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The Hyperion line of Brooks is the fastest range of running shoes of the American brand. Until now it consisted of the Hyperion Elite (now in its third version) and the Hyperion Tempo as a fast training shoe. Now they have added the Brooks Hyperion Max as a bridge between the two shoes, and it does so by combining the good things about both.

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As soon as you take the Hyperion Max out of the box you get the feeling that it is something special and different, starting with the large beveled heel area. The lightness of the whole as soon as you take out the first shoe. The flat laces. The ankle area so cut out. The monoblock midsole...

Undoubtedly, it has something that attracts you from the first moment you open the lid and find it. The design, the choice of colors... it has something that attracts you from the first visual contact. It has nothing to do with the more classic Brooks shoes, such as the Brooks Ghost 15. A totally different experience.

The upper of the Brooks Hyperion Max

The upper of the Brooks Hyperion Max is very striking in any of the colors of the range. From the color palette, the designs printed on the mesh or the highlighting of certain details.

Whichever model you choose, men's or women's, you will attract attention with eye-catching designs.

But let's leave the aesthetics aside and let's talk about the technical decisions. The entire upper is made of a fairly thin single mesh fabric, with a few holes in the front area that serve to ventilate the shoe. There are not many perforations, but they are not necessary either because the mesh is thin and not at all hot.

Brooks Hyperion Max - Upper

Brooks has added different pieces to give structure to the front area of the shoe. For example, in the front part there are some thermo-seals on the inside of the toe cap, which is what keeps that area upright.

Brooks Hyperion Max - Front frame

It is also helped by other thermoseals in the middle area, this time on the outer side of the upper, which are located on both sides. The same mission has the Brooks logo, also on both sides of the shoe, which serves to maintain the whole structure.


These solutions are widely used by brands because they provide a good structure without adding weight. Brooks has also taken advantage of some of these points to add small reflective surfaces, which have also been added in the heel area.

The tongue is slightly padded. Just enough so that the laces, flat and of fantastic quality, do not bother the top of the foot. The upper has an elastic puller that, when you take it out of the box, has the laces on top.

In my opinion it is more practical to do the lacing through that puller because it will make the tongue stay in place better since it is not attached to the midsole.

Brooks Hyperion Max - Laces

We have 6 traditional eyelets to pass the laces, plus the additional one in case we want to make the extra lacing (in my case I have not needed it). All of them are protected by thermosealing (to prevent the mesh from cracking) and the laces run very well inside them.

The heel area is very striking for its shapes. It goes way down at the ankle, then back up again protecting the achilles area well above and ending with a slight backward curvature. It doesn't rub or feel uncomfortable and complements a good collar closure even though Brooks hasn't put too much padding in these Hyperion Max.

Here at the back the thermo-seals are once again present to give shape to the heel, together with a slightly stiffer internal piece that is not at all hard or uncomfortable.

Brooks Hyperion Max - Heel

In short, as I said at the beginning, it is an upper that is full of details and different decisions that Brooks has taken. And none of them have increased the total weight of the shoe.

Brooks Hyperion Max DNA Flash Midsole

Brooks uses its DNA Flash foam in the Hyperion Max. It is the DNA foam inflated with nitrogen, thus providing good cushioning and low weight. DNA is EVA based, so it is not a super reactive foam like 1TP7, which can be found in other manufacturers.

The overall feel is firm, but comfortable. It does not reach the cushioning ride levels of other shoes such as the Saucony Endorphin Speed 3 or the Puma Deviate Nitro 2but that does not mean it is bad. Its assets are others, such as its geometry.

Nor can you use such a soft foam because there is no plate inside it. The mission of the plates is mainly to recover and control stability in a shoe that has lost it by using a very soft foam.

The fact of not using a plate is neither good nor bad, it is simply a feature. It seems that the market is getting used to having to look for plates in shoes with fast approaches, and if it does not have it automatically discard it. But remember that TPU, carbon or plastic plates are just another element of the shoe and not a spring that will catapult you in the race, don't get obsessed with them.

It uses a drop of 8mm, quite traditional. What is not so traditional is the geometry it uses, with such a beveled heel. It is a shoe that asks to land from midfoot or even a little bit further back. Perhaps heel strikers may have a stranger feeling because of that bevel, so it's something to keep in mind. It is what Brooks calls Rapid Roll geometry, a hallmark of its Hyperion range, which as its own name indicates makes the transition of the footstrike quite fast.

Brooks Hyperion Max - Rocker Rapid Roll

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the shoe is its low weight, which is what makes it so dynamic and easy to pick up speed when using it.

Brooks Hyperion Max - Weight

244 grams in my size 46 is a really good figure, similar to some racing shoes in my size.

In short, it is a firm feeling shoe ideal for those who like to have a good feel for the ground, and who also give importance to stability and low weight. If that's what you're looking for, you'll love these Brooks, and in fact they are a strong candidate to be used as a shoe for fast days, long workouts and can even be used for racing without any fear.


The sole is composed of three pieces of Green Rubber, one large one in the front and two smaller ones in the back.

Brooks Hyperion Max - Outsole

It leaves a lot of foam in the air, especially in the area of greatest impact, so it may not be the best choice if you are going to run on gravel roads. But if your use is going to be pure asphalt you will not have any problem.

I will have done about 80km with them and I perceive a slight wear in the toe, where I have worn a little the tread in the final take-off area of the foot, but the rest of the rubber is in perfect condition and although it does not have a high depth, I think the durability is going to be reasonable.

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Opinion Brooks Hyperion Max

I found the Brooks Hyperion Max to be a very pleasant shoe to use. They are a "traditional" mixed shoe: light and with good stability, but with a good cushioning capacity. Just don't expect that cushioning to have a lot of travel, as in PEBA-based foams.

It doesn't have the comfort of a Deviate Nitro 2 nor of course does it come close to the ZoomX performance that 1TP7We can have in a Vaporfly, but Brooks didn't want to do that either.

It is a fast shoe with which we will not have a problem if at some point we have to slow down the pace (for example in the breaks between series). But above all, it is a very light shoe but with good protection.

They reminded me a lot of the dynamics of the Hoka Rocket X (original model), and you already know that it is a model that I like a lot -as long as we don't think of it as a racing shoe-.

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