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Tomorrow the race for the Bitácoras Awards ends. It began two months ago, when on September 24th the first phase of voting began in which you, the readers, would choose the finalists. Now everything is in the hands of juradoWhatever the outcome, I think that both you and I can be proud of where we have come.

It hasn't been easy, and as I told you a week ago the competition has been tough. More than 23,000 blogs have been nominated and more than 230,000 votes have been cast. And yet, not only have we qualified for the final, but we have managed to do so in first place. The only "guilty parties", you with your votes.

Finalists Bitácoras Awards

Buscador de chollos

The award ceremony will be held on Friday, November 27, from 6:30 p.m. The place chosen is La Casa Encendida in Madrid. You can go to the ceremony in person (getting tickets through Ticketea) or you can follow the awards ceremony directly from this page, as it will be broadcast live. You can find the video below.

I do not want to say goodbye without thanking you again for all your support, because this would not have been possible without your help.

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