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CHORUS update August 2023 - UP TO 15 NEW ITEMS


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COROS announces today a new update with up to 15 new features, some in beta status that will take some time to arrive and others that podrás will enjoy from today.

I leave you all the news in the video header, and then I detail a little of each of them. In any case, I go into more detail in the video.

Navigation with turn warning

We had maps, route navigation... but no kind of turn warning, just an alert if we went off the marked route. Certainly not an ideal situation.

At the moment I have not had a chance to test the feature, because the initial beta is for VERTIX 2, APEX 2 and APEX 2 Pro, and what I have is an APEX Pro. In theory I will receive update today, but I have been exchanging some mails with COROS and it has not been possible to have the watch updated.

The lack of turn warnings meant that you had to pay close attention to the screen, often missing a crucial turn.

The latest COROS update changes this dynamic. Now, when you approach a turn, the watch will notify you and show you what the turn will look like.

Perhaps what I miss is to have a remaining distance to that turn. It is visible in the plan, but in certain situations it can be confusing.

It will be available on any model that supports navigation, except COROS APEX 42/46 due to lack of memory. This also includes PACE 2. For the moment it will be in beta for the next 3-6 months.

Why so much? COROS says that since the maps are coming from third parties they want to do a more extensive test and verify that everything is correct, with more users/different situations than what they have been doing in the last 1-2 months. If you want to be part of this initial beta, click on the link to go to the application formbut please note that there will only be 500 places available.

Watch face customization

COROS is known for continuously offering new dial designs with which poder change the aesthetics. Now it adds the possibility to create your own personalization.


We can select first among almost 45 designs of the time, between analog and digital formats. For the background 1TP7We can choose any predefined image or any photo you upload from the gallery or take with the camera.

Personalized trail workouts with cumulative ascent goal

This function will be available only in watches with trail profile.

We can select the accumulated meters as a target. For example, intervals of 200m ascended so that the watch warns us each time we reach the altitude.

New Statistics Section

It allows us to consult different statistics for selected periods: week, month or year. The statistics can be for all sports or for a specific one.

Once you have selected the period and sport, poder view the distribution in distance, time or training load with totals as well as the distribution of the heart rate zones.

It is a convenient way to see how you have been progressing in your training and whether you have increased the load gradually.

Sharing options and minor updates

Now when sharing an activity, 1TP7 can select different parameters for the image to be shared and add different backgrounds, text, information and graphics, etc.

Synchronization of training load in Strava message

When sending the activity from COROS to Strava it will be possible to automatically add the data of the training load of that session. This is something that podemos enable or disable from the COROS application.

Other updates

Then there are a series of minor updates that are not so important and I will not dwell on them either, so as not to go on too long.

Things like custom points of interest in the route creation section, adoption of the new Stryd metrics, daytime resting heart rate prediction based on sleep values, etc.

  • Estimated heart rate data for the day
  • Favorite points of interest
  • Combining points in customized routes
  • Support for Stryd next-generation metrics
  • Navigation failure warning
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi connection to speed up the installation of firmware updates.
  • The color of the HRV icon on the application side and on the clock are now aligned.
  • Extended activity recording option up to 1200 hours
  • Edit missed training sessions

Models that will receive it

It is really more of an update to the COROS application than to any particular model, except obviously the navigation function.

For being specific:

  • Navigation turn warning: ALL models offering route navigation except the original APEX.
  • Custom dials is a feature of the app, all watches will have access to this.
  • Workouts with ascent target. These workouts are to create as "trail", so only those watches that have trail profile will have it. It is not available in the running profile, so an APEX 2 Pro will also not 1TP7You will not be able to create a trail running workout that has ascent target.
  • Statistics section, it is a new feature of the app (it does not depend on the watch).
  • Sharing options, it is a new feature of the app (not dependent on the watch).
  • Synchronization of training upload to Strava, it is a novelty of the app (not dependent on the watch).

And here are the news that COROS has presented today. I recommend you to watch the video because podrás see images of some of those novelties that I have not included in this article.

And with that... thanks for reading!

Eduardo Mateos

I've been surrounded by electronic devices of all kinds for more than 25 years. Using them, testing them, taking them apart and dissecting them. Long distance triathlete: I swim, run and cycle for a long time. Maybe too much.

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  1. Hi, I've been following you for a while and I'm quite confident in the training and opinion you can give. I am a user of a Coros Pace 2 and it doesn't quite satisfy me. I'm thinking of switching to a garmin forerunner 245. I usually train 2 or 3 days a week for strength training and some days I go running. Which one would you recommend? Thanks and keep it up

    1. For your training the truth is that I don't think you will notice much difference between one and the other, both will give you very similar things. Maybe the Garmin has a slightly better feel, but nothing more. It depends on whether you want to change platforms.

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