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Last updated: 28 November, 7:41
News: It's over. Thanks for coming with me these days of so much work! 

As every year I'm here to bring you the best of Black Friday. This year the main day will be Friday 24th November, but it's becoming more and more usual that the previous weeks are also full of very interesting offers. And don't think they are minor offers, sometimes there are bigger discounts these days than during Black Friday itself.

I repeat the same thing as every year: when you see an interesting offer, first he shoots and then he asksUsually the offers are limited in time, but mostly in units.

Ya sabes cómo funciona esto. A partir de ahora me podo en modo rastreo y peinaré «todo el Internet» para buscar las mejores ofertas, y como siempre el listado vendrá con recomendaciones y enlace a la prueba. Este artículo será el acceso todas esas ofertas. Mi búsqueda estará especializada en tecnología deportiva, que es lo que normalmente la gente está buscando cuando entra a este blog, aunque si hay alguna otra cosa golosa también lo pondré.

The update will be constantSo during these days I recommend that you visit it often, because the offers usually start at a certain time and the units are limitedonly the fastest can get the bargain. Follow me in Facebook or Twitter because I'll be announcing little things there too.

I want to make a couple of points:

  • When I place Amazon offers that are not from Spain, you can buy it with your regular account in the same way as if it were in the local shop (and if you get lost in the language you can use the Spain page to identify what each button is). The shipping costs are always quite low and given this type of offer it is always worthwhile.
  • In other years I've placed offers of eBayI'm not going to do it this year because I think not is worthwhile as a userThe vendors who advertise good prices are generally Asian and there are warranty issues, que no se tramitan de forma oficial con el fabricante sino a través del vendedor enviándolo a China o Hong Kong. Y esto no trata de «sacarte la pasta» de la forma que sea, trata de que hagáis una compra que yo recomiende estéis totalmente satisfechos con ella, que es lo más importante para mi.

Finally, I'd like to remind you that when you buy through the links I provide you will generate a small commission which is the one that helps pay for the website and the work I do on the tests. It's the way you have to thank me for the work I do.


List of active offers



These are the specific offers for Amazon. You can see the rest of the specific offers here.


  • Garmin Index Scale - Just over a 40% discount for the Garmin connected scale, bringing its price down to $99.95.
  • Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR – Tiene un 21% de descuento, y para ser un modelo recién lanzado al mercado no creo que entre dentro del «descuento duro» de estos días. Es un reloj que ofrece muchísimo por ese precio, especialmente a aquellos con muñecas más delgadas. All the details in the test.
  • Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro - It's not a cheap watch, nor is it listed as a Black Friday offer. But it's a model that I love and that I think is the most balanced version of the entire Spartan range. I'm currently finishing the test and it will be released in the next few days. And getting a watch that's new to the market with a savings of 15% (or £80) is not very common. Here's the test the Suunto Spartan Sport WHRThe same, but without a barometer.




Wiggle changes offers every week until Black Friday itself. Here are the other offers of the promotion.
* By the way... I just sinned for the first time on this Black Friday with new shoes...I can't resist an offer.

  • Garmin Edge 520 - Wiggle does it again. Price reduced to what is sold on Black Friday but not highlighted anywhere: 185.40, so it's a very good opportunity. And as with the Edge 820, it won't last long. You can see its virtues in the full test.
  • Garmin Edge 25 - The little guy from Garmin is also incredibly affordable. For only £90 you get a very handy little gadget that the only thing you can envy from higher ranges is the compatibility with power meters, because otherwise it's amazing how much it can do. I recommend you take a look at it.
  • Suunto Ambit3 Sport - Already a classic in Wiggle's holiday offerings, this year it's $175 (free shipping) including the swim memory pulse sensor. This offer puts the Ambit3 RunFull analysis of this Suunto here.
  • Suunto Ambit3 Vertical - Another well-priced Suunto: £189.99 (although without a pulse sensor). It is very similar to the Ambit3 Sport, but in this case it adds barometric altimeter and specific route profile functions and other altimeter-related features. You have all the details on the test.
  • PowerTap P1 pedals - A very succulent discount for the PowerTap P1 pedals with power measurement. It is one of the most solid options within the potentiometers, with the advantage of easy switching between bikes. They are ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible, so use with different watch models and cycle computers is assured.



Chain Reaction Cycles

Like Wiggle, CRC has weekly offers and other offers that have nothing to do with Black Friday but are worth mentioning. Below are the ones I selected, but here you can see the specific offers for each week.




Finished Offers

You want to see what you missed? These are the offers have already expiredIf you were very, very interested in any of them... bad luck, you're too late, although keep an eye on this page, because sometimes some offers are repeated during these days and it is possible that the devices are again reduced.

  • Garmin Edge 820 - At £242.96, it's a couple of euros cheaper than the Edge 520. That's a reduction from 44% for a unit that supports full turn-by-turn route navigation. You can see all that and more on the test.
  • Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR Steel – Y si quieres un poco más de presencia en el reloj tienes el Steel, con bisel en acero pulido. Son 30€ de diferencia por el aspecto más «premium», así que es decisión tuya.
  • Garmin Vivoactive HR - Are you late for yesterday's offer on the Vivoactive HR? Don't worry, I've got your back. Today's offer is on Amazon UK and, at the exchange rate, it's about 4 or 5 euros less than the one sold yesterday. You know, the Vivoactive HR is the Swiss Army knife of GPS watches. You can see why on the test.
  • Garmin Fenix 3 HR - From £244 in good as new condition.
  • Garmin Fenix 5S - From only £368 in good as new condition, something cheaper with very good condition.
  • Garmin Fenix 5 – Probablemente sea lo que muchos estáis esperando… Desde 409€ al finalizar el proceso de compra, en estado «como nuevo» (el que se lo lleve ha conseguido un chollo).
  • Polar M460 + Polar OH1 - The Polar M460 does not represent a major change from the M450, it simply adds the possibility of Strava segments. But the OH1 sensor is a positive aspect that makes it win the pack for being a very comfortable and reliable sensor. In fact it is the optical sensor that I liked the most so far. Here you can see the test of the Polar OH1 sensor and here is the M450 (same as M460, no Strava segments).
  • Garmin Edge 1000 Pack - It's a regular at the Black Fridays at this price (339 euros). But this year it didn't come alone, now it's the pack that includes speed, cadence and heart rate sensors. A good opportunity for a great device (in all senses).
  • Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR - Only today is available the Spartan Sport Wrist HR offer, at 299 euros in black. It's 50-60 euros less than the price it had last week. Saying about the Spartan I like it more and more after the updates it has been receiving, and in fact right now there is one on my wrist. Here's the proof..
  • TomTom Runner 3 Cardio+Music - You know what makes the TomTom Runner 3 Cardio+Music unique... and that is that it allows you to play music directly from the clock without having to carry another device with you, as well as having a fairly competent optical sensor and route navigation. For 179 euros. Here are all the detailsbut before you buy you should also keep this in mind.
  • Garmin Forerunner 235 - With no promotion and no advertising, Wiggle discounts the Garmin FR235 to minimum prices of $199. Here's the proof.but I'm sure the vast majority of you already know her.
  • Garmin Edge 1000 - It's not in the Black Friday offers, but £335.99 is a very good price for the Garmin big screen computer. Unfortunately we can't expect the Edge 1030 to go on sale this year.
  • Garmin Varia Light UT800 - The version that replaces the light of the previous line, but in this case without the bike mount (although it is compatible with GoPro mounts). However, it includes a helmet mount.
  • Garmin Varia HL501 light - Compatible with the light profiles of the Garmin devices that automate your control, this version includes specific supports for the light and additionally the Garmin Edge that you put on top.
  • Polar M600 - Polar's Android Wear smart watch is back, this time in Italy and at £200. If you have Android and want smartwatch features above all else it's your watch. You can see why on the test.
  • Fitbit Blaze - A step beyond the classic Fitbit activity monitor, with a high quality screen and complete notifications.
  • Garmin Fenix 3 HR - Return the watch you asked for most this Black Friday. Normal, because no one can offer more for what it costs: 239 euros plus shipping for the version with an optical pulse sensor. Run, because it's not a Black Friday offer and it can disappear at any time! Here you can see the proof of the normal version.
  • Garmin Varia Radar - I'll just tell you that I recently asked Garmin for a quote to replace a piece of plastic that broke off in my unit, and they budgeted me for £112.68 + VAT. Well, at Wiggle you get it for £110. Try here.
  • TomTom Spark 3 Cardio - Or in other words, the TomTom Runner 3 as you could see in the testFor £129, but I'm telling you the same as with the offer the other day: take a look at this.
  • Garmin Forerunner 735XT - New condition and stays at approximately 240 euros after the discount. Very to be considered.
  • Suunto Spartan Sport HR – Bastantes unidades del Suunto Spartan con sensor de pulso (con memoria para natación) por precios que rondan 220€ (en el último paso antes de completar la compra) en estado como nuevo en todos los colores. Incluso a menos de 190€ en color rosa. Algo más barato si aceptas estado «muy bueno».
  • Polar M430 - A lot of units in three different colors with very good or like new states around 127 ? (in the last step before completing the purchase).
  • Suunto Traverse - If you are more of a hiker and nature lover than a sportsman, Suunto also thought of you. The Traverse offers in an impeccable design a clock that offers route navigation, altimeter, storm warning, sunrise and sunset time, compass, etc.
  • Polar M600 – 209,99€ sólo hoy, nunca estuvo tan barato. El reloj inteligente de Polar es una gran opción para todo aquel que busque un smartwatch, pero que no quiera dejar de lado la práctica deportiva. La integración que ha hecho Polar con su plataforma es muy buena y el sensor óptico es el «muy bueno» de Polar. Recomendable si tienes un teléfono Android y quieres las funciones inteligentes que ofrece. All this and more you will see in his test.
  • GoPro Hero 6 Black - Another strange case. The Hero 6 went on sale a few weeks ago and is a somewhat remarkable advance over the Hero 5 that it replaces. Well, I just found it with a 142.50 discount, which is VERY good for something new to the market.
  • Garmin Vivoactive HR - A lot of units available at 112 ? (in the last step before completing the purchase).
  • Polar M460 HR - The latest Finnish cycling computer (including Strava segments) with the latest price sensor, the Polar H10. Both for £149.
  • Garmin Fenix 5 - Let's go with the Phoenix 5 that many of you have been waiting for. And the proof.
  • Garmin Fenix 3 HR - UPDATE: SOLD OUT IN SPAIN, THE NEXT MOST INTERESTING IS ITALY. ALSO EXHAUSTED, ONLY FRANCE AND FOR A LITTLE TIME. And finally, what many of you were waiting for... the Fenix 3 HR at Amazon Spain and with a little more stock than I've seen these days! 249 euros buys you the Fenix 3 with the optical pulse sensor, barometric altimeter and the rest of the functions that you can see on the testIs the offer cool or not?
  • Suunto Spartan Ultra - And if you want to go to the top of the range with a bigger battery, barometric altimeter and sapphire crystal, you can get it for 380
  • Garmin Forerunner 35 - A simple watch for those who don't want complications, for £99.99 plus shipping. It's similar to the Polar M200 below, but with a better display. Here's the proof..
  • Garmin Fenix 3 - The offer for the HR version is over, but now the normal Garmin Fenix 3 comes in for 199.
  • Garmin Forerunner 735XT – (or with HRM-Run) El «pequeñín» de Garmin para triatlón vuelve a estar disponible y ahora nos podemos aprovechar de la debilidad de la libra. Por 265€ más envío lo puedes tener en tu casa. ¿You want to read the test and meet him?
  • Polar V800 Javier Gómez Noya - Also quite a few units from less than 190 Euro (in the last step before completing the purchase) in different states. This special edition has a unique color and adds pulse sensor, cadence and handlebar support.
  • Polar M600 – Desde 152€ estado «muy bueno», e incluso algo más baratos para un reloj GPS que incluso tiene Android Wear.
  • DJI Spark - This is a fantastic small drone that is controlled with the phone. It is a great opportunity because it is a prestigious brand and the image quality is very good.
  • Suunto Spartan Sport - The Spartan Sport for 239 euro, and if you want it with the Suunto Smart Sensor (with FC recording for swimming) for 279 euro. Honestly, unless you have a very small wrist forget about the Spartan Trainer. The Spartan Sport plays another league. Here you can see the proof.
  • Garmin Vivosmart 3 - 79 euros is a good offer for one of the most complete activity monitors. You can see all the details in the test.
  • Garmin Vivoactive 3 - This is one of those offers that you don't usually see, with a watch that is new to the market. If the one you like is the one with the black bezel that is a little more expensive, here it is at a discountHere you can see the proof -Tips, buy before reading it in detail, you'll have time to cancel if it's not what you're interested in- (Thanks Javier).
  • Fitbit Charge 2 - For 98 euros you can get the Fitbit Charge 2, a quite complete activity monitor that stands out in application on the mobile and in the quality of the materials used. You can read more about it in his test.
  • Fitbit High RH - Less than $100 for Fitbit's smallest optical sensor bracelet. Similar features to the Charge 2, but in a smaller size.
  • Polar M400 HR - The Polar M400 is probably one of the best options within the access range because despite its low price (97 ? today, including pulse sensor), it has almost mid-range features. You can see it in its corresponding test.
  • Garmin Edge 820 - Offer of the day in UK, so let's take advantage of the weakness of the pound thanks to the Brexit... About 276 euros the Edge 820 at home. If you want advanced navigation features the Edge 820 is the option to choose, if not with the previous Edge 520 you will have more than enough. You can see their differences in the 820 test.
  • Polar V800 HR - The classic Polar triathlon watch for £255 including the pulse sensor. I'll leave you the proof..
  • Garmin Forerunner 25 - It's not even 75. For those who want a simple, basic watch to simply measure their workouts in pace, time and distance, here's the Garmin FR25. Perfect for anyone who doesn't want to mess around with settings or intend to review a lot of data after a workout. Basic in every way, in the test I tell you everything.
  • Polar V650 HR - It's quite overshadowed by the Edge 520, but in this case it includes the pulse sensor. But if you accept my recommendation... opt for Garmin, it's a better product. 
  • Garmin Forerunner 735XT - 249. Fantastic CHOLLO on the FR735XT. It's never been cheaper, even on Black Friday. Here is the proof.
  • Suunto Spartan Sport - For $239.99 the watch without a pulse sensor, perfect if you come from an Ambit3 and want to upgrade. An additional $40 buys you the version with the Suunto Smart Sensor. The The test is the same as the Suunto Spartan Sport WHR.
  • Suunto Spartan Ultra - For 379,90 Euro you have the biggest Spartan, with its altimeter and sapphire crystal. Very good price for a great watch (literal). Here's your proof.
  • Garmin Forerunner 235 - FR235 has never been so cheap, at £188 on Amazon Spain. There's little to say about this GPS watch which is well known to all. But if you have any doubts, here's the proof.
  • Garmin Edge 520 - For 169 euros, although the one from Spain has sold out and now it's gone to Italy. It's a CHO-LLA-ZO. Here's the proof of the Edge 520.
  • Polar M430 - 170.90 placed at home. The great rival of the Garmin FR235 could not miss... The Polar M430 stands out mainly for its optical pulse sensor, frankly good and I would dare say it is the best right now. You can see why on his test.
  • Garmin Vivoactive 3 - This is one of those offers that you don't usually see, with a watch that has just arrived on the market. It was on sale in Italy a few days ago but the offer ended. But I was still able to redeem one offer. Here you can see the proof of the last Garmin watchfresh, fresh, fresh.
  • Garmin Vivoactive HR - Offer of the day for the Vivoactive HR, at 139 ? (they have lowered it even more). Catalogued in the shopping guide como el mejor reloj para «todo un poco» es la opción ideal para el deportista que practica muchas disciplinas pero ninguna en particular, o que no corre de forma muy competitiva. Y soporta multitud de deportes de forma específica como natación en piscina, golf, remo, esquí/snowboard… Una auténtica navaja suiza. All this and more you can see in the test.
  • TomTom Adventurer - TomTom's top of the range for £199. Music, altimeter, navigation and extended battery. That's it, keep this in mind. Y here is the proof.
  • Garmin Etrex 35 - Good handheld route navigation unit for £194.99, including full colour mapping. Perfect for anyone who likes to venture off the beaten track.
  • Polar M200 - 89.90 for a watch that, apart from its low-resolution display, is very competent. The optical sensor is of good quality and the customisation possibilities are identical to the rest of the range. You can read the proof.

Thank you for reading and above all, for collaborating with the site!

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      1. Well, let's continue with the 520. The retail price it has doesn't seem reasonable to me. It has the price of a high-end mobile from 2 years ago and even understanding that they are shorter runs than a smartphone and Garmin has to earn more per unit sold than phone brands, I think it costs more than a Galaxy S8, to give an example, it's crazy.

    1. Right, I didn't go over Wiggle before training. I think it was a pricing error, because the pack was priced normally and the 820 was cheaper than the 520...

  1. Hi, Eduardo,

    Is it worth the vertical Ambit 3 knowing that you will no longer receive updates from Suunto or should you switch to the Spartan range (trainer)?

    I just do trail running.

    Thank you!

    1. The Spartan Trainer is a better watch than the Vertical because it has more options, besides being more modern and what you already mentioned about the updates, the only drawback is that it does not have a barometric altimeter.

      Suunto does a good job of using GPS altitude data...
      but it's not as reliable as a proper barometer. If you accept the GPS data or that's what you've been using so far, my advice is to go to Spartan Trainer.

  2. Hi Eduardo. I visited the website a few weeks ago and I've been informed of all the analyses of the watches that are coming out.

    As Black Friday is approaching, I would like to renew my Polar RC3 GPS and when looking for information I have been overwhelmed by the amount of watches on the market and I don't know which to choose. The only thing I am clear about is that it must be Garmin or Suunto.

    I usually run on asphalt and roads, sporadically I go out to the mountains, but in a few years I'd like to give the trail a bit more power. I don't go out on my bike or swim.
    I've never checked my heart rate, so I don't know if it's better to use the band or get the watch with a built-in pulse, and I'm interested in being able to schedule workouts.

    With a budget of around 200/215 euros, what would you recommend? Thank you very much and best regards.

    1. On that budget, I'd opt for the Suunto Spartan Trainer, or wait and see if the Garmin Fenix 3 HR comes back in promotion.

  3. Hi Eduardo! Congratulations on your website and your analysis, which I haven't seen any as good as yours.
    I ask for your advice since I want to retire my m400 polar fleece, which has given me such good results. My question is: between garmin fénix 3 hr and garmin 735xt which would you advise me to do? I do cycling, triathlon, and endurance sports, but the question is that apart from all this, my work is as a monitor of directed activities and I would be more interested in the subject of the optical pulse in the wrist: precision, comfort, etc. I do not mind wearing a band on my chest for when I train but to work I have to give several activities in a row, I think the optical pulse would be more comfortable. I await your answer.
    Thank you. Greetings.

    1. In terms of performance they are practically the same, except for the barometric altimeter of the Fenix 3. But the 735XT is much lighter, which helps the optical sensor get better records. I think it will leave you more satisfied with your use.

  4. Hi Eduardo, first of all congratulations for your great reviews, I haven't seen anything like it.
    I'm interested in buying a watch, I practice running 3 times a week (medium distance) and the data I'm interested in are mainly those related to running, that is, distance, speed, rhythm, etc. Heart rate is not something I worry too much about, although I do wear the perfect watch but I don't like the chest band and I don't do other sports.
    Reading your reviews I like the Garmin Fenix 3 and the Garmin 735 txt. I like Garmin because I think it is one step above the others and because others I like like like the Suunto Ambit 3 Sport are not compatible with the App Runtastic that I use.
    Having said that, I'm done with this, which of these two I'll stick with? Which one do you recommend? For me it's important to be able to synchronize the clock with the mobile, dump data and so on.
    Thank you very much in advance, and regards.

    1. The difference is in the presence of the watch (the Fenix 3 looks much better) and in the weight (the 735XT is much lighter, more comfortable and has a better optical sensor). You have to be the one who values what he prefers.

      Be that as it may, I'm sure you'll both be among the offers we'll have these days.

  5. Hi, Eduardo!
    Do you think (as if you were a pythoness ????), that we will be able to find some discount in the Polar V650 or the Garmin 1000?

    PS. Tell me you do, otherwise you're crushing my hopes ???? ????

    1. Yes to both. The V650 has always been on offer and the Edge 1000, although it hasn't been seen much, with the arrival of the Edge 1030 I'm sure Garmin will want to start moving it around to reduce stock. I have already posted a bid.

  6. Hello,

    Comment that the Polar M600 and Spartan Sport HR eat at a good price on Amazon. 203 ? and 290 ? respectively.


  7. I stand around here waiting for a 630 trinket which is the most suitable right now for what I'm looking for.

    1. Don't rule out the 735XT. If there isn't much difference in price, it supports the latest version of Connect IQ, has Strava segments and I prefer the buttons to the touch screen.

      1. Thanks for the follow-up, Eduardo. I got the Garmin 735XT at an unbelievable price. I see the offer is already over.

  8. Hello, three questions: 1. I am in Colombia and I have to buy at Amazon USA, but you put links to buy at your blog (and collaborate) at Amazon Spain, if I buy at Amazon USA will it work? 2. Do you think the Fenix 5 will be on sale at Black Friday? 3. What is the difference between the Fenix 5 with blue strap and the one with black strap?

    1. No, there is no agreement with because their requirements are quite specific and do not match the number of users of the page who visit but buy in the U.S. Anyway, thanks for asking and trying to collaborate.

      I don't think the Fenix 5 will go into Black Friday. As for the strap, it's the same model with aesthetic changes. In the Fenix 5 test you have all the models and differences between them.

  9. Hi, Eduardo,
    Congratulations, your reviews are the best by far! Reading you these weeks it has become clear to me what I need/want
    In principle, the 735xt, which seems to be on offer (let's see if I can get my act together with the triathlon...)
    One question with the Fenix 3 HR: I heard that Garmin doesn't update it anymore, do you know if that's true?
    Oh, and from vivative 3 you think there'll be offers at the black friday?
    Thank you very much for the answers! I will surely buy my watch through your links

    1. There have been a few beta's, but development is now more than complete, and this is probably the most new Garmin watch ever.

      The Vivoactive 3 just came on the market a few weeks ago...
      Totally out of the question.

  10. Good morning: I'm behind the Garmin Phoenix 3, but I'm hesitant between the Phoenix 3 HR or the one with the band. Which do you advise? Thank you.

    1. The Fenix 3 HR also supports the chest sensor for more demanding workouts, but using the optical sensor the range is reduced. Otherwise they are the same.

      From there on it's a totally personal decision.

      1. Thank you very much for the quick answer. A friend of mine who has the Fenix 3 told me that if I bought it, he should stop telling me stories and buy the band's one. Hence my question.

    1. The pack... I'm not so sure. I think there might be some offer with the 820, but I'm more inclined to think it'll be the regular version.

      1. Thanks a lot. I'm shuffling the different sites... I don't know what to do... whether to get it now or wait... I guess separate sensors will be at least 100 euros.

  11. Having a 8% discount on Amazon, is it worth waiting for another Fenix 3? Or is the price 319 already quite contained? I come from a Garmin 235, and I start flirting with multisport, hence the change.

  12. Good morning, Eduardo,

    En Fórum Sport está el Forerunner 935 negro con descuento en 467,50€ ¿Es buena oferta? ¿ Crees que se puede mejorar en el Black Friday?

    1. The offer isn't bad, of course. But it's not about the device, it's generic, so I don't really know if it can be improved on Black Friday.

  13. The Garmin 520 Pack is on sale at Wiggle for 249.99 and the 820 Pack is down to 330.00. I think I'll take the 520 Pack. If I'd taken last week's 820 Pack... but I'll take the 520.

    1. Fitbit hasn't had much of a presence this year, other than the Blaze yesterday. I'm expecting something from him tomorrow.

  14. Hello,

    do you think that there will be any offer in amazon spain that equals amazon germany for the 735xt?? to fuck in germany i understand that there would be no problem with garmin for the guarantee for being european union.
    Thank you and a greeting

    1. Hello, I bought it from Amazon Germany. Garmin support has assured me that there will be no problem if you submit the invoice

  15. For all of you who have subscribed to comments, important update. Several offers of the day and added reconditioned section with additional discount 20%

  16. Hello Eduardo is the forunner 235 at 200 euros in Amazon Germany you could tell me if I buy it I could return it is that I am between 235 and the Fénix 3 hr . And I do not know if to wait for an offer of the Fénix 3 or to take already the 235 in case I stay without any . A greeting. Congratulations for the blog has helped me .

    1. Sorry for the delay in answering, but I have to check what's going on with some messages because I'm not getting any notice...

      I hope you didn't catch it in Germany, because it's cheaper in Spain now. Also the Fenix 3 HR has just come out again at knockdown prices.

  17. Hello,

    do you think that amazon spain or any other store will sell this week the 735xt at the price of germany? i understand that if you buy it in germany there would be no problems with the warranty when you buy it in the EU, right?

    Thank you very much and best regards

    1. No, no warranty problems throughout Europe.

      Get it out in Spain... it's a tough one. Tomorrow's the big day and Garmin may have reserved units for that date.

  18. hello! i would like to ask you a question! i am looking for an economic gps watch (pulse theme is indifferent to me) and i am going crazy...
    my doubts are between polar m200 and tomtom runner 3!
    I'm looking for something that is good value for money; that is a good investment, that works well and that is accurate and easy to use!
    Which one do you recommend?
    o si hay otro de precio barato, aceptó ideas 🙂
    Thank you!

      1. Yeah, they're the same watch.

        As for the choice, with the situation TomTom is going through in its sports division I don't feel comfortable recommending it. It's not that the watch will stop working or TomTom will disappear, but it's a model that probably won't receive any kind of update anymore.

  19. Bought the Phoenix 3 hr sapphire for 316 Euro at Amazon Germany I hope to be able to cancel if it comes out at a better price but I think it is a good price

    1. Well, the normal Fenix 3 HR just came out a little cheaper. It depends on how you value the crystal theme.

      As for cancellations... it's probably possible if it hasn't been sent. And a trick, if it has already been sent and you don't want it, reject the package when it arrives and it will be as if you had cancelled it without any cost on your part.

      1. Hi, Eduardo!
        Congratulations again on your great work.
        Regarding the trick of rejecting the package, if I reject it I get paid the amount of the purchase, but without shipping costs, as usual, no?

        Thanks in advance.

  20. Thanks to you I just bought the pink Suunto Spartan Sport HR for 190 lereles! What a great opportunity for the refurbished ones with the 20% discount! Thank you very much for sharing.

  21. Yesterday I lost the offer of the garmin edge 1000pack x 335..... I'm crying all day long.
    I need an offer like that,,, because otherwise I can't get other prices to buy it...
    It helps...
    Someone offer it again (new).

  22. I'm looking for a multisport watch, and the 735XT is at a very good price, but I was thinking of the Fenix 3 HR, since they say it is more accurate, and has some more points in its favour than the 735XT, is 100 euros justified between each one? Which do I choose?
    Thank you!

    1. Hoy tienes el Fenix 3 HR más barato de lo que estaba el 735XT ayer. Ahora sí que tienes difícil elección 🙂

      In software features both are the same. The differences are that the 735XT has Strava segments and is compatible with more sensors (Varia lights, for example). The Fenix 3 has a barometric altimeter, more range and better materials although it is larger and heavier.

  23. PUES PARECE QUE AMAZON SE TIRA EL «ROLLO» CON EL VIVOACTIVE 3 .. ( aunque poco…, algo es algo !!!!)

    Garmin Vivoactive 3 - Smartwatch with GPS and wrist pulse - Black/Silver
    by Garmin
    4.3 de un máximo de 5 estrellas 7 opiniones de clientes | 16 preguntas respondidas
    Precio anterior: EUR 319,00
    Precio: EUR 299,01 | GRATIS Envío 1 día
    Ahorras: EUR 19,99 (6%)
    Final product price
    Note: Other sellers offer this product at a lower price, potentially without the advantages of Amazon Prime.
    In stock.
    Sold and shipped by Amazon. Can be gift-wrapped.
    New: 12 from EUR 299.00
    Color: Black/Silver

  24. Good afternoon, On is the VIVOACTIVE 3 to 250 dollars, plus 9 d'0lares of shipping and 54 dollars of reservation of customs fees (are returned if not stopped at customs), in total are 266 euros put in Spain (at current exchange rates), that if they stop at customs.

    If we're lucky and get out of customs, it's 220 euros.
    Have you ever shopped from Amazon USA, how about the experience?

    Thank you

  25. Good afternoon, on there is the Garmin VIVOACTIVE 3 to 250 dollars, plus 9 dollars shipping and 54 dollars booking fee (returned if not stopped at customs), in total it is 266 euros put in Spain (at current exchange rate), that is if they stop at customs.

    If we're lucky and get out of customs, it's 220 euros.
    Have you ever shopped from Amazon USA, how about the experience?

    Thank you

    1. I've never bought from Amazon USA, but count on it being 99%, so it has the most expensive price (add some of your bank's exchange rate).

      The price is good, but you should also consider warranty issues, which you cannot deal with directly from Amazon Spain. I know that Garmin has a 2-year European warranty, so no matter where you buy it Garmin Spain applies it, but I don't know how it works with external devices.

      By law in the USA the guarantee is 1 year, so that is another factor to take into account, with the national you have that additional year for sure.

  26. Suunto Spartan Sport HR of 286 euros that marked reconditioned has stayed at 195 euros! With the first discount it has stayed at 236 euros and when going to pay another one has been applied, remaining finally at 195 euros! There are still 4 left I think.

    1. You would have some bonus pending on Amazon, because there is no other discount right now... and if not, lucky you!

  27. Hello, there has been another fat consignment, in the shape of a Phoenix 3 Hr at 250 Euros placed in Spain, it was irresistible and one is already flying to Spain

    1. I hope I was among the lucky ones, the order was accepted, but I'm still waiting for them to change the status of the product that was sent. I'm already over the one that was reconditioned, which after 3 days of waiting, they cancelled the order.
      Let's see if we get lucky this time.

      1. You shouldn't have a problem. Once I'm in the system the unit is reserved for you.

        The reconditioned ones are different. They are VERY limited units (2-3), and the same system says there are 3 and actually there are 2.

        1. I hope so, Eduardo, and I comment that the reconditioned product I do not enter, and I have been warned after 3 days. By the way, the purchase is made by following the link you provided, I hope you get something in the form of commission, as it is great work you do.

  28. Chicos el gordo has just played at Amazon Spain, the Fenix 3 at 249,99. The offer was running on the net all afternoon, whoever wants to keep it

    1. This is the classic example that I think does not end 24 hours... Before the end of tomorrow the stock is finished because it will sell like hot cakes.

      1. It looks like it's going to last longer than the German offer that didn't last two hours and I was one of the lucky ones

        1. It's a global offer directly from Garmin. What I don't know is how many thousands of units they'll have...

  29. FENIX 3HR! Don't waste your time, I've already claimed mine!

    Thanks Eduardo, I've been following you all week and you've done an incredible job!

  30. Acabo de comprar a través de tus enlaces el Garmin Fenix 3 HR y el Suunto Spartan Sport HR. Ya me aconsejarás cual me quedo para un uso normal en carrera a pie, natacion y bici …….Muchas gracias por tu trabajo.

    1. Thanks to you, Javi, for helping out.

      On which one to stay... I personally like the Spartan best, I'm in love with its screen. But the Fenix 3 has more extra features, and if you're going to do a lot of open water swimming here the Garmin is clearly a winner.

      In this case, my inclination is 65-35 towards the Spartan Sport. But since you're going to have both, it's best that you touch them, because then the tastes are personal.

  31. I come from a Vivoactive HR because of your recommendation and quite happy with it. Phoenix 3 HR for 250 ? or Vivoactive 3 for 250 ?? What are their basic differences? Thank you!

    1. Well, it depends... does the Vivoactive HR come up short? Then the Fenix 3. Besides the aesthetic improvement and the advanced trainings you will not find many improvements in the Vivoactive 3 over what you already have.

      The Fenix 3 HR is another world of performance, much more capable in every respect, but it is also much bigger.

  32. I bought the Fenix 3 yesterday at, is it worth buying it at, or is the warranty similar on both sites?

    1. If I remember correctly, with the shipment included the one from Germany was a few euros cheaper, right? Keep that one, the guarantee is the same and there is no difference in terms of the watch because it is from Germany or Spain (they all come from the same place).

  33. Good morning, Eduardo.
    I have read your tests and I have my doubts. Being in a similar price range, for mountain ultras, between the Fénix 3 and the Spartan Sport, which would you choose?
    Thank you and congratulations on your work!

    1. Note that the Fenix 3 has a barometric altimeter and the Spartan Sport does not. It also has a little more battery life.

      Although I prefer the Suunto display, I think it will be better suited for your Garmin use.

      1. Thank you Eduardo. Another advantage is that I have the feeling that it is more robust. No less important because there is no mountain race in which one does not end up on the ground sometime jijijijj

  34. Hi Eduardo, I'm looking between the fenix 3 and the vivoactive 3 to rule by kings, a question if I buy in amazon italy, do you know if the returns are as easy as in Spain? or better not to risk ... is that I see that you do have to pay shipping costs ...
    Which one would you get if you had a little doll...
    Thank you very much and congratulations for the page, lately it's a rare day that I don't enter.

    1. Returns are not complicated, just a little more expensive... The other day I had to make a return to Amazon Spain and it cost me about 5 euros. When I have sent packages to Europe through some logistics page, it has been 15-18 euros. The last time a package to Holland I think it was 16 euros. Otherwise, the procedure is exactly the same.

      And for a small wrist and without needing the extra features of the Fenix 3, don't hesitate... the Vivoactive 3. On a small wrist the Fenix 3 will look like a monster and if the person is not used to a big watch, it will take some getting used to.

      The key is... the user will take advantage of: route navigation, greater screen and data customization, multi-sport mode, open water swimming.

      If you take advantage of all the features of the Fenix 3 that the Vivoactive 3 does not have, then the user experience will be virtually identical.

      1. Nothing can be ruled out, especially since in some countries Cyber Monday has more tradition than Black Friday. Don't worry, I'm still reviewing all the offers and I'll be looking forward to Monday (and this weekend) as well.

        In fact, right now I just added another new offer.

  35. Forerruner 235 or Vivoactive 3?? I can't decide...
    Do you know if there's much difference between the two in terms of the wrist sensor?
    Thank you very much!

    1. The Vivoactive 3 has the new version of the sensor: smaller, lower battery consumption and higher idle recording rate. In practice they are quite similar.

      At present, except for heavy reliance on advanced training, I think the Vivoactive 3 is a better choice.

  36. Crees que volveran las ofertas el ciber monday, sobre todo de garmin fenix 3 o la gama spartan sport. Muchas gracias por tus post!! 🙂

  37. Hello again Eduardo!
    Aunque con todo lo que te leo y te escribo, ya mismo te llamaré Edu. 😉 ????
    I'll cut to the chase.
    I lost my head with your page in the Black F (first I shoot and then I ask ????) and I bought:
    Fenix 3 HR, Suunto Spartan Sport, 735xt, and for dessert vivoactive 3.
    Aesthetically I like the Suunto the most (will I be able to use my H7 polar bluetooth band with it?). I like the Fenix 3 the least because it is uncomfortable.
    Of these four, which one will work best in the gym? Mostly for crossfit. I'll use it in other activities too, but this is the main one.
    Si devuelvo el vivoactive, al estar comprado en otro país ¿cómo se hace? ¿Tendré que abonar otros gastos de envio de devolución? No?

    Thank you very much as always for everything.

    1. Sí, desde luego te van a nombrar cliente preferente… 😀

      With the Spartan you can use the H7 Polar band without any problem.

      In a gym or crossfit anyone will do the same for you, and better with an external pulse sensor.

      As for the return, the process is the same as in Spain, but you will have to find the transport service on your own. Given the prices they have had, it is surely cheaper and more comfortable to find someone who wants it and you will do them a favor.

  38. Good morning, Eduardo,
    Seeing your articles is incredible, what a job you do, I tell you : I was behind the phoenix for 3hrs and I was surprised when I saw it on Saturday that it sold for that price. Now I have seen the forerunner 235, I know there is a lot of difference but for the price it seems incredible.
    Mis dudas son tengo un suunto ámbit 2r estoy contento pero no tener pulsometro integrado me hace comprarme uno únicamente por ello . Quería el fénix como te dicho pero me parecía caro y el forerunner me parece bien pero yo lo que hago es trail y mtb. Me valdría para ello ? Lo que quiero es :
    - pulses in the same watch not having to use tape
    - altimeter or at least as the suunto that marks the +- level I have performed
    - to be able to bike with the
    What do you recommend for these characteristics? Thank you and a greeting

  39. Good afternoon and congratulations on your website is incredible.
    First of all, I have an ambit 2 r suunto of which I am happy but I am missing the optical pulse sensor. for this I was behind fenix 3 hr so you talk but its price was throwing me back my surprise when I enter saturday and I see that it has been an incredible offer but now nothing, what rage. now I doubt between forerunner 235 with the offer it has. what I want is:
    - I do trail and mtb. I want a sensor on my wrist to give me altitude, or at least tell me that I have ascended or descended.
    a greeting and thank you

      1. Eduardo

        On Amazon they have lowered the 935. The thing is that if you pay in dollars (not in Euros since they do the conversion a bit over the real thing) and you also take into account the customs charges and everything Amazon charges in advance, I have been left with 465 (all included).

        Then I understand that with a little luck given the volume of packages from Amazon, you might get rid of customs because they ship from Germany (although the usual is to pay). There were two left when I saw it

      2. Hi Eduardo, I have overcome many options but nevertheless the virtual Racer or compete with previous routes, nothing to see models like the 305 or 910, they have this option much more advanced and I find it hard to believe because they are much older models gives you the option to place yourself right at the beginning of that route with which you have done previously and want to compete.

  40. Good morning, I wanted to ask you a question and I can't find the right a garmin forerunner 235, because it vibrates at 8 in the morning if I don't have any alarms set...Thank you very much in advance

    1. Well, I can't tell you, but I'm sure it's something you've set on the clock. Check the different options

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