusive color, everything else is exactly the same on the COROS APEX 2 Pro Kilian Jornet edition as on the regular version. It has no specific functions or features different from the regular APEX 2 Pro.

And as updates arrive for the model it is based on, they will also arrive for its Kilian Jornet edition counterpart. I think this is an important detail to emphasize.

In terms of everything it offers, it does not seem to me at all a bad offer (beyond the base price of the watch, which I will not discuss in this article). In exchange for 20€ we get an extra strap, a NNormal cap, an exclusive color and the possibility of being part of that training group led by Kilian for 12 weeks.

Training plan with Kilian Jornet

With regard to the latter, only 25 lucky ones will be able to participate in this virtual training campus. They will be chosen from among the 5,000 buyers of this model and must register before February 17.

The training program is totally free, and COROS and Kilian will choose members based on their current level and goals. And you don't need to be a superclass, it is open to all levels.


It will be a 12-week training program, starting on February 27 and ending on May 28. It will be created to reach your personal goals and will give access to group training sessions through Zoom, a private community on Facebook, and will also offer strength training and advice on nutrition, hydration, etc.

The Kilian Jornet special edition of the COROS APEX 2 Pro is available from today and podrá be purchased directly through Amazon from this link. It should be available as of 19:30 today, January 31.

And with that... thanks for reading!


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