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Last updated: 2 December, 18:05
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Another year of Black Friday has arrived. You may have noticed it because your credit cards have started to shake. Mine have even gone into hiding, but feeling it, there is no escape. You can see what awaits you by taking a look at last year's entry and the number of offers collected.

Black Friday was traditionally celebrated on only one Friday in November (one day after Thanksgiving, which is the fourth Thursday in November) and now it has become almost two weeks of offers and discounts. It's like Christmas, which starts earlier and ends with eating Polvorones (powder kegs) on the beach.

I don't think anyone would like powder mixed with sand, but who can resist a week of constant offers? Offers and price reductions are always welcome.

This page will serve as access to all those offers that I will be looking for all over the Internet. My search will be specialized in sports technology, which is what people are normally looking for when they enter this blog.

The update that I do, therefore, will be constantSo during these days I recommend that you visit it often, because the offers usually start at a certain time and the units are limitedso only the fastest can get the bargain.

Finally, I'd like to remind you that when you buy through the links I provide you will generate a small commission which is the one that helps pay for the website and the work I do on the tests. It's the way you have to thank me for the work I do.


List of active offers


At Wiggle they do a whole week of Black Friday. 7 days of offers with different items every day and limited stock. I will be extracting the best offers in sports technology, but you can see everything they offer every day here.



Chain Reaction Cycles

For a month, weekly offers that change every thursdayAs with Wiggle, here are the highlights, but you can check out everything on offer here.


Finished Offers

You want to see what you missed? These are the offers have already expiredIf you were very, very interested in any of them... bad luck, you're too late, although keep an eye on this page, because sometimes some offers are repeated during these days and it is possible that the devices are again reduced.

Thank you for reading and above all, for collaborating with the site!

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  1. How about Eduardo, it would be amazing if you put links to international shipments, loyal fans of yours from Mexico!

    1. Thank you very much, Oscar.

      The truth is, it's complicated... I wouldn't know where to start. But I appreciate your comments from across the pond.

    2. I am interested in the Garmin Fénix 3 HR, and I have already seen it go down from 500 Euros, my question is if you consider that in the January sales, the prices will go down even more. Thank you for your experience.

      1. Garmin is not known for reducing the price of its products. Its price is always stable. Any reduction that may occur will come exclusively from what the sellers estimate. If these days it goes on sale... the best thing is to get it now.

  2. How about the experience with reconditioned products? Any problems with breakage or damage? The V800 Noya Edition for 215 Euros is very appetizing...

    1. My experience with reconditioned products is almost always good, but in case there is any problem or the description is not correct, it can be returned without any problem.

      If you're evaluating the V800 I wouldn't doubt it too much... it may not be available anymore when you decide.

  3. First of all, thank you very much for your work, Eduardo.

    I'm waiting for more offers to come out this Black Friday so I can buy my first mid-range sports watch. I'm between the Polar 400, Forerunner 230 and the TomTom Runner 3 + Music.

    For now, this last one wins, because I'm very attracted to the possibility of training with music from the clock (I don't usually carry my mobile phone or MP3 player, and I'm starting to miss some extra motivation).

    Let's see if they put a good price on them!


    1. Del Garmin 230 ya tienes hoy buena oferta… 🙂

      TomTom Runner 3 is complicated, as it is a model that has just been launched on the market. Normally this type of offer has to be supported by the manufacturer (lower price, number of units in stock, etc.) However, from TomTom Runner 2 it is possible that something will appear.

  4. Somewhere where the garmin 1000 is on sale? Almost 2 years ago I paid less than it is now for everything... flipo

    1. At this time, there is nothing about Edge 1000. I don't rule out a promotion with Edge 520.

      And having said that, I'm sure that next week the discounted Edge 820 will appear and neither the 1000 nor the 520 will be discounted...

  5. Hi Oscar, first of all I want to thank you for all the analysis you do, they solve many doubts.
    I ask for your advice: Tomtom runner 3 music or forerunner 230 with pulse band? I was in favour of the runner 3 music because of the navigation mode and the music, but the forerunner 3 seems much more complete when it comes to training and it is at the same price today!
    What do you recommend?
    Thank you!

    1. Well, my name isn't Oscar, but I guess it's for me :-).

      That's right, the TomTom offers music, navigation and an optical sensor - which the 230 doesn't have. But the Garmin is far superior in everything else. As for navigation, you can take a look at the ConnectIQ dwMaps application:

      And remember, if you buy the FR230 through the links I provide you will be collaborating with the web!

    2. It's the same as you... I'm very hesitant, besides I didn't know the navigation application that Eduardo indicated, and that seems to allow you to load the route as in the TomTom Runner 3... You only have to evaluate music VS training possibilities + band ...

      The bad thing is that the FR230 offer ends today! And from what Eduardo told me, it seems that since the TomTom Runner 3 is so recent, no offers are expected from this...

      Estoy pensando en recuperar mi viejo MP3 😉 …

    1. Impossible to know. Moreover, the offers are usually at certain times, so it will not be promoted as such, but will be very brief.

  6. The red V800 is back to 215 euros... my question is, can you tell me the details of the 'reconditioned'? Are they aesthetic defects? Are the watches that came out defective and have been fixed? The truth is that if it is an aesthetic defect I wouldn't like it very much because any small defect can 'shave' a watch like this very much... what do you think? I love the red V800...

    1. Normally these are returns or open or knocked down boxes. On each product there is a description that slightly details the state of the product. In particular, the description of the V800 can be found here:

      If you like the watch and the price fits you (which at that price, fits anyone...) I wouldn't doubt it. If when you receive it you are not convinced by its condition, you can return it without questions. This is how Amazon works...

  7. Muchas gracias por toda la información que nos estás dando. Estaba indecisa entre un reloj para correr un multisport con música, pero donde más uso le voy a dar es en los trails y en la montaña en general así que he pillado el suunto ambit 3 sports que entre el black Friday y una oferta que había en la página se me quedo en 193 euros ?. Espero haber hecho una buena elección.
    Greetings, Adela.

  8. Thanks for the selection. Just one thing: I think the £50 promotion for refurbished products from Amazon is gone. They now do a 20% discount.
    Do you think it's worth waiting for an offer of a better Vivoactive HR than the current refurbished one?

    1. Yes, the promotion has been changed to this week.

      The problem with waiting to see if there's another unit... is that you run out of the first one. If you're convinced by the price and it's in stock, I'd buy it. You're gambling on running out.

      1. I hope the damage is not too noticeable and that there are no interesting offers haha Thank you very much for everything.

    1. The 20% is applied automatically when the purchase is completed, it does not appear directly on the price but at the end of the process.

    1. When you continue with the purchase process is when you make the 20% discount, staying in the final price of 406

  9. Hello!
    The fact is that I've been waiting for months to see if a good offer came out of forerunner 230, and yesterday I almost died when I saw that it had come out last week.
    Do you think there's a chance of a repeat offer, or should I go for another model?
    Thank you very much!

    1. Otros años se han repetido ofertas, pero no hay ninguna forma de saber qué es lo que va a salir. Ante estas ofertas la forma de actuar es «primero dispara, luego pregunta». Así que si ves algo que te interese, cómpralo antes de que sea demasiado tarde.

      1. Thank you, Eduardo!
        And now to improve the equation today we have the 630 at almost the same price as the 230.

        1. If the available units of the FR630 are the same as those of the Edge 520 and the FR230, there is not much time left in the offer...

  10. Garmin 920xt HRM for 299 on Amazon, although it's not listed as the offer of the day and none of the black friday.

  11. Hello, Eduardo.
    Do you think there'll be any offers coming out of garmin forerruner 235-630 or 735?
    He visto que Amazon sacó una oferta del 630 pero no me di cuenta 🙁

    1. If I had to bet...

      735XT: No 630: Very likely. Although it was already on promotion, there are always purchases that are cancelled and returned to stock. I think we'll see it tomorrow with limited stock.
      235: There's a good chance.

      So... you know, I'm going to visit this page tomorrow, because I have a hard day's work ahead of me. It's the final stretch and I'm sure there will be some very interesting things.

      1. Hello, because in Italy you get the option of the 235 with heart frequency band, I did not know that there was such a model.

        Thank you for your work, what a great job!

        1. The truth is that I don't know if it will be an official Garmin pack or something made by Amazon Italy on its own. In Spain, of course, that option is not offered.

          Y sí, está siendo una paliza… pero me alegro que consigáis buenas oportunidades 🙂

  12. The suunto ambit 3 sport, on wiggle for 204, if you add the first purchase coupon you get 193!! Maybe in are more intuitive and colorful the Garmin interface, but I think this is the best purchase of the black friday.. who gives more for that price? What do you think?

    1. The Suunto doesn't have all the flourishes that are now being worn, but it is still a very reliable watch with all the basic functions (and some more) needed. It is certainly a good buy, regardless of your level.

  13. Hi! if I choose the Garmin 235 in the UK, plus shipping and handling, how much can it cost? more than 200? would it have any other consequences?
    How would they charge me? Because it seems that the shipments are free and when it comes to paying they don't add it.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Today the offer is on Amazon Italy. It stays, put at home, at 205 euros.
      Mismo producto que en España y garantía Europea. Puedes ver la oferta en la sección «Amazon Internacional» o directamente, en este enlace:

      1. The 235 offer in Italy is no longer available. Do you know if there will be any more offers for this product during the day?

        1. Yes, the units are limited and will be sold out by now. In principle there won't be any more today. But there's the whole weekend ahead of us... and Cyber Monday, so don't give up and stay tuned.

          1. Don't worry, I bought it in Italy for not waiting for me in Spain, but you'll see that it's safer and cheaper now ;-)....!

      2. La oferta del 235 en Italia ha finalizado. Sabes si habrá alguna oferta más? estos próximos días seguirán saliendo ofertas o acaba hoy? Gracias!

        1. The big sale day is today. But there'll be more deals over the weekend, and there's Cyber Monday ahead of us.

      3. I lost the opportunity to buy the Garmin 235, because of the 200 euro environments, do you think it will come out again, because of those environments?

  14. You also recommended the Garmin HR Vivoactive for swimming pools and bikes, but no offer came up for it, except for my mistake, which I would have missed. Thank you

    1. Yes, the V800 Javier Gómez Noya, the H7 sensor also supports heart rate measurement in swimming pools.

      Vivoactive HR has only been the reconditioned units that have been coming out, but nothing on offer.

      1. Y, Eduardo, lo recomiendas, frente a otros, pensando su uso en bike ypiscina principalmente, que es lo que practico. Gracias

        1. For swimming and cycling you are better off with the V800, the Gómez Noya version also includes the cadence sensor and the bracket, as well as giving you FC in the water. I have no objection to your use.

  15. Good morning Eduardo. I'm hesitating between the Garmin 630 and 235. My main doubt is the subject of the band. I've never worn it and I've read that it can be very uncomfortable. My main sport is running. What would you recommend? Thank you!

    1. Without previous experience it's hard to know if it will bother you. It doesn't bother me too much except for long runs (I wouldn't run a marathon with a breast sensor, for example), but up to 2 hours without any problem. And on a bike there's no color in favor of the breast sensor.

  16. Good afternoon: this morning there was an offer from the black garmin forerunner in amazon italia on this website at 199 and it was supposed to last all day and now I can't find it.
    Could you help me out? Thank you very much and congratulations on the website

      1. Thank you very much for the information. I just bought it from the link you put up. 200 euros with Wednesday delivery.

  17. I just bought a garmin fenix 3 from amazon on the France site. Do you know if the watch can be set to Spanish?

    1. Yes, no problem, the watch includes all languages even if it is sold in France (in the end they all come from the same place).

  18. At (germany) there is the tomtom spark cardio (tomtom runner 2 cardio) black in size S for 99 euros and in size L for 109, plus shipping, 8 euros.

  19. Buenas Eduardo, acabo de descubrir tu web y me ha encantado, sobretodo el seguimiento que haces de las ofertas, ENHORABUENA!! El garmin fr235 que está ahora mismo en amazon francia (reacondicionado) no entiendo muy bien que quiere decir y qué defectos puede ser que tenga

    1. Thank you, Alex.

      Se puede conocer el estado, aunque es relativo. En concreto en esas unidades que tienen ahora indican que pueden tener «defectos estéticos menores». En mi experiencia con compras de artículos reacondicionados de Amazon, en la mayoría de ocasiones no son defectos importantes y es una forma de salvaguardarse de cara al cliente.

      Cuando hay defectos claros se indica, específicamente, «arañazo de 3mm en la parte frontal del artículo».

        1. It's already complicated. Maybe at Cyber Monday in Germany, but it's hard to see a sale in the next few months.

  20. Hi Eduardo, for today which is the Cybermonday we are expecting better offers than the Black Friday? I saw that there is a V800 for 220 euros but from a new seller, and I don't trust it much, what do you think about new sellers? A greeting, thanks!

    1. By now, everything that should have come out has come out. All the fish has been sold.

      About new sellers with very good offers... I tend not to trust them. It can be a one-off sale of a store, which on a watch like the V800 might be possible. But buying through Amazon you know they will at least respond, although the money hold will last for a while.

      1. Thanks for your page, really, a pleasure to read the tests you do and special weeks like this one. Greetings!

        1. Javi, thank you so much for helping!

          The Vivoactive HR has not entered this Black Friday, beyond some reconditioned unit, so in that respect you can rest assured, you are not late for any bargain.

  21. Hello,
    I just got the Garmin 235 in black-red in Germany for less than 200 including shipping. My patience has been rewarded! At the last moment!
    Muchas gracias por el trabajo de mantenernos informados toda la semana según iban saliendo las ofertas 😉

      1. To you for accompanying me and above all for collaborating with the site with your purchases.

        This is all coming to an end... after more than 120 updates to this article. It's been an intense few days!

  22. Hello Eduardo! I had a problem, I bought the garmin 235 offer yesterday, and I did it with my amazon account, but when I made the payment I put my friend's card because the watch was for him and I thought it would be better if he paid with his account directly, then today I received a rather strange mail in German which tells me that if in 3 days I don't send a fax to amazon germany with the card holder's name and other information, they will cancel my order, I don't know if it is a fraud or a scam or if it is something normal because I paid with a card whose name is different from amazon's user name. Has anything similar happened to anyone or do you have any proof that this has ever happened? Thanks for your help and for your work!

    1. Hello, have you tried to change the payment method? I had a small problem with my order (Amazon France), but I updated the incorrect payment details and that's it, the order is now proceeding normally...

      1. The thing is, they've blocked my account! I'm calling them to see what's going on and what I can do, thanks anyway!

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