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Last update: November 21, 16:12 CET
Updates: Added a deal for Garmin FR245 


Black Friday is back. I know what you are going to tell me… «Black Friday is November 29th this year, right after Thanksgiving». You are totally right; but what started years ago as a «sales day» and turned into a «sales week«, now is trying to reach a «sales month». Before you know it you will be buying your holiday gifts while you enjoy your margarita at the beach bar.

The reason is simple. Each and everyone is trying to sell you their stuff, so they will jumpstart trying to get an advantage on competitors and reach you while you still have cash in your pockets.

Will the offers get better on Black Friday week or day? No, that would be a mistake. Buy now with confidence and anyway... remember you can send it back in the event you find a better deal (I doubt it).

What you might find is that when you decide to buy, the item is out of stock, and YOU DON'T WANT TO BE THERE.

So let me tell you how this works. I'll list all the sports gadgets offers available this yearI'll give you some recommendations for each one of them and if you need further recommendations, hit me up on the comments section and I'll be glad to help you out.

Within each offer, I will link you to my in-depth reviewYou might find the English on those is a little funky, and that's because this site is originally written in Spanish and I use a plugin to do the translation for you.

It's supposed to be state of the art machine learning translator and yada yada yada... but let me tell you, nothing like the good ol' English writing.

Will I write my reviews in English in the future? Well, I don't know, that's up to you... so you let me know if you like them.

I will classify the offers by sport and brand so it's easy for you to find what you are looking for and keep track of what's new and what's gone. And you will have easy access thanks to the table of contents (up there if you are on your phone, or to the right if you are on your tablet or computer).

Okay, enough is enough. You came here for great offers so it's time to deliver.


Running gear

Here I'm talking about running, but this can be running park runs, Ironman triathlons, marathons or just running for fun.




  • Suunto 9 Baro - It is it's lowest price ever, simple as that. It's a great option if you want a Suunto 9 - Temperaturewell made watch with long battery life and engineered for the outdoors. This is the Baro version with full ABC capabilities. But you can learn more about the Suunto 9 in the review.
  • Suunto 9 - But hang on. Did you say you don't mind if you don't have the barometric altimeter? How about if I save you $140 more? That adds up to 44% discount!



Polar deals are not available yet, but I expect them soon. Vantage Mwhich is a great option after the last firmware update.

This is what we have right now. I expect some deals on other different models, but if you came looking for any of the following:

  • Garmin Forerunner 245 Oops, it got discounted!
  • Garmin Fenix 6

Sorry, you are out of luck. Garmin are selling them so darn well that... why bother to have them on sale?


Cycling gear


  • ???? Garmin Edge 530 - The Edge 530 gets a small $35 discount. It's not a lot, but I didn't expect it to be on sale. Even at retail price the Garmin Edge 530 is a great deal, as it has a lot to offer for that price. It literally is the best option for that kind of money. The only thing I didn't like was the buttons on the device, as I found Garmin Edge 830 - ClimbProthem a little clumsy. Other than that is a great device for a really low price. Check out the Garmin Edge 530 review.
  • ???? Garmin Edge 830 - And the Edge 830 gets the same discount as well. It's price is higher but it has touch screen (and you can make a route straight from the device, on the Edge 530 this is not possible). Here's the Garmin Edge 830 reviewwhere I highlight all the differences between the two brothers.
  • ???? Garmin Edge 1030 - $150 off for the model base, and $160 off if you need all the sensors that come with the bundleGarmin added all the things that the Edge 530 and Edge 830 included (ClimbPro, MTB metrics, hydration and nutrition tracking, etc), so the Edge 1030 in spite of its age, it keeps being a great cycling option. Maybe the greatest, at least in screen size. I really do enjoy mine. Read the Garmin Edge 1030 review.
    Garmin Edge 1030
  • Garmin Edge 130 - The little Edge 130 is on sale as well with 25% off. It's the cycling computer I use for all my races, as I don't need a 32″ TV (the Edge 1030) to tell me that I'm overbiking and I'll be walking on the run. Compact, light, supports power meters, with a clear screen and with Connect IQ capabilities so you can add in any data fields you miss. Trust me, if you have something big like the Edge 1030 this little guy is a great companion. Read what I think of the Garmin Edge 130 on my review.
  • ????????Garmin Vector 3 - And here comes another lowest ever! Pedal-based power meters are the way to go today, especially if you own more than one bike -and I'm sure you do, we all know the right number of bikes is n+1-If you don't have a power meter right now I have 200 reasons (or 200 bucks) to tell you that you need one.
  • Garmin Varia Radar RTL510 - There are three things I take when I go cycling: bike, helmet and my Varia Radar. It's not just a rear light, it's much more than that. And now that other brands have added compatibility for ANT+ radar (such as Wahoo), this is a must even if you are not on the Garmin ecosystem. Here, read the Garmin Varia RTL510 review and learn why I love it so much.
    Garmin Varia RTL510


Other deals for sports

  • Garmin inReach Mini - This deal is not for everyone out there. If you are a marathon runner that trains in the city you can take your mobile phone just fine. But what happens when you are always on the trails, and sometimes for many days? Right, you have no signal so in case of emergency you are f...
    This little guy will help you out on those moments because it's a satellite communicator, it has signal everywhere. It's not cheap to use, but it's not like you are going to use it to text your Tinder date, right? RIGHT?
  • GoPro Hero 8 - Wait, what? Yep, the latest and greatest GoPro is on sale. I haven't upgraded mine yet (I'm still on the Hero 7), so this Black Friday might be a good opportunity to score a good deal on the new GoPro Hero 8... we'll see...


As you see on the top of the page, you can find an update date and time, so you will be able to come back and check for updates on deals and new offers I find. Right now I've scratched Amazon, but I'll try to do the same with other sites.

And remember, when you buy from these links you will be helping out this site, and the whole internet in the end. So thank you, I really appreciate it!

Are you looking for something else? Do you need recommendations for sports gadgets? Drop your question down here and I'll be happy to help.

Thanks for reading!


    1. You're welcome, Greg.

      The software on both is very similar: both have maps, music and Garmin Pay. But the FR945 has some more features: new sensor with PulseOx, ClimbPro (great for trail running!) and is the new kid on the block so it's still receiving updates.

      I would tell you to go with the FR945 if you don't mind the premium form factor of the Fenix line.

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