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5 tips for Black Friday shopping


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Black Fridaythat time of the year is here again. Undoubtedly the busiest shopping time of the year. And for me, in a way, a hell because of the amount of work 😅. So many hours in front of the screen combing the Internet to find you the best deals available, but well, it's part of the job.

It should also be remembered that it is not limited only to the Black Friday or Black Friday proper (which this year is November 26, 2021), the deals come throughout the month. Singles Day, Cyber Monday, etc.

You already know that in the web podrás you will find all those offers that are produced and that I am updating constantly. Also, if you have Telegram, I advise you to subscribe to the channel of offers of the website because that's the way you're going to poder be notified instantly (and these days it's best to leave notifications turned on).


Black Friday is the most important sales time for review sites like these. It is important that if you like the work being done, you reward it by buying through the links on all these sites. It will cost you the same price and you will be helping to maintain independence.

As these days of offers are about to arrive, I bring you a few tips to get the most out of the offers.

1. Don't wait for Black Friday

Although Black Friday is the main date, it does not mean that it is when we will find the best deals. There are more and more important offers before that day.

The reason is simple. If a seller is ahead of the competition with offers, he will have captured the sale (and the money) of the one preparing his offers for Black Friday.

That is the reason for the proliferation of "Black Friday week", "Singles' Day" and other special promotions. For that reason it is not necessary to wait for the most important day, especially because if there are limited units it is possible that they will be sold out before that time.


2. Limited units, especially this year

Another very important reason why you should not delay shopping too much this year is the limited stock we are going to have. The shortage crisis is very real and Black Friday is a date when sellers try to liquidate accumulated stock.

This year there is not that problem of accumulated stock, so the quantities on sale will probably be smaller. Even so, there will be offers, even if it is just for show, but they will be more limited in units than in previous years.

3. Confirm offers

Not everything that looks like a bargain is. Many times succulent sales are announced, but they are not very far from their usual price during the rest of the year.

That's why it's important that before you buy you are guided by the different articles that I publish, I will tell you if what is being advertised is a good price or historic low.

However, if we go back to point 2, it is possible that this year we will not see so many prices at historic lows, not only because of the lower number of units but also because operating and transportation costs have become more expensive.

4. Buy what you need

Do not fall into consumerism, buy what you really need. It is a point that today seems obvious, but in the middle of Black Friday we always get carried away by the feeling that we are making a good purchase and, months later, we realize that what we have bought we have not used it for anything.

But buying only what you need is not at odds with the following point.

5. Purchase for later

Now the prices are much lower, take advantage of it. I have spent many years in which I used to stockpile sneakers to wear them during the rest of the year. The same with clothes.

If you're going to need pants, socks, a jersey or whatever for spring, take advantage and buy it now. If you spend three or four pairs of socks over the course of the season, stock up now and you won't have to buy again for another year.


In short, the tips are the same as other years, but in 2021 the factor of limited units will be very important. It is something that you will have to take into account not only for what you can buy on Black Friday but also what you will be able to buy throughout the next year (for example there is already talk that the market for sneakers will be slower and with fewer units ...).

Remember to join the Telegram channel and stay tuned to all the offers that will be published both there and on the web.

And until those crazy days arrive, I'm back to work on the analysis of the Polar Grit X ProI'll see if I can get it ready before the storm starts...

And with that... thanks for reading!

Eduardo Mateos

I've been surrounded by electronic devices of all kinds for more than 25 years. Using them, testing them, taking them apart and dissecting them. Long distance triathlete: I swim, run and cycle for a long time. Maybe too much.

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  1. Hi, Eduardo:
    I have a polar Vantage M. There won't be any more updates will there? I feel a bit ripped off with Polar and planned obsolescence 😖😣😩😫😭.
    Thank you and best regards, Tincho.

    1. No, the original Vantage M is not getting any more upgrades. And it doesn't look like the Vantage M2 will either. Both models comply with what Polar announced for them.

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