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What's new in the latest COROS software update


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COROS today announces a new software update for almost all of its devices. Watch enhancements, new profiles, new sensor support and app improvements.

These are the improvements coming today:

  • Pace adjusted to the slope
  • Virtual career
  • Native support for CORE body temperature sensor
  • Improvements in the creation of interval workouts
  • Optimized connection to GoPro cameras
  • Water temperature for swimming pool and open water swimming activities
  • 3D map of the activity in the summary

The following is a brief explanation of some of these new features.

Pace adjusted to the slope

We are already familiar with this concept from applications such as Strava or Training Peaks, where different algorithms adjust the pace when we have been running on an incline.

It is a metric that tries to compare the pace that we have been running with slopes and compare it as if we were running on flat terrain. The goal is that if you are used to running on asphalt and you have internalized the rhythms, poder extrapolate them when there are slopes.

It is one of the metrics that 1TP10We can see in the Strava summaries and is called RAP (no, it's not the music genre).

Strava RAP

As you can see when we are ascending the adjusted pace will be faster and the opposite when descending.

Adjusted pace gives you a better idea of the level of effort you are putting in. It's like having power data, but in a metric you may be more used to.

You will be able to see this detailed pace in the activity summary, just as we already have it available in TrainingPeaks or Strava.


CHORUS Adjusted Rhythm

But the main novelty is that it is also available as a data field to be active on the watch, which will allow you to adjust your effort when climbing or descending slopes with respect to paces to which you are more accustomed.CHORUS Adjusted Rhythm

Virtual career

COROS continues on the path it blazed Garmin a few months ago and offers a virtual running profile for poder to use the watch as a data sensor for treadmill training.

When this mode is activated, the COROS watch will transmit pace, cadence and heart rate data via Bluetooth.

COROS Virtual Run

When the training is completed they will be recorded in duplicate. One through Zwift and the other in COROS as an indoor running activity.

CORE body temperature sensor support

CORE is a temperature sensor that allows you to record your body temperature during your workouts. It is placed on the chest strap itself and that is where it will take the records.

CORE Sensor

COROS adds direct support, so it is possible to add it as another sensor. Adding it will allow you to have real time temperature records along with maximum/minimum/average of the whole training. All this 1TP10 data can be viewed directly on the watch through the data fields.


All this data will also be saved in the FIT file, so it will be available in the application after synchronizing your training.


Water temperature for swimming pool and open water swimming activities

Just when Garmin has disabled this feature for causing problems with barometers, COROS adds it to its watches.

The watch will use the watch's internal thermometer to record the water temperature for swimming activities, either in the pool or in open water.

As with body temperature, data fields are added that will allow it to be displayed in real time on the watch display.

COROS water temperature clock

And then logically in the application.

COROS water temperature

3D map of the activity in the summary

The application now allows to display a map of the activity with terrain in three dimensions, which helps to see more clearly the changes in elevation of the route we have followed. These 3D maps are also available in the route display.




All these updates will be available for the vast majority of COROS devices. Obviously the app improvements are independent of the watch you use, but with the other features COROS adds it to all models whose memory allows it.

  • Virtual Run: VERTIX 2/VERTIX 1/APEX Pro/PACE 2
  • CORE body temperature sensor: All models
  • Temperature in pool and open water swimming: VERTIX 2/VERTIX 1/APEX Pro/PACE 2/PACE

It is great to see COROS continuing to add features to all of their watches regardless of their age. This is a sign that COROS remains committed to continuing to support all of its models for as long as they support it.

And they do it even when in the last update COROS had warned that it would be the last one for APEX or PACE because there was no more space in memory to put more features. They tried and they succeeded.

COROS are not the only ones to do something similar, it is something that is becoming common in all brands. We have already seen how Garmin has updated watches like the Forerunner 245 with a lot of new features, Polar has just announced an update for the Grit X with some of the new features introduced with the Grit X Pro, Suunto brings all its functions to the whole range regardless of how much the watch costs...

This is the way forward for all manufacturers. Give support, take care of your customer so that, the day they have to change their device, they have a good memory of the one they have been enjoying until that moment.

And things are certainly changing. Before these updates were not so common and now they are becoming more common.

And with that... thanks for reading!

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