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— Updated guide summer 2020


New update for the best GPS watch guide for 2020. The Polar Grit X arrival to the market makes it fall into one of the categories, just as it makes Suunto disappear from the entire list (in both cases, on its own merits).

There are not many more changes due to the situation we have experienced and are experiencing because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the pending announcements for 2020 are being delayed so the start of 2020 has been slow.

The choices I make in this article are the same ones I can offer to friends asking me for similar advice. I do not make the list to satisfy any particular manufacturer, nor do any of them ask me to change my impressions or ratings. Like all the work I do on this page, I try to be as objective as possible.

In order to make this selection, I try all GPS watchesbefore. I do not make general recommendations based on the data sheet or the opinions of others. In each section you can find the link to its full review, so I invite you to read those tests carefully once you have chosen the model that best suits your use case.

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Running GPS watches

It's the most populated category and where we have the most to choose from, because basically any running watch starts from this.

The first thing is to cover this basic and elemental function, and from there it is oriented to other more specific uses.

This year we have had some novelties, but everything focused on the high or medium range and the low range has not had too much movement.

New models have entered, the number of features they bring is greater, but in exchange for higher prices.

This means that what yesterday was mid-range, today is almost an access model, which is not bad for the consumer.

As a general rule, the recommendation is, if you are a beginner, opt for a cheaper, basic model , because you probably still don't know where you will want to go.

It is better to buy something cheap and simple and, once you decide which discipline you like best (trail, marathon, ultras, triathlon, etc.), then buy the model that will satisfy your real needs.

There is no point in buying a 600 euro Fenix as your first watch if you still don't know if the mountains and great outdoors are going to give you the most satisfaction.

Be careful, this doesn't mean that if you've fallen in love with a particular model because of its aesthetics, or because you want maps even if you're not going to take advantage of the other features, you shouldn't buy it.

With this brief introduction we'll go through the different categories I have prepared for you.


Best GPS Watch

Garmin Forerunner 245 / 245 Music, Polar Vantage M

They are the two big contenders in the running watch for half marathon/marathon category. All the updates that have been coming to Polar Vantage M caused the entry of this model among the best options. Which is good, more competition for the Garmin Forerunner 245.

Garmin Forerunner 245 - Spotify

The Garmin Forerunner 245, announced in 2019, removed the Garmin FR645out of its seat as the best GPS running watch. And as with the 645, there's also a version capable of music playback straight from the watch, including syncing with Spotify.

Is the Garmin 245 superior to the Garmin Forerunner 645? Well, in some aspects it is: battery life and a new optical heart rate sensor with PulseOx measurement. But there's something that could make you still choose the FR645, mainly the barometric altimeter; but also wireless paymentsor more sports profiles. You can see all the differences between both models in the Garmin FR245 review

At this moment I think it's the best option for the road racer, also taking into account that it's reasonably priced. I would even prefer it over superior models such as the Garmin 945, Garmin Fenix 6 or Suunto 9, at least if what you're going to do is mainly road running.

The Garmin 245 is designed for road running and has no additional features that, if you are not going to use... why do you want them for? And above all, why pay for them?

As for running, the features it offers are the same as on the Fenix 5, but the 245 is a smaller and lighter GPS watch and also comes with the same training metrics as the Fenix 5 (and Fenix 5 Plus, Fenix 6, 945, etc); or the possibility of music playback in 245M.

It also has route navigation , so if you're afraid you won't be able to make a getaway to the mountains or schedule a trail race during the season, don't worry; but I remind you that the altitude data you have will be exclusive to GPS, so you'll have to wait to synchronize the activity to see real altitude details.


The Polar Vantage M was one of the new additions to the 2019 range and, after the update received with sleep and rest metrics, it runs as a full candidate to be considered the best GPS watch for running, with permission of the Forerunner 245.

Polar Vantage

It has support for measuring running power (although it requires an external device such as Stryd), TrainingLoad Pro can help you plan your workouts and is generally a well-resolved watch.

And as I said earlier, the fact that it added Sleep Plus Stages and Nightly Recharge makes the Vantage M benefit from the best training-oriented platform there is right now.

Unlike the Garmin Forerunner 245, the Polar Vantage M is a multisport watch, so if you plan to do a triathlon in the near future this is another factor to consider. It does not have route navigation nor does it have the possibility of playing music, something that is present in 245 and that can be decisive.


Best cheap running GPS watch

Garmin Forerunner 35, Polar M430

The category of cheap GPS watch is the one that has cost me the most to choose from. There are many valid models in a price range between €100 and €150. All of them with the basics (and not so basic) that you can search for in a GPS running watch.

Garmin Forerunner 35 - Autolap

Of the chosen the Garmin GPS is the cheapest GPS watch because it is often on sale. It is a simple watch with a high contrast display where you will see the information very clearly.

It has optical heart rate monitor on the wrist which, although not the best, is perfectly valid for runs at constant pace, but you'll want to use an ANT+ chest strap for intervals and intensity workouts. It's not that it's something exclusive to Garmin, it's the same for all models on the market.

If you're looking for something as cheap as possible and want the basic features, then the Garmin FR35 is the best choice.


As for the Polar, its wrist heart rate monitoris better than the one from Garmin. It doesn't mean you're going to get rid of the chest strap for everything, but it's true that you'll find it one step above those you find in Garmin or Suunto.

Its strongest point: the different training options it offers, such as the possibility of performing structured intervals or blocking a pace or heart rate zone so that the watch warns us if we go outside it.

It allows a higher level of configuration and there's a greater number of sports supported, but that makes it a somewhat more complicated watch than the Garmin. Since the prices of both models are quite similar, you should consider what you prefer: features (Polar) or ease of use (Garmin)


Other GPS watches to consider

Garmin Forerunner 645, Garmin Vivoactive 4

Garmin Forerunner 645 MusicThe Garmin Forerunner 645 was my recommendation as a road running watch until the arrival of the FR245. It would have reasons to continue to be so, but thanks to the fantastic battery life offered by the new GNSS chipset from Sony we find in the 245, it makes me lean more towards the new model.

The only thing I miss in the FR245 that could make me decide for the FR645 is the barometric altimeter. In addition to giving you altimetry data, it would also allow you to use the Garmin Running Power.

However, everything depends on the prices at which each one moves and it is important to take into account the different offers that you find at all times.

>> Garmin FR645 Music review


Garmin Forerunner 645


Garmin Forerunner 645 Music



One of the most recent developments has been the Garmin Vivoactive 4 (which also comes in two different sizes, 4 and 4s). The truth is that it's becoming more and more like its cousin the Garmin Forerunner 245.

Both are similarly priced and even the Vivoactive 4 offers some things that the FR245 does not: barometric altimetersweating and hydration metricsbreathing rateGarmin Payvideo-guided exercises or music without having to buy a specific version.

Garmin Vivoactive 4So why isn't the Vivoactive 4 up there instead of the FR245? Because of the features that the FR245 does have, which in theory will be more adapted to the road runner with the intention of competing: advanced training metricstraining statusTraining Effect, etc. And let's not forget either, the FR245 offers route navigation so it can also allow you to make a slight dabble into the mountains.

However, the Vivoactive 4 is also a very interesting option for the road runner - you simply have to assess whether you need the training status functions or you prefer the smart watch possibilities of the Vivoactive 4.


GPS watch for outdoors

Aquí incluyo todas las vertientes de disfrute de la montaña: trail, ultratrail, escalada, senderismo… En general, vida en exterior y montaña. Lo que los anglosajones entienden por «outdoor lifestyle".

What should you look for in a good outdoor GPS watch? Two things.

You must start with an outstanding battery life , as the average duration of activity when you are on the mountain or running trail is much higher than when you run on the road. Not to mention hiking, where you will be walking several hours, even for a whole day.

Second is navigation, although it will depend on whether you are going to use a handheld navigator (such as the Garmin eTrex 30x) or you are going to entrust everything to the GPS watch. In this sense Garmin has advanced several steps thanks to the inclusion of maps that, beyond showing you a route on a map and being able to see the different intersections more clearly, perhaps the most important aspect is that it opens up a world of possibilities when navigating the route itself.

Best Outdoor GPS Watch

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro, Polar Grit X

Garmin Fenix 6

It couldn't be otherwise. The arrival of the Garmin Fenix 6 on the market has shifted the Fenix 5 Plus from the list of recommendations. But keep in mind that if you want maps you should opt for the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro, as the normal Fenix 6 does not enjoy them.

There's only one downside: the price. But you already knew that in advance so I'm not discovering anything new to you. It's an expensive watch, mainly because Garmin knows that rivals cannot offer something similar.

Extended battery life, music playback, wireless NFC payments, larger screen reducing the edge of the watch... practically anything you can think of, you're going to find it in the Fenix 6 Pro one way or another.

With the new model Garmin has also added the pulse oximetry sensor, something that was exclusive to the Fenix 5X Plus. This time, for the Fenix 6X an even larger screen (supporting up to 8 screen data) and a solar-charged version have been reserved.

If they get too big on your wrist you can also opt for the Fenix 6S Pro, the same features (although with less battery life) but in smaller size.

>> Garmin Fenix 6 review

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro


Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Sapphire


Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Titanium Sapphire


Garmin Fenix 6S Pro


Garmin Fenix 6S Pro Sapphire


Polar Grit X - Hill Splitter Summary

Polar has entered the outdoor segment making some noise. The Polar Grit X is its first specific model for those who enjoy hiking or trail running, but the fact that it is its first one does not mean that it's not a watch that stands out.

Quite the contrary, because adding to everything the Polar Vantage V has to offer, the Grit X added a couple of new features called Hill Splitter and FuelWise . Both oriented to use in the outdoors or for long workouts.

The Grit X is a very well made watch, with a very good choice of materials and, above all, a fairly competitive price (given the category in which it militates).

It's not just aesthetics or materials, but also its software. Thanks to TrainingLoad Pro, training control is very intuitive, and the features of Sleep Plus Stages and Nightly Recharge are the most complete right now in terms of analysis and recording of the rest period.

It has a negative point and it's the route navigation. It is not because of the absence of maps, but because despite having received a renewal and compatibility with Komoot it remains a rather poor solution. Although if you don't usually do a lot of specific route navigation, or do it with another device, the Polar Grit X is a fantastic watch.


Other GPS watches to consider

Suunto 9

Suunto tiene un problema ahora mismo con su plataforma. El paso de Movescount a la Suunto App está siendo doloroso, pero principalmente MUY LENTO. Esto está penalizando en exceso a toda la gama, por lo que a pesar de tener algún modelo que perfectamente puede encajar dentro del listado de recomendaciones, la plataforma y la lentitud de desarrollo es actualmente un peaje que pesa demasiado.

Suunto 9Aún así el Suunto 9 puede ser una tercera opción a tener en cuenta, especialmente por el precio reducido al que generalmente se ofrece. Ojo, el que suele estar en oferta es el Suunto 9 (no el Suunto 9 Baro), por lo que es la versión sin altímetro barométrico por lo que no tendrás datos de altitud válidos durante tu entrenamiento ni aviso de tormentas.

A pesar de todo esto, el Suunto 9 sigue destacando por su navegación. Es francamente buena y tiene un funcionamiento de calidad. Aunque no cuenta con los mapas de Garmin se sitúa bastantes escalones por encima de lo que ofrece Polar en su Grit X.

It may be a rival to consider above the Garmin or Polar mainly for its price. Just remember that the interesting prices are always found in the model that does not have barometric altimeter.


GPS watch for triathlon

This category is reserved for watches that allow for multisport activities, in the sense of being able to chain one after another without having to stop the workout.

When we think of a multi-sport watch we do so with triathlon in mind, but it is not only that. There are many other sports that combine several disciplines in a consecutive way, such as duathlon or aquathlon.

Therefore, they must allow you to switch from one sport profile to another and support specific swimming metrics, both in the pool and in open water. And by the way, if you are looking for a swim watch, any triathlon watch will do perfectly well with what you're looking for.

Best GPS triathlon watch

Garmin Forerunner 945

Garmin Forerunner 945

The Garmin Forerunner 945 continues to occupy the place of best triathlon watch. Aesthetically it is almost identical to the Forerunner 935, but it includes a lot more new features than its slight change of appearance may suggest.

Garmin continues to lead the triathlon segment, if you think of a triathlon watch you think of a Garmin watch. The dominance of the American brand in this segment is simply overwhelming, just take a look at any race transition to realize that Garmin is the most widely used brand in the sport.

Performance wise it is the maximum that is available today, at the same level of the new 1,500€ Garmin MARQ Athlete and very close to the Fenix 6 Pro range (although these have been receiving small updates with new features). And that's in addition to including the novelties of these (music playback, wireless payments and full maps navigation) it also has the new training metrics that, honestly, I'm using now with a lot of.

De hecho bien podría ser otra de las recomendaciones como mejor reloj GPS para montaña, y si no lo incluyo es porque tal vez prefieras el diseño algo más «rugerizado» y resistente de los Fenix o Suunto.

Personally, when I'm not testing any other GPS watch, it's the model that takes up my wrist (replacing the Forerunner 935), and of all the ones I have, it's my choice if I have to race.


Other GPS watches to consider

Garmin Forerunner 935

Garmin 935 - Triathlon PackObviously, the FR945 is an expensive watch, so Garmin continues to offer the 935 at cheaper prices, covering also that part of the market that remains between 945 and 735XT.

It is at the same level as the Fenix 5 range, but it is a much lighter watch due to the use of less noblematerials. Oh! and it has WiFi (that in the case of the Fenix 5 you have to go to the version with sapphire glass to have it) and does not suffer the problems of connectivity with external sensors that those have.

It has been until very recently my trusted watch, the one I have used at all times when I was not testing anything else and that has only been replaced by the arrival of the 945. And at an interesting price I certainly would not rule out buying it, even though it has less features than the new model.


Best cheap GPS triathlon watch

Polar Vantage M

Polar Vantage M - Back to topThe Polar Vantage M repeats on the list and displaces the Garmin Forerunner 735XT that was previously in this section.

The reasons that lead me to recommend it are the same as those seen previously as a road running watch, but we must not forget that it is a complete multi-sport watch, which allows you to set up a specific triathlon profile and has support for open water swimming.

For a basic (and not so basic) use, it fits perfectly whatever your level as a triathlete is. It has more than enough battery life to withstand an Ironman and without any doubt preparing long distance races with many hours of training is where TrainingLoad Pro is going to shine more.


Swimming watch

Garmin Swim 2

Garmin Swim 2One of the surprises that 2019 left is that Garmin has resurrected its specific swimming watch. The Garmin Swim 2 is a rare avis, the only one in its kind. There are no other models that are mainly focused on swimmers since, in fact, pure swimmers are not usually watch lovers.

But of course, swimming in the pool is one thing and open water swimming is quite another. In the pool you can be guided by the clock on the wall, in open water you have no other choice than to look at your wrist.

The Garmin Swim 2 is basically a Garmin Forerunner 45 with software adapted to swimming and with some different features that are not present in any other Garmin watch. But being something exclusive comes with a price. I'm not going to lie to you, the Swim 2 is an expensive watch for what it offers.



And precisely because of that high price I never forget the other options. Basically you can use any of those that are multisport, including the Garmin Vivoactive 3.

But keep in mind that the Vivoactive 3 does not have an open water swimming profile. If you need it, I refer you back to the previous section of triathlon watches, they are the ones that usually have an open water profile with a slightly more lucid GPS management, but don't expect wonders, the performance in these conditions is quite limited by how the technology works.


So there it is, there have been a few categories I have reviewed. If you think I'm leaving something just leave your comment below and I'll add it. And remember that you can expand the information of all the models I have included in their individual reviews. Click on any of the links to access them.

Don't forget to share this post in your social media, I'm sure it can be a great help to many of your friends, too.

Thank you so much for reading and especially for supporting the site by using the links!

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    1. Si ya está «en el corral» sin ningún problema. Pero si es para comprarlo ahora es mejor dar el salto directamente al Fenix 5. La diferencia en precio no es mucha, pero hay un salto generacional notable.

  1. Hola, Eduardo. Hace ya mucho tiempo te pregunté a cerca de varias pulseras de actividad. Al final lo dejé aparcado y ahora he vuelto a la carga. Estoy buscando una pulsera o reloj que me sea útil para nadar, caminar, hacer yoga y pilates. Así como en mi día a día. La Garmin vivosport hr no la contemplo por no ser la pulsera reemplazable. Pero no sé decidirme entre la Garmin vivofit 4, la polar A370 y la Fitbit Charge 3. Por otro lado, acabo de ver el reloj Garmin vivomove hr, y,….., es que es tan bonito….. En fin, que no sé si alguna de estas pulseras se adaptan a lo que quiero, por otro lado, no soy muy deportista, pero si quiero motivarme y trabajar más, y pienso que sí la vivofit 4, que es la más barata, cumple todos los requisitos que pido, para que gastarme el doble, cuando no soy ninguna «deportista de élite», pero si no llega esta pulsera, pues entonces sí buscar algo mejor. En eso estaba hasta que descubrí el vivomove, claro, que aunque después de leer tu análisis se me han quitado un poco las ganas de él por el tema de la pantalla y la luz. Quería saber tu opinión, si las conoces y me aconsejas alguna de ellas en especial, u otra que tú consideres. Muchas gracias!!!!

  2. Hi, Eduardo. Happy New Year to you. I wasn't quite sure where to leave this comment, so I apologize if it's not the right place.
    Antes de navidad te pedí ayuda/asesoramiento (al igual que hice hace 5 años) para que en base a una serie de características nos orientases a mi marido y a mi sobre que dispositivo comprar cada uno para ir un pasito más allá de donde estábamos (yo venía de una vivofit 2). Me aconsejaste VIVOACTIVE 3 para él y VIVOSPORT para mi…… lo hemos comprado hasta ahora porque por diversos motivos nos fue imposible en su momento y ahora ambo lo hemos adquirido en distintos sitios por temas de rebajas………y aquí es donde quiero no sólo darte las gracias, si no decirte que si bien no lo hemos comprado a través de tus enlaces, hace poco revisé tu web de arriba abajo y descubrí un apartado en el que dices que mientras se usen tus enlaces se puede realizar posteriormente la compra de «cualquier cosa» (creo recordar que pones un disco de Rick Astley como ejemplo jajajajajaja)……..y resulta que yo compro gran gran cantidad de cosas de todo tipo en Amazon; porque lo que a partir en vez de entrar directamente en Amazon pasaré primero por tu enlace; de hecho entre ayer y hoy ya he realizado dos compras (cuyo valor supera al de mi Vivosport) y lo he hecho mediante tu página.

    I just wanted to tell you this because not only do you work on the tests, but you spend a lot of time trying to answer's the least you can do. So I said, for my part, practically every month you will receive something from some purchase......I hope this helps you.....once again; thanks for everything.

    1. Pues muchas gracias por apoyar la web, Susana. Eso sí, lo del disco de Rick Astley no es obligatorio… 🙂

  3. Hi there, at running time as such (in principle I just want it for that), do you think it's worth the Garmin Forerunner 645 for more than 100 euro difference with the polar vantage m? Apart from this you would recommend me to wait for the new Garmin that is about to come out? Thanks a lot for all the work.

    1. Wait... it can be the same old story. When the next one comes out, you can wait again.

      Garmin is superior to Polar in all the features it offers, there's no doubt about it, but only you know if you'll use those extra features or if what Polar has to offer is enough, and also if what Polar has to offer is better for you.

      1. Thank you very much for answering. In the end it will surely fall 645 for 280 Euros. It has no guarantee, but to find one with it and new in Spain it goes up to more than 100 Euros. Thank you very much for the guidance and help!

        1. You can get it in Spain for 339 ? in one of the links above (this).

          Be very careful with Asians, apart from the warranty the updates are not the same (much slower)

          1. It's a guy who takes them out of a store here in Spain, nothing Asian about it. Anyway if I see something weird I will pay by PayPal and if necessary I will open a dispute. Regarding your page I think it's a huge job, from now on, anything I buy on Amazon (even if it's a blender) I will buy it through your link, or at least I will try. Thank you very much for all the work.

  4. It's a guy who takes them out of a store here in Spain, nothing about being Asian and on top of that it's the music... Anyway if I see something weird or that is not new I will pay by PayPal and if necessary I will open a dispute. Regarding your page I think it's a huge job, from now on, anything I buy on Amazon (even if it's a blender) I will buy it through your link, or at least I will try. Thank you very much for all the work.

  5. Hola Eduardo, estaba pensando cambiar de GPS, actualmente tengo un 910XT, q funciona perfectamente y me sigue durando hasta 17h. El tema es que GPS comprarme o si esperarme. La verdad no tengo prisa. Mí uso es exclusivo de carrera, tanto asfalto para entrenar como montaña tanto para entrenar como competir. Busco un reloj q funcione bien, q me ayude a mejorar algo, y q tenga batería suficiente, pq cuando pasas de los ciento y pico kms… Es decir unas 20h, no te quedes tirado. La navegación me da igual, apenas la uso, y con un línea me va bien, como con el Garmin 910xt. Y también me da igual las tonterías de pantallas, pagar y tal…. Por eso había pensado en el Polar Vantage V… Por la batería, el uso de potencia para el control de esfuerzo en largas distancias, el precio q no está mal (450€) y ya me parece una pasta… Pero no sé si la batería q te indican es real, y si es un reloj adaptado al ultra…. En fin q no sé si pillarme ese o aún está muy verde, esperarme a ver si sacan el 945 o Garmin fenix6, o el suunto 9 con stryb…. Q harías tú o q me aconsejas?

    1. Yes, the range is perfectly real. As for the ultras watch, it's not that it's not a watch for that (which can be perfectly useful), it's just that the Fenix 5 or Suunto 9 are better suited for that use. But if the Vantage V's performance is sufficient in terms of what it offers below Garmin, I don't see any objection to the use you want to make of it.

  6. Hello Eduardo, I am in doubt about buying either the Garmin 645 music, the 735xt or the polar vantage M. In the Garmin I got a good offer ( 325 the music), the polar and the 735XT would be by Amazon. I do multisport, mainly running, functional training and in summer I swim in the Olympic pool. What would you recommend ??? Thank you

    1. Well, any of the three will work perfectly for you. Logically, the 645 is the most capable of all, but it's also the most expensive. You're the one who can assess whether you're going to appreciate those differences.

  7. Good afternoon Eduardo. I want to buy a sports watch with GPS and I'm hesitating between these two models: Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR or Garmin vivoactive 3. I only go out to run on asphalt and mountain bike (I use speed and cadence sensors) and also as a non-competitive sport. Which one would you choose? Who in your opinion has better software for PC and/or app? Thank you very much

    1. If you put so much emphasis on the app, then Garmin is definitely out of the question. Suunto is in the middle of switching from Movescount to the Suunto app and right now it's with one foot in every place. With Garmin you'll have a much better experience. By the way, the price of Amazon right now is pretty good, take a look.

  8. Hi! I would like your advice on which gps or activity bracelet to choose. I have a m400 polar fleece but it is a little short, especially as an activity bracelet, because for me, who spend the day sitting, it is important that I measure steps, calories ... etc. I was hesitating to get the m430 polar fleece, or perhaps another of similar characteristics for quality / price. Mainly the use I will give it would be for gym, walking and some outings to run the weekend. What would you recommend? ?? Thank you very much. Great job yours ...

    1. The M430 will give you exactly the same information as the M400, you won't notice much difference.

      For that use and if you want a good daily monitoring of activity, you have the Vivoactive 3 or, if the GPS is not essential (because you always go out with your phone, for example), the Fitbit Versa which is a better option as an activity monitor although a little simpler when it comes to practicing sports.

  9. Good. I was thinking of changing my garmin vivoactive hr, the use would be multisport (running, cycling, swimming pool and open water and gym). The budget would be 250-300. I am hesitating between the spartan trainer and the vantage m. Opinions?? Recommendations??

    1. Either one meets your needs, and it depends more on which platform you're leaning towards and whether you prefer the advantages of one or the other. Take a look at both tests so you can make the right decision about what you prefer.

  10. Eduardo, thank you for this detailed analysis! For now, I'm going to continue with my old and dear Forerunner 920XT, which despite the years still works wonderfully (the years weigh more heavily on me, for that matter...) But when I decide to change the model, I know where to look for the information I need.

  11. Good night, Eduardo.
    I want to buy a GPS watch and after reading your analysis I have some doubts, basically I'm going to use it to run in the mountains since I live in the Sierra de Madrid and I do about 50-60 kms / week and I like to change routes in long runs and get to know different routes.
    I'd like a GPS watch that has the following:
    -possibility to load / import routes from wikiloc or other platforms and then follow them with the gps
    -that the GPS is point navigation and that it warns me of milestones / changes of direction on the route or that I have gone off course
    -good heart rate sensor on the wrist
    -I'm not worried that I have a lot of training planning possibilities
    -easy to use, both directly and in conjunction with the manufacturer's software platform
    -good battery life with GPS on
    With those features and after reading your analysis I have doubts between going to the basics (Polar M430) or take a leap of quality and price more and go for the Garnin Vivavoce 3 or Sunto Spartan.
    What can you advise me?
    Thank you in advance and congratulations on your work

    1. Neither the Polar M430 nor the Vivoactive 3 are intended for your intended use, and neither offer route navigation.

      With these features you should choose either Garmin Fenix 5 or 5 Plus (depending on budget) or Suunto 9.

  12. Hi, I'm thinking of replacing my Suunto Ambit 2 with a Garmin. I currently have a Garmin 820 for biking and I'm looking for a Gps watch for running (asphalt and trail) and maybe swimming (sporadically), which has better connectivity than the Suunto, it goes by cable to download the activities. What would you recommend?
    Thank you very much and congratulations on the website.

    1. If you are now using a Garmin, the most comfortable option will be to also choose a Garmin watch. For that use, the Fenix 5 will do well. If you don't want something so big and you are more of a road than a trail, the FR645 is also a good option and now it's very well pricedIt has more basic mountain functions, but retains navigation.

      1. How is the FR645 in terms of navigation if I want to do some trail riding? Navigation difference between Fenix 5 and Fenix 5 Plus, is it worth the price difference?

        Thank you

        1. Fenix 5 Plus plays in another league because it has maps.

          As for the other two, navigation on the 645 is considerably simpler. It does not include POIs, advanced functions, etc. You can only follow a downloaded route, repeat an activity or navigate to a saved point from the watch.

  13. Hi! I'm looking for a watch for 100km, I use garmin and until now I was happy despite being an old model (220) because I only ran marathons but now I'm doing longer races and it doesn't have enough battery. According to what I've read the best ones would be the Fenix 5 and Fenix 3hr but I think it's a very high price. What could I buy? What do you recommend? I would like it to have a battery of at least 15h and be able to charge the routes
    I've heard of xiaomi sports watches... are they good? Do you know them?
    Thank you

    1. You have the Amazfit Stratos test on the page, you can take a look at it, but I don't think it's the best choice for ultra-trail.

      If you want autonomy you have no choice but to go for the high range: Fenix 5, Forerunner 935 (for being equal but a little smaller) or Suunto 9.

      Once you're at Garmin, the option would be either of those first two. Which, by the way, are on sale right now:

      As for the Fenix 3, with the small price difference right now, I would rule it out.

  14. Hello from Costa Rica.

    I need a running and trail watch and I'm sold a newly used 3hr Phoenix at $360.

    Is there another option or is this a good opportunity? I've heard that the 3hrs are not very accurate in measurements

    1. Well, I don't know how prices are in Costa Rica, but this way by boat soon seems a high price for a Fenix 3 HR

  15. Hello,

    I'm thinking of changing my heart rate monitor (I have a Suunto 3 sport), basically because I've been wearing it all day. I've had the Suunto for about 4 years now and I'm comfortable wearing it for running, but not for regular use. I'm not interested in connectivity with my mobile phone, apps, etc. I just want it to be reliable, to last longer and to be easy to schedule. Which one would you recommend?

    1. If you make enough use of the training scheduling feature then one of the new Suunto's is not an option, which would be the most logical step since it is already on the platform...

      The option would be something from Garmin or Polar, both of which meet your requirements. The Polar Vantage M could be an option.

  16. Hi, Eduardo.
    The sports that I practice are mountain biking and running, both in a non-competitive way. what I value most is that it has a good reading of the data, (since in the race it is difficult for me to read the numbers), that it has a good connectivity with the app, and that it is easy to use. just as it is interesting for me that it warns me if I climb from a set pulse, and that it warns me when I complete an interval (for example every kilometer). my doubt is between the GARMIN VIVOACTIVE 3 and the SUUNTO SPORT WRIST HR. So superior is the GARMIN app and web with respect to SUUNTO?

    1. Suunto is still working on the implementation, it is improving little by little but the truth is that they are going very slowly... Garmin's has better overall performance but perhaps it is too broad in terms of information.

      Both the Vivoactive 3 and the Spartan have good readability, although the Spartan is larger.

  17. Hi Eduardo, I need you to recommend a watch to do 500m and 1 km series but also to be able to swim and do some cycling. I was reading that the polar m430 goes well for series and that the garmin vivoactive 3 does not count the rest of the series. The forerunner 735XT I see it too much because I will not do triathlons either.
    Thank you for the greeting.

    1. The Polar M430 is not suitable for swimming as it does not have any specific metrics. If your series training is simple and only repetitive series of 500 and 1000, a Suunto is also perfectly valid. Both Spartan Trainer and Spartan Sport are a very valid option.

    2. I'd like you to have notice to keep up the pace of the race and notice how much rest is left between sets, thank you.

      1. If you want to prepare training sessions with a lot of detail, you'll have to go to Garmin.

  18. Hi!

    How about it? I'm like crazy to decide for one of these, I want a mix between smart watch, quantifier and good results.
    As far as sports are concerned, I do daily weight training at the gym and go in for crossfit, go for a run once or twice a week and do spinning once a week.

    I hesitate between the Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music, the Garmin 645 Music, Amazfit Stratos.....but I can't decide, too much leap in price between one and the other.

    Thank you

    1. For this use the Vivoactive 3 will be the best suited. And then if you want it with music, the Music

  19. Good afternoon Eduardo, I have in use for more than two years the POLAR M430, I am satisfied but I do not know either GARMIN or SUUNTO, I do not like at all to carry pulse band, the biggest problem that gives me is the duration of the bracelet, if you change in the near future which would recommend me ?? practice athletics, filming, series, farlek, racing, hiking, mountain biking and yoga, your research work seems to me commendable and important for us popular athletes, thank you very much , greetings.

  20. Good afternoon Eduardo, I have used the POLAR M430 for more than two years, I am satisfied but I do not know GARMIN or SUUNTO, I do not like wearing a wristband at all, the biggest problem is the duration of the bracelet, if you change it in the near future you would recommend me ?? I practice athletics, filming, series, farlek, racing, hiking, mountain biking and yoga, for me it is important the reliability and accuracy of the reading of pulses among other things that now I do not use for not knowing them, congratulations on your research work I think commendable and important for us popular athletes, thank you very much, greetings.

    1. As far as the heart rate monitor is concerned, they are all in a similar situation. Polar may have the most advanced hardware but has not yet finished taking advantage of it.

      At Garmin I would recommend the new FR245. At Suunto you may find it too big, but Spartan Sport could also be a candidate.

      For the FR245 test there is some week left, I just started with it this week.

      1. Thank you very much, I am waiting for the test of 245, thank you very much and greetings.

  21. Hello!
    Recommend me something good, nice and cheap.
    I use a pulse meter to train, and I look for something with GPS to see distances and rhythms. Is there anything that traces the route taken? The latter is not definitive.
    Thank you

  22. Hi Eduardo, thanks in advance and congratulations for your work. For about three years I followed the indications you gave about a Tom Tom Spark Cardio, for what I wanted then (cycling, only MTB and spinning) was enough, and the truth is that I have not taken much advantage of the GPS and I have the problem that every 9 months I break the strap but I have not yet lost it, buf. At MTB level I see that the offer is still fair, but if it is not too much to ask could you advise me some watch for about 275 ? maximum facing the BTT?
    Thank you again

    1. Well, there is no specific MTB or cycling focus, but I would opt for something that has a barometric altimeter and the lighter the better. Garmin Instinct may be the best fit for you because of its features and rugged design.

  23. Hello, thank you very much for your guidance. It's very good, but I would like you to help me with something.
    What would be the best time to do triathlon and also mountain. Please help me with that. Thank you.

    1. The Garmin FR935 or FR945 are the same in software as the Fenix series, but in smaller size and being lighter.

  24. Hi, thanks a lot for the guide. It's really useful. One question, I'm looking for a cheap watch, less than 200 euros, that allows:
    - hiking: decent gps and pulse meter, load routes
    - smartwatch: smart notifications (just read whatsapps, mail etc and reject calls) and basic daily activity tracking (heart rate, steps, calories, sleep, etc)
    - I don't need it to have the capacity to store music, or calls, or to have specific training for various sports. Logically, if you have a wheel, this is better.

    I've seen that the garmin vivoactive 3 is pretty much what I need despite being for running and it also has interesting features such as payment from the clock and stress meter (I don't know how that will work...).

    What do you think? Can you recommend someone else?

    Thank you very much.

    1. Vivoactive 3 does not support route tracking, at least natively, there are applications to do this through Connect IQ, but if you are going to make a lot of use of that feature it is better to choose something that does include it.

      You have the Garmin 735XT which does have navigation, but the price is slightly higher. In Suunto you would have the Spartan Trainer.

      1. I'm almost convinced to buy the Suunto that you indicate me. I appreciate the recommendation. Some more questions. I have not found that you can install applications as if it happens in the case of Vivoactive 3 through Connect IQ. is it correct? are they really worth it? I imagine that the features and functions really important are those that brings the clock itself, am I missing something that really brings value? On the other hand, you can confirm me if from the clock I can cancel calls. Thank you very much.

        1. No, it does not support applications.

          Garmin's are simple applications, some of which may have their uses, but they are not like the ones you can find on Apple Watch or Wear OS.

          It is possible to hang up calls from the phone.

    2. Amazfit stratos. Reliable and faster wrist pulse meter k the new polar ignite. Check. You load routes, you have music, good battery, comfortable, not heavy, and elegant... 150 euro or so it will be. It's amazing. I returned the fenix 6 to continue with this one.

  25. Hi, Eduardo,
    Primero de todo felicitarte por tus análisis. Te cuento un poco, en mi caso estoy buscando el primer reloj de estas características, estaba buscando uno que tenga un precio de como mucho 200€, y mirando tus análisis y esta guía creo que los que más me convendrían son el forerunner 235, el M430 y el spartan trainer wirst hr. La función básica para lo que lo usaría seria para el running (3 veces por semana y alguna carrera popular) y algo para el gimnasio (aunque me es mas secundario), entonces me gustaría que a parte de tener GPS y sensor de pulso, que aunque lo tienen los 3 ya he visto que en algunas cosas son mejores unos que otros, quisiera poder montarme mis entrenamientos, y que el reloj me avise por ejemplo cuando empezar una serie, o cuando no voy según lo previsto,… cosas así. Esto ultimo es lo que no me queda muy claro si lo tienen los 3, se que el garmin si lo tiene, pero indicas que sino baja de 150€ ya no aconsejarías comprarlo. También estuve mirando el vivoactive 3, pero vi que no tiene algunos de estos avisos. Y por otro lado no se si el nuevo forerunner 45 se adaptaría a lo que quiero.
    In short, which would you advise me to compare myself knowing my needs?

    Thank you very much, a greeting!

    1. Yes, Forerunner 45 supports advanced training, just like Forerunner 235. It has some more and some less features than 235, but overall they are quite similar.

      Any of the four can handle what you want, but I'd trade in the M430 for the Vantage M, which is more interesting in many more ways. It's already a matter of weighing up the individual pros and cons to see what best suits your use and preferences.

      1. Thank you very much. Knowing that both the forerunner 45 and 235, the spartan trainer wirst hr and the vantange M fit what I'm looking for, which would you advise me for quality-price?
        Since from the suunto to the polar there is a 70 euro difference right now, and for example between the forerunner 45 and the polar is 30 euro, but I understand by the analysis that the polar has more functionalities, right? to know if it is worth paying a little more, and have a more complete clock.

        Thank you very much, a greeting!

        1. If you want navigation then the best option would be the Spartan Trainer, otherwise I would value between the Forerunner 45 and the Vantage M.

  26. Eduardo, thank you very much for your analysis. A doubt now that the Garmin 245 has come out and the 645 and the Fenix 5s have dropped in price to equal the 3 price...what would your choice be? Thank you very much

    1. Yes, I have to update the guide now that I have well tested everything on the market in 2019 (including FR945 and Suunto 5, although they are not published).

      It depends on the use you are going to give it. The Fenix 5S I discard it because of the low screen resolution. Between 245 and 645 depends on if you need the barometric altimeter or not. In case you don't need it I consider the 245 better option. You can see the comparison between both here:

  27. Hi Eduardo, I just wanted to thank you for the work you do, the precision you bring and the passion you put into it. A hug and thank you very much!

  28. Complement to a garmin edge 820 for running:
    Fenix 5, FR245 or FR645?
    I use asphalt and mountain (trail running and some walking).
    Thank you!

    1. If you are going to do a lot of mountain, then Fenix 5, because of the extended range and the specific options for mountain that you do not have in the 645. The 245 was discarded because of the lack of barometric altimeter.

  29. Hello good morning Eduardo, first I want to thank you for the work you do to solve doubts to those of us who don't understand much. I saw your analysis of the stratos and the poor optical pulse sensor threw me back. What watch do you recommend for running indoors and outdoors and swimming? Well if it comes out any better sport. Thank you very much in advance and best regards.

  30. Thank you very much for your recommendations, I prefer garmin, as I have a fr210 and I like it. I will keep in mind the vivoactive 3 but I will wait to see what price the vivoactive 4 has. Thanks again for your work ????

  31. First of all, I found your website by chance, it's wonderful! They make more equal with such a good review from someone who really knows and tries everything about the products.
    Second, after the corresponding flowers, I'll tell you:
    some time ago since I started walking and running, cycling, conditioning (Crosfitt) all without competing, without mountain (running and cycling)
    I can't decide between Polar M600 - Garmin VivoActive3 - Suunto Spantan Trainer

    1. For the use you want to give the most recommended are Vivoactive 3 and Polar IgniteThey both do what you want and both support interval training.

      As for notifications, they only show it on screen but you can't reply. Well, in Vivoactive 3 with Android you can send predefined messages, but that and nothing...

      The M600 is a very good choice as a smart watch, it allows you to answer messages and is first a smart watch, then a sports watch. It has a very limited range and a somewhat outdated design already.

      Both the Garmin and the M600 are now on sale, take a look

  32. (sorry, I ate some lyrics...)
    Needless to say, I am interested in receiving notifications, and I wish I could answer them.
    and know which ones have intervals

  33. Good morning, thank you very much for your articles.
    I'm thinking of buying a mountain watch (summer and winter climbing, climbing, skiing...) as well as for training purposes. Which one would you recommend? My doubt is between the garmin fenix 5 plus, the fenix 6 pro or the forerunner 945 (the latter calls me a lot, especially if the functions in the more mountain-oriented fields are the same as in the fenix since it is lighter, the only doubt is how it will behave in temperatures of -10 or -20 degrees and wind)
    Thank you very much.

    1. I would certainly opt for 945 or Fenix 6 Pro, to have more autonomy.

      If the weight of the 945 catches your eye, then it is the option to value, because it is practically the same. In theory, the 945 should receive all the new features of the Fenix 6 soon, in the last beta it has already included the 6 data screen and PacePro. The rest should arrive soon.

      As for operating temperatures, they are the same for both models.

  34. Hi, I'm looking for a GPS watch to replace my first watch which was a Tom Tom multisport 2015. I run on the road, mountain, I ride a bike and sometimes I've gone swimming. I'm sure I want a multisport although what I practice most right now is running and trail (with a barometer). I would like it to be simple in terms of handling and with various types of training especially that it is good for series, fartlek, poder see who calls me (as I usually wear Bluetooth helmets and I am forced to take all calls while running in case it is the daycare or work) what watch would you recommend? Thank you very much.

    1. Yolanda, I recommend that you take a look at what is recommended according to the type of sport and each of its tests

  35. Very good recommendations. As a suggestion, there could be a subcategory of cheap GPS watches, with Amazfit Bip type watches, which for 50 euros, can do basic GPS tracking, although to tell the truth, they don't have the best GPS, nor a reliable pulse sensor, etc.

    Even another category of bracelets, which for tracking activity (steps, sleep, etc.) are infinitely more comfortable than a watch.

    Thank you for your work.

  36. In case anyone finds it useful: I've been looking for a long time for a heart rate monitor to replace my RX300 fleece (no joke; it's a 300 year old model, but it's the only one that gave average reliable readings in the water).
    I recently tried the Garmin swim, it was giving me not at all credible readings, so I returned it; now I'm trying a Polar Ignite, and I'm delighted; with an H10 band it doesn't give any weird results; I guess the Vantage, which uses the same system, will also go very well

  37. Hello.
    I know your site for only a couple of months (looking for information for a purchase) and the first thing is to congratulate him, you do a huge job and in a very clear and accessible way.

    I compete in athletics on a route and track, but I live in the mountains so I train almost always in the countryside and/or mountains. That also implies active breaks doing hiking trails and some sporadic mtb-bike outings.

    My first choice (I come from the Polar RS800, M400 and now M430) was the Garmin 245, but since I make the jump I would like something else. I was waiting for the rumors of the possible 745 to come true, but I see that it doesn't arrive, so I am looking at the 945.

    Once the money has been spent, I opt for the 945, but I have little wrist and there is something big left and that "nonsense" makes me value the 245 (plus a specific bike, a 520) but I read on the Internet that the route tracking only allows 50 points. Do you know if it is so? Because it would be short to do mountain routes. And if by chance you know something about the possible 745 (we start talking about it in the foreign pages you recommend) I would appreciate information. Pure is the ideal size.

    Thank you very much in advance.
    A salute.

    1. Well, the one I would recommend would be the Fenix 5S PlusIt's the same size as FR245 and you have the maps that, if you do a lot of mountain and navigation, believe me you'll appreciate it.

  38. good day, after exte excellent analysis goes the question: amateur runner I have come to run up to 21 kms, in 5 occasions, I have 52 years, and for three months I go to functional gym, alternating the two activities, I have always used polar currently the polar m400 but it is time to change I have 3 options forerunner 245, vantage M and vivoactive 4, which would recommend me taking into account my activities ? 2 .- the links you put have international service or only in Europe, I live in Mexico, thanks for your advice and congratulations for so excellent analysis

    1. Thank you, Ernesto.

      If you're already at Polar with all your training in Polar Flow and you're used to its operation, I would definitely recommend the Vantage M (if you don't need route navigation). It's a remarkable leap from the M400 in every respect and doesn't change the basic operation you're used to.

      The links are for Europe, but I leave you the one from here: thank you for wanting to help!

  39. GOOD AFTERNOON, between Garmin Forerruner 245 and Suntto, which one has the biggest screen so that the numbers and letters look bigger? I want it just to run.

    thanks and greetings

    1. The Suunto has the largest display, but you should also keep in mind that it is a much larger clock in general. If you want to have large numbers with the Suunto you will have no problem because you can set the data display in different ways and with few data it is very generous in size.

      Besides, Today you have it at a Black Friday price.

  40. Hello Eduardo, thank you very much for your analysis, it is difficult to find pages where so many products are tested so thoroughly. I want to take advantage of this Black Friday to give my wife an optical pulsometer, mainly to monitor spinning, and also to analyze the daily activity. I am concerned about your comments about the validity of the data from these pulsometers in cycling related activities, since what I am looking for most is accuracy. It would be worth both watch and bracelet, and you do not need either a map or a barometric altimeter, since that is why we have the Edge 1000.

    1. Thank you, Christopher.

      In spinning there is not so much problem, because there are no vibrations in the handlebar due to the bumps. The roller sessions I do do not have any problem, because it is a much more controlled environment.

      For daily use a good option is the Vivoactive 3 which is now at a great price in RunnerInn or Amazon.

  41. Hello again.

    Today I took advantage of the day to go over the analysis of watches between 100 and 200 euros, seeing price on offer, valuation you gave in the analysis and date of the analysis:

    Garmin Vivosmart 4 / 89.99 / Feb'19 / 8.0
    Garmin Forerunner 35 / 99.90 / Nov'16 / 8.4
    Polar M430 / Jul'17 / 8.5
    SUUNTO 3 / 133.99 / Jun'18 / 8.2
    Garmin Forerunner 45 / 159.90 / Sep'19 / 7.9
    Garmin Vivoactive 3 / 159.99 / Nov'17 / 8.3
    Polar M600 / 169.90 / Nov'16 / 7.7
    Garmin Forerunner 235 / 199.00 / Feb'16 / 9.2
    Polar Ignite / 199.00 / Sep'19 / 7.8
    Garmin 735XT / 199.90 / Jul'16 / 8.7
    Polar Vantage M / 219.00 / Apr'19 / 8.3

    Entiendo que al ser valoraciones hechas a lo largo de 3 años, los puntos actuales son más «valiosos» que los puntos de 2016, por el avance de la tecnología, pero a ver si puedes ayudarme a quedarme con 3 candidatos en los segmentos bajo/medio/alto de mi rango de precios:

    1) Low segment: which one do you recommend between Vivosmart 4, FR35 and M430?
    2) Middle segment: which one do you recommend between Suunto 3, FR45, VivoActive 3 and M600?
    3) High segment: which one do you recommend between FR235, Ignite, 735XT and Vantage M?

    Thank you very much for your time.

    1. The scores are not comparable from one model to another, because what I demand from a low-range model is not the same as what I demand from a high-range model. Anyway, from those lists you propose, these would be the ones:

      - Polar M430
      – Garmin FR45 si quieres entrenamientos, Garmin Vivoactive 3 si quieres algo más de «diario»
      - Polar Vantage M

  42. Hello!
    For now prices (Black friday 2019) with which you would stay Garmin foreruner 735xt (200 ?) or The Fenix 5 (320 ?) Is it worth the price difference? The only thing that catches my attention is the biggest battery and the most complete navigation possibility of the fenix.

    Greetings and thank you very much for your reviews!

    1. If you are going to do triathlon the 735XT. Otherwise the Fenix 5 is more complete and better finished.

      Anyway, with the rise that has given the 735XT, would wait for the offers on Friday both for possible descents and new additions.

      By the way, the Fenix 5 is a little cheaper. Here you can find all the updated offers.

  43. Hi, Eduardo,
    Very good your article, I would like to know between Forunner 245 (USD299), Vantage V (USD384) and Forunner 645(USD245) which would advise me, I practice running on asphalt, cycling and occasionally swimming.

    Thank you.

  44. Hi, Eduardo,

    Excellent work.

    Which is the most reliable watch? I think it is essential that the pulse count is reliable, because if it is not, the information provided by the watch (calories consumed, recovery time, etc) will be wrong.

    I play football and it would be to monitor my training. It would be a clock with a pulse meter that reacts quickly to changes in the sport. I don't want a chest band.

    I already had the Amazfit Stratos 2 a year ago and returned it because of how bad it was in terms of heart rate, which meant that the information provided by the watch was wrong.

    Thank you.

    1. If you just want to record the pulse and nothing else, I recommend the sensor Polar OH1+It has memory so that you can record the activity, and because of the location where it is taken, it is the most reliable option.

  45. good afternoon
    I have the polar m400 that has been my companionop the last few years currently thinking of changing it, my activity is running 3 or 4 times a week in total between 25 and 35 kms weekly I ran up to 21 km the last time 1 week ago just for recreational purposes and I do funconal exercise 3-4 times a week which I like very much, I read a lot but every time I am more indecisive between the options I have are vivoactive 4, forerunner 245, polar vantage M and lately I read the forerunner 735 xt which would be your recommendation believe me you will be the faithful of the balance greetings

    1. For that kind of racing use the most interesting options are Forerunner 245 and Vantage M. In your case, coming from the M400, it's probably the Vantage M you'll be most comfortable with and you have your previous training on the platform.

  46. Well, first I want to say that I love your blog, it's super easy to understand and fast (which should be the blogs we are going to). To what I'm going, I was planning to buy a Garmin Vivoactive 4 watch, I enter here and good rating and all good... until they show me the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2.
    The use I will give to the watch will be to wear it at work (I am an accountant, sitting all day) and in the evenings I usually go out for a run, apart from the weekends I like to take the mountain bike for routes by lanes (medium distance, about 50 km) and that summarizes all my physical activity...
    Because of my work I carry my mobile all day long (calls from work, clients, etc).
    I would like a watch that gives me features for running, cycling and so on because I want to spend more time exercising, but that has functions associated with the mobile phone (for example I know that garmin supports notifications and samsung even answers calls, although not with all phones).
    NFC is a prerequisite.
    In short, I don't know which one to buy from me, because other amazfit-type watches appear.
    Thank you for your answer and sorry for the bump I dropped, but I think the more information you have, the better you can advise me.

    1. Thank you, Antonio.

      Si quieres un reloj «para deporte», me olvidaría del Galaxy Watch 2 y me centraría en otros modelos que sí tienen esa función como la principal. Además del Vivoactive 4 puedes echar un vistazo al Garmin Venu if you prefer an AMOLED screen. And if you want more mobile integration then the new Suunto 7 it can make you feel pretty good.

  47. good day eduardo
    with your recommendation I have already discarded some options and reviewing I read that the Vantage M with updates and nghtly recharge as well as fit spark, is this correct? and finally you recommend me to discard completely vivoactive 4 taking into account non-competitive recreational running but many kms, and functional training, this watch more than anything for being recently released thanks and now if almost ready to buy according to your suggestion greetings and congratulations

  48. Good afternoon, Eduardo,
    I have a question and it's: I practice roller hockey and I can't wear a watch, I should wear a band. What watch can I buy to keep the information stored in the band and when I synchronize with the watch all the information will be passed on?
    I can't wear a watch and with what it entails, I have to leave the watch in the locker room, about 50 meters from where I train, so I wouldn't have any connection between the watch and the band while I practice.
    Apart from this, I don't know if there is any sport that measures the distance and all the information, that you can put that I go with skates, not walking or cycling.
    Other than that I go for a run and ride my bike.
    See if you can help me...
    Thank you very much!

    1. If you only want to have heart rate data, then the sensor Polar OH1+.

      If not, you should opt for a Garmin multisport watch that supports the HRM-Tri sensor memory (Fenix 5, FR935, etc)

  49. Hello again Eduardo, thanks for your time to answer me. I think I'll finally buy the garmin vivoactive 4. The Suunto 7 is very cool and promising. What happens is that right now it's going to 470-something euros. I think for an amateur like me... it's a lot of watch, besides they start selling it at the end of the month.
    One question, the link of the English court that you have, you also get a percentage? is because now there is an offer there.
    Thank you very much.

  50. Good morning Eduardo. First of all, congratulations on your website and the great reviews that help so much!

    I am thinking of buying a watch and I wanted to ask your advice between 3 models: Polar Vantage V, Garmin 935 and Coros Apex. The use I would give it would be 100% for running, both on asphalt and in the mountains. I know that none of the 3 is specific to the mountains, but it is the majority use I would give it (especially for ultras from 5-6 h).

    I attach more importance to GPS accuracy and altitude (barometer), battery and route tracking, although I would not need maps. The accuracy of the pulse sensor or the ability to schedule workouts are more secondary to me, although I also consider them important. In the price range in which all 3 move, what would you advise?

    Thank you very much.

    1. If route tracking is important, you would rule out Vantage V first. The possibilities it offers for routes are very basic.

      As for the other two, the COROS is superior in terms of battery power and the GPS and barometer are on par. The Garmin is superior in terms of navigation performance and the rest of the functions, in which it is considerably more complete than the COROS.

      1. Thank you, Eduardo.
        The truth is that I am between the 935 and the Coros Apex. The Coros throws me a lot because it has very good performance at a relatively good price but makes me doubt that it is a brand of recent implementation and that there are problems with the SAT, updates, etc.
        Is there really that much difference in performance metrics between the 935 and Coros for the average rider? Do you think that based on upgrades you can compete with Garmin and Polar?
        Finally, would the Apex Pro be worth a shot? I hear it's a good improvement over the regular Apex.

        Thank you again.

        1. As for performance metrics, it already depends on how you're going to use them. If you have a plan drawn up and you're not going to pay much attention to it either (although it's useful for adjusting intensities and checking sensations) it won't be a determining factor.

          COROS updates very quickly, but has a long way to go to catch up with Garmin and Polar.

          As for the APEX Pro, I'm finishing up the test, to see if I can have it ready by next week.

          1. Thanks again Eduardo. I'll wait for the test then to finish deciding between all the models. If you could make some reference comparing it with the normal Apex, it would be great.

            One last question, is there any proof about the actual battery life of the 935 (with GPS, pulse sensor, etc.)? Thank you!

          2. No, I can't test the autonomy anymore because the watch, when it detects no movement, it goes into a low consumption mode. So either I run with each watch for 24 to 30 hours in a row or there's no way to know...

  51. Hi Eduardo, I bought the Garmin Vivoactive 4 through the traininn link and the watch is great, the only thing is that when I put in my bank card it turns out that it is not compatible with Garmin Pay. There are other ways like Revolut or Transferwise. What do you recommend? Thank you.

  52. Buenas Eduardo. Soy corredor de asfalto y ocasionalmente me paso por el gimnasio para ejercicios funcional/fuerza. Actualmente uso el m400 con la banda h7 y quiero actualizar. Dudo entre garmin fr 245,645 y vantage v (cuando están en oferta los tres están muy parejos en precio, 300-320). Me interesa mucho todas las funciones que vi en tu análisis que traía el v; el estado recuperación, entrenamiento con potencia, etc. Dudo desde que he visto que garmin también mide la potencia, pero no se si la llega a usar como polar y en general no se si tendrá todas las funciones que ofrece actualmente polar o si incluso más porque no conozco la plataforma garmin. La verdad es que polar anuncia bastante mejor todas sus funciones porque no termino de conocer todo lo que ofrece garmin, supongo que en la plataforma se verá mas claro. No me importa cambiarme de plataforma si la de garmin es mejor, o si el reloj me ofrece más. Entre los dos garmin supongo que mejor el 645 porque si puede usar potencia pero también he visto que no tiene otras funciones del 245. En fin a ver si me puedes ayudar a decidir porque sobretodo me pierdo intentando comparar funciones entre marcas. Gracias de antemano y felicidades por la página, que se nota el currazo que te lleva.
    P.S. If there is no stock and I get it from a third party vendor on Amazon does the affiliate thing still work for you?

    1. Hi, Fran,

      When it comes to power measurement, I like the Vantage V solution best because it's simple and doesn't need the external pulse sensor that you would have to add to the price of the 645. The 245 can't display power because it doesn't have a barometric altimeter.

      I think that with the requirements you set and that you're already on the Polar platform where you have your workouts and you're comfortable, the Vantage V is going to fit your needs better.

      As for buying from third party sellers without problem, it works the same way.

  53. Busco un reloj para correr en cinta gim, hacer bicicleta estática y correr fuera (con carga de track y seguimiento facil) para iniciarme en alguna salida trail sencilla no tecnica.
    Preferiblemente plataforma Garmin ya que es el que tengo para hacer bicicleta y así unifico plataformas.
    Si puede ser esfera grande mejor, tengo muñeca ancha y según que relojes parece de juguete.
    Thank you very much.

  54. Hola, estoy dudando entre comprarme el polar m430 o el Garmin Forerunner 45. Soy un corredor principiante y ahora mismo hago carreras de 10km pero mi idea es seguir mejorando. Cual me recomiendas? Gracias

    1. El M430 tiene algo más de funciones, pero el FR45 es de uso más fácil. Si no eres muy “tecnológico”, es probable que el Garmin te resulte más cómodo.

  55. Hola, hago un poco de crossfit, natación y me estoy iniciando en correr por la montaña. Tenía bastante claro comprarme un vantage m. Mi idea es tener algo que me englobe todo lo que voy haciendo. Pero después de leer tu análisis del 245, me han entrado muchas dudas. De todo lo que he leído por internet, eres el que mejor y mas objetivamente valora los productos y tu valoración del 245 me lo ha puesto muy arriba. Creo que el polar ofrece mas para el multideporte pero me da la sensación que el 245 es más fiable. Que me recomiendas para tener un buen registro y análisis?

    Thank you very much for your work

    1. La diferencia principal la vas a encontrar en la plataforma. Si quieres hacer un seguimiento de tus entrenamientos y ver cómo va evolucionando tu carga de entrenamiento la plataforma de Polar es mejor y más completa para ese tipo de uso. Eso sí, con el FR245 vas a tener la ventaja de la navegación de rutas para correr en montaña.

      En el uso del día a día cualquiera de los dos va a cumplir sobradamente las expectativas.

  56. Hi, Eduardo!

    Soy un corredor novato (llevo 5 maratones) que se quiere aplicar para empezar a correr de una manera más profunda, mis actividades suelen ser correr en pavimento, ciclismo de vez en cuando, entrenamientos funcionales, entre otros.

    Nunca he tenido un reloj deportivo y me interesan mucho los siguientes relojes: fr645 que de momento se encuentra en muy buena oferta, fr245 ya que veo que tiene buena fama, el Suunto 9, los polar vantage m y v y Se ve muy bueno el Coros Apex,

    Me gusta la idea de que el reloj te pueda entrenar de cierta forma de acuerdo a objetivos (como lo hacen los polar, según he visto)

    Hay muchas opciones y en verdad no me decido, espero me puedas ayudar.

    Pd. De momento no considero correr triatlones porque no creo ser apto físicamente para uno jaja pero no descarto poder hacerlo en un futuro.

    Saludos desde México.

    1. Si te interesa el tema del seguimiento de la carga de entrenamiento (y siendo maratoniano, te vendrá bien), te diría que el Vantage M es muy buena opción por lo que te va a ofrecer.

  57. Hola Eduardo! Me ha parecio muy interesante tu artículo. Quería consultarte una duda. Tengo desde hace 3 años el Garmin Forerunner 235, me ha ido bien con él aunque hay algunas veces que me ha fallado la sincronización, el GPS o la toma de datos. Estoy estudiando la posibilidad de cambiarlo por otro. Mis actividades principales son la carrera, el gimnasio, deportes de raqueta y natación. He estado mirando y me he encontrado con un reloj que va a salir a la venta el Huawei Watch GT2e, que por lo visto va a estar enfocado a desportistas y su versión anterior el GT2 tiene muy buenas valoraciones. Quería saber qué te parece, aunque no sea de las marcas enfocadas al mundo del deporte. Muchas gracias!!

    1. En general, si lo que quieres es un reloj para practicar deporte, debes optar por un reloj enfocado a esa finalidad. Los relojes inteligentes brillan en ser inteligentes y las posibilidades que ofrecen, pero no en cuanto a GPS o sensores de pulso.

  58. Hola, tengo una Polar M400 desde hace 3 años o así y estoy encantado pero quiero renovar y dar un paso más, Soy corredor de Trail,y a veces carretera,,y me gustaría comprar uno nuevo que incluya seguimiento de Track o rutas, buena gestión de Frecuencia etc..y si le añadimos algo de Smartwath pues mejor… siempre corro con móvil, por lo que tengo ese soporte, para música y/o llamadas, descartando la gama alta, más de 450Euros o así,, estoy entre polar Vantage M, Suunto 9, Garmin Fénix 5.., esa idea vamos..incluso indagar en los amazfit,o incluso esperar al nuevo Polar Grit X, que creo que va orientado a corredor montaña como yo.,, si llevo 3 años con el M400 imagínate el cambio uno nuevo y lo que los cuido. Gracias por la recomendación!!

    1. Si lo vas a usar para trail, lo recomendable es que busques un modelo que se ajuste a ese tipo de uso. Por tanto descartaría el Vantage M (y por supuesto el Amazfit) y me centraría en Suunto 9, Fenix o esperar a lo nuevo de Polar.

      1. Gracias por la rápida respuesta, la verdad es que la fama tuya es merecida!
        El salto de Trail este año va ser de los 21km a las 42k, entremamientos por carretera tb,
        Centrado en tu recomendación de Suunto 9, Fenix 5 o Nuevo Polar.
        No sigo entrenamientos específicos prefijados, no uso el reloj habitualmente, no puedo por mi trabajo, la música la llevo en el movil, y sí que como novedad probaría lo de cargar rutas.
        El pvp influye, pero si estuvieran todos al mismo precio, ponle 350 Euros, cual caería?
        Thanks again!
        PD: si pones enlace de compra, también colaboro contigo! 😉

        1. Dado el uso que vas a hacer de ellos los tres se ajustan perfectamente, por lo que ya depende de elección personal por la plataforma a usar, o por el tamaño y estética del reloj (siendo el Suunto 9 el más grande).

          También debes tener en cuenta que el Suunto 9 normal no tiene altímetro barométrico por lo que si quieres consultar datos de altitud acumulada durante la ruta los datos no van a ser precisos.

          En cualquier caso, espera a lo que ofrece Polar (para eso permanece atento a la página ;-)) y entonces ya puedes elegir.

          Los enlaces puedes utilizar los que tienes en esta sección, o en los de cada una de las pruebas. ¡Gracias!

  59. Hola. Muy buenos análisis y sinceros. Me han regalado el Garmin Fenix 6x Zafiro y en algun video por ahi he visto que en la pantalla del reloj se veía un muñequito haciendo flexiones, como que te indicaba para hacerlas al mismo ritmo o similar. Pero trasteando el reloj de arriba a abajo, no veo dicha opción por ningún lado. ¿Sabéis como se hace?

  60. Hello,

    Reloj para correr que se puedan seguir tracks, precio ajustado de precio y buen tamaño tengo muñeca ancha. Preferiblemente Garmin.

    Thank you

    1. Lo más barato en Garmin para seguir rutas de navegación es el Forerunner 245. Pero no es un reloj grande. Si lo quieres de mayor tamaño Fenix 5 / Fenix 5 Plus (con mapas)

  61. Hello,
    Estoy dudando entre el Forerunner 645 y el Forerunner 245 que están al mismo precio o más barato el 645 , cual opinas que sería mejor compra.
    Thank you.

  62. Hi, Eduardo,
    Después de muchas vueltas y muchas páginas visitadas… te escribo a ver si me puedes ayudar.
    Estaba buscando un smartwach sencillo, para pasos, sueño, actividades sencillas y lo más importante gps y poder meter tracks para seguir rutas (de wikiloc por ejemplo). Y la otra condición que busco es que sea pequeño… soy chica y tengo una muñeca muy pequeña.
    Ya me habia decidido por el huawei gt2 classic de 42mm… perfecto: esteticamente bonito, bateria, completo, barato, pequeño… Peeeero, llega el fallo cuando ya lo tengo en la cesta de la compra…. No se pueden meter tracks! Toda una decepción. Y desde huawei parece que no tienen intención de poder usarlo para esto (llevan en ello 6 meses…)
    La otra opción que estoy valorando es el polar Ignite en la talla s, pero me parece mucho más deportivo y el GPS no es muy bueno.
    No se si me podrias ayudar a buscar mi reloj adecuado.
    Thank you!

  63. Hello:

    Actualmente tengo el FR235 y estoy contento con él, salvo por el tema del GPS. Hay un parque en donde voy a veces a entrenar que tiene árboles muy altos y la medición deja mucho que desear. También podría interesarme un reloj con altímetro barométrico, ya que también entreno en ruta por Galicia y aquí es todo rompepiernas y querría saber los cambios de nivel con más precisión. ¿Qué me podrías recomendar en la gama Garmin con ese tipo de altímetro y una mayor precisión de GPS y ritmo cardíaco? No me importaría esperar si hay un próximo lanzamiento que tenga estas cosas…

    Thank you very much.

    1. En gama Forerunner con altímetro te tendrías que ir al 645 o al 945, no sé si querrás gastar tanto como lo que vale este último. Si no, tienes la gama Fenix 6.

      Lanzamientos siempre hay… pero ahora mismo con la situación del COVID-19, todo está retrasándose. Todo depende de para cuándo lo quieras…

      1. Gracias por la pronta respuesta. Prisa, no tengo mucha, puedo esperar todo este año…. 😉

      2. Gracias por la pronta respuesta. La verdad es que no tengo pensado llegar a esos presupuestos. Y, esperar, puedo esperar incluso hasta el año que viene…

  64. Good morning, Eduardo,
    Soy un corredor novato que sale a correr unas 3-4 veces por semana por asfalto (unos 10 km por salida) y quiero llevar un seguimiento de mi actividad. Semanalmente también realizo algun que otro entrenamiento funcional, y muy esporádicamente salgo en bici de carretera. En todos los casos lo hago por salud y no con intención competitiva.
    Nunca he tenido un reloj deportivo y mi intención es que el que me compre, sea apto para el tipo de actividad que te he comentado anteriormente, aparte de que sea sumergible y tenga funciones de seguimiento de actividad del sueño.
    En definitiva, busco un reloj deportivo de uso diario.
    Los que me interesan son los siguientes:
    – Garmin Forerunner 245
    – Gramin Vivoactive 4
    – Polar Ignite
    - Polar Vantage M
    – Suunto 3
    ¿Cuál de ellos me recomiendas?

  65. Good afternoon, Eduardo,

    Antes de nada felicitarte por el blog, he leído bastante pero no lo suficiente para saber qué reloj comprar. Te situo un poco, yo como tú, siempre he sido de correr con pelota (baloncesto) y actualmente salgo en Btt, salidas de entre 18-40 Km máximo, mi otra gran afición es el senderismo, rutas de bastantes kilometros y en bastantes ocasiones de varias etapas y quiero empezar a correr poca cosa, objetivo una 10k.
    Busco un reloj con buena navegación de mapas , con larga autonomía y que lo pueda hacer servir un poco para todo, bici, correr y senderismo.
    Me puedes ayudar un poco?

    Saludos y sigue así.

    1. Gracias Pau, y gracias por leerte «mi historia».

      Si buscas buena navegación y buena autonomía, Garmin Fenix 6 Pro. Es lo que buscas y lo que necesitas.

  66. Hola Eduardo , sabes si van a incorporar en el fr945 las métricas de natación del garmin swing como así se anunció ? Saludos y muchas gracias

    1. Sí, las novedades del Garmin Swim 2 ya están presentes en el FR945 (cálculo de velocidad crítica de nado, alerta de ritmo, pausa automática e inicio diferido).

  67. Buenas, vengo de un Garmin FR230 y pensaba dar el salto a un Fenix 5, pero tras tu análisis (enhorabuena por cierto) me entra la duda por el FR245. Principalmente lo uso para correr y para el seguimiento de actividad diaria (pasos, sueño, etc). Merece la pena gastar mas en el Fenix 5? Muchas gracias de antemano.

    1. FR245 y Fenix 5 tienen funciones muy similares, la única diferencia que ofrece el Fenix 5 es su enfoque al uso en la montaña (altímetro, funciones de navegación, etc.). Pero por lo que indicas, son cosas que no vas a utilizar. En todo lo demás el Forerunner 245 es un reloj más moderno, y probablemente mejor adaptado al uso que vas a hacer de él.

  68. Hola, ¿que reloj me aconseja para varios deportes, bici, correr, natación, fitnes, rutas de montaña y para el día día…? Me llaman la atención también tipo smarwach-pulsometro. Importante que sea para muñeca estrecha. Se me rompió mi forerunner 735 xt y no se si merece la pena repararlo o poner un poquito más y pillarme uno más avanzado.

    A salute.

    1. Garmin no hace reparaciones sino que sustituye los relojes. No creo que te merezca la pena la reparación por el coste de la tarifa.

      De la sección de relojes de triatlón, te puede servir cualquiera. Por ejemplo el Polar Vantage M. O el Garmin FR245 si no haces natación en aguas abiertas.

      1. Estoy entre el venu, el fr 245 o el fr 945 (que se va de precio). Prefiero garmin ya que tengo la banda tri.
        ¿Algún consejo?

        1. Para montaña lógicamente la elección ideal es el 945 por los mapas y el altímetro barométrico. Si vas a hacer bastante, no lo pensaría. Si es algo esporádico entonces no es tan determinante. En cuyo caso y entre el FR245 y Venu dependerá de si prefieres la pantalla OLED del Venu, o la autonomía del Forerunner.

          1. Hola de nuevo Eduardo, tras valorar tus recomendaciones he descartado varios relojes. He estado mirando el foreruner 245 (me gustó mucho), el forerunner 645 y el fenix 6s. No sé si me merece la pena gastarme un poquito más e ir a por el fenix por el altímetro, ya que cuando hago rutas o bici suelen ser de montaña. ¿Que me recomiendas?

  69. Buenas Eduardo, antes que nada decir que tus análisis son muy buenos.
    Tengo una duda con respecto a qué reloj escoger. Practico fundamentalmente natación en piscina, y complemento con sesiones de gimnasio, y ejercicios tipo TRX, crossfit… Últimamente también me estoy aventurando con otros ejercicios tipo correr, hacer rutas de montaña o aguas abiertas.
    Mi idea inicial se centra en torno al Polar Vantage M. Me han recomendado el Suunto 5 o el Garmin Swim 2 (pero este sólo sería para natación…). No me quiero ir a una gama más alta como sería los Garmin Fénix, ya que sería mi primer reloj deportivo (dado que una smartband no es funcional a este nivel).
    ¿Considerarías el Suunto 5, alguno de los otros Garmin que has indicado en este post (que me han hecho dudar) o me quedaría con mi idea inicial de Polar?
    Greetings and thanks in advance.

    1. Te recomendaría decidir entre Vantage M o Garimn FR245. El Suunto es un buen reloj, pero el problema es que la pantalla es demasiado pequeña y poco visible.

  70. Hello!
    Estoy empezando en este mundo de los relojes gps, llevo con un amazfit Bip casi un año y me gustaría mejorar, sobre todo pensando en remo, cano, kayak en campo abierto. ¿Podrías recomendarme alguno?
    Thank you

  71. Gracias por tu respuesta, llevo leyendo tu blog toda la tarde, la conclusión que sacó de leerte es elegir entre vivoactive 3 ó 4. ¿Mucha diferencia en sensores, aparte de la música? El 3 está casi 100€ más barato, ¿merece la pena?

  72. Buenas Eduardo. Para postureo, Pay y algo de trail y senderismo. Suunto 7 o Garmin Fénix 5 S? Mi hija quiere blanco y éstos son los más accesibles para nosotros. Muchas gracias y buen 11-11 y Black Friday ????????

    1. Dada la inclusión del S y que es para tu hija, te diría que mejor el Garmin por una cuestión de tamaño. Para el Suunto 7 hay que tener una muñeca de buen calibre, aunque si ese no es un detalle importante y no necesita una autonomía enorme, sería otra buena opción.

      Si la práctica deportiva no es demasiado intensiva o prolongada en el tiempo y quiere algo resultón y con lo que poder «jugar», el Suunto 7 es mejor opción.

      Sea cual sea, ambos estarán presentes en Black Friday ;-).

    1. Estoy a la espera de que llegue el COROS PACE 2. Si todo va como debe con este modelo, estará seguro en una o dos categorías. Pero no me gusta añadir modelos en esta lista hasta que no los haya probado a conciencia.

      Con el resto de modelos ya lo he comentado en alguna ocasión. Mientras que otras marcas van descontando el precio de forma paulatina, COROS mantiene su precio siempre estable, lo cual hace que comercialmente se queden algo cojos cuando comparamos con modelos en el mismo rango de precios. Pero eso es algo que no le pasa al PACE 2.

  73. Buenos dias Eduardo, primeramente enhorabuena por el post tan ameno y bien explicado. Quisiera que me aconsejases algun modelo de reloj con gps que me pueda servir para andar (todos los dias unos 10 kilometros), correr y salir en bici (esporadicamente) y que tenga a ser posible para oir canciones por blueetooh, medir oxigeno en sangre, frecuencia cardiaca y bastante autonomia. Te agradeceria me indicaras 2 o 3 modelos que no pasaran de 300 euros para tener margen para elegir. Muchas gracias de antemano

      1. Muchas gracias Eduardo, voy a echar un vistazo al Vivoactive 4, por cierto mirando en amazon me ha salido el Huawei Watch GT2 con 15 dias de autonomia, encajaria dentro de lo que busco?

        1. Es bastante más limitado en cuanto a música, en ese aspecto es mucho más básico y con restricciones. Tampoco tiene pagos inalámbricos, y en cuanto a deporte sí hay bastante diferencia. Digamos que está más orientado hacia el reloj inteligente.

          Puedes echar un vistazo a la prueba del Honor Watch GS Pro nuevo de este año, que también está en oferta.

  74. Hello,
    No soy deportista pero voy a empezar a prepararme para opositar a bombero y necesito un reloj que me ayude a registrar mis entrenamientos de fuerza, piscina y running. Estoy dudando entre el FR245 y el Vantage M. En principio me gustan más las características del FR245, me gusta que le pueda meter rutas para ir al monte y que pueda mandar un aviso automáticamente a mis contactos si detecta un accidente. Pero en lo primordial, que es ayudarme a mejorar mi rendimiento, no sé si deveria optar por el Vantage M por el TrainingLoad Pro (que no sé muy bien qué me aportará). Tengo una banda H7 de polar para medir las pulsaciones que me gustaría que funcionase con el reloj. Esta funciona con ambos ¿no? Y la navegación, al final me he perdido y no me he enterado si al Vantage M ha llegado la opción de cargarle rutas o no.
    ¿Podrías ayudarme a devidirme por favor?

    1. Con lo que indicas, decántate mejor por el Garmin. Aunque no tan detallada como TrainingLoad Pro, el FR245 también tiene seguimiento de carga de entrenamientos. Y el sensor Polar H7 lo podrás usar con cualquiera de los dos indistíntamente.

  75. Por cierto se me ha olvidado decir que haces unos análisis geniales que resultan de gran ayuda.
    Y por si acaso también quería preguntar si debería o no añadir el Garmin 735xt a mis opciones.
    Thank you very much.

  76. Hello,

    Tengo un suunto ambit y suunto esta haciendo una oferta de fidelizacion para cambiar de reloj con un 30% de descuento.

    Estaba mirando Garmin para unificar plataforma con mi Garmin 820 de ciclismo.

    Pero el suunto 9 baro esta au un preco muy tentador y no se cuan por encima esta el Fenix 6 sobre el suunto 9.

    Y suunto 9 baro vs suunto 7, inagino que solo los mapas no?

    Muchas gracias por tu web

    1. La ventaja de seguir en Suunto es que ya conoces la plataforma, funcionamiento, etc.

      Entre Fenix 6 y Suunto 9 Baro todo depende, principalmente, de si quieres mapas de navegación. Eso debe ser lo primero que tienes que decidir.

      Suunto 9 y Suunto 7 no tienen nada que ver. El 9 es un reloj para deporte y el 7 es un reloj inteligente que puede ser bastante completo para hacer deporte, pero los enfoques de ambos son muy diferentes.

      1. Me sale el suunto 7 a 250€ y el suunto 9 a 350€, no se a nivel plataforma si merece la pena unificar todo en Garmin o por 130€ mas optar al Garmin Fenix 6x Pro que esta en 480€.

        Thank you, Eduardo.

        1. Todo depende de cuánto vayas a depender de la plataforma y el seguimiento que vayas a hacer de los entrenamientos. Si simplemente vas a consultar esporádicamente tampoco es algo que deba importarte demasiado.

          Mucho cuidado dónde compras. Ese Fenix 6X Pro de 480€ supongo que será de una página asiática. Ese precio no incluye IVA (aduanas), no tiene garantía en Europa y lo mas probable es que los mapas tampoco sean europeos.

          1. Si, es Eglobal, ya he visto las malas opiniones y problemas con Garantia.

            Thank you very much, Eduardo.

          2. Lo mejor es que compres europeo, tanto por el producto como por la garantía. Y recuerda que si las compras las realizas a través de los enlaces de la web estarás ayudando a la página.

  77. Hello:

    Lo primero de todo muchas gracias por toda la info que publicas.
    Estoy buscando un reloj. Sobre todo lo busco para poder cargar rutas de montaña/senderismo y seguirlas. También soy corredor amateur, pero tampoco necesito conocer ni planificar mis actividades como si de un profesional se tratase. Simplemente tiempos y distancias, algo sencillo.
    Dispongo de un presupuesto de unos 200-300 euros. Había mirado el Suunto 5, porque podía encajar en lo que andaba buscando (tengo la muñeca pequeña), sin embargo me echa para atrás que no tenga suficiente brillo en la pantalla cuando estoy en el monte o corriendo y además que esta sea muy pequeña.
    Me gustaría que me aconsejaras si el Suunto 5 es para mí o debería buscar otros modelos (Suunto 9) u otras marcas.
    Muchisimas gracias de antemano.
    A salute.

    1. En mi opinión el Suunto 5 se queda demasiado pequeño para hacer navegación de forma cómoda. Optaría más por el Suunto 9, aunque si tienes muñeca pequeña es posible que se te vaya a hacer demasiado grande. En ese rango de precios puedes encontrar el FR245, si el tipo de navegación que buscas es básico te servirá perfectamente.

  78. Hello.
    Muchas gracias por la reseña. Estoy buscando un reloj para correr por asfalto y esporádicamente trail (3 o 4 días al mes). Por una diferencia de precio de 20 euros (más caro el 645), cuál me recomiendas, el FR 645 music o el FR 245 music?
    Thank you very much.

    1. Depende de la importancia que le des al altímetro barométrico (y a Garmin Pay). Si no vas a necesitar datos de altitud durante el entrenamiento, a día de hoy el 245 es mejor opción.

  79. Hello,

    En primer lugar, felicidades por tus análisis. Son bastante completos.

    Estoy pensando en renovar mi reloj de deporte. Tengo un Garmin 235 heredado al que cada vez le dura menos la batería y tiene la correa regular. Me sirve para lo que hago, pero puestos a cambiar, me planteo ir a algo más y que tenga las siguientes características:
    – Por supuesto, GPS y sensor de FC en la muñeca
    – Posibilidad de cargar rutas/tracks y seguirlos, bien con mapa o bien sin mapa
    – Posibilidad de configurar entrenamientos tipo series (correr X tiempo/distancia y descansar Y tiempo/distancia)

    Mi uso habitual va a ser el de correr por asfalto o por caminos conocidos, pero me gustaría poder usarlo tanto en salidas en MTB como en rutas de senderismo en las que poder comprobar el track en caso de bifurcaciones, momentos de niebla, etc. No sé si en este sentido hay algún modelo que pueda servir como alternativa a un GPS específico de montaña o no merece la pena por el precio que supondría.

    He pensado en los siguientes modelos, con sus pros y sus contras:
    – Suunto 7: inicialmente era mi primera opción, pero la batería con GPS no parece durar lo suficiente como para una salida de senderismo habitual en montaña (unas 8 ó 9 horas). Además, creo que tampoco tiene la posibilidad de programar los entrenamientos tipo serie.
    – Suunto 5: resuelve los inconvenentes del Suunto 7, aunque no tiene mapas offline. No sé si la brújula es digital o magnética. Ha estado en el rango de los 240-250€ y ahora parece que sube por encima de los 300€.
    – Garmin 245: creo que el más completo, aunque no tiene altímetro y las correas y acabados parece ser que no son de tanta calidad como en Suunto.
    – Garmin Vivoactive 3: tiene brújula y altímetro, que creo que el 245 no los tiene, pero me ha parecido leer que no hay posibilidad de cargarle mapas si no es a través de una aplicación específica. No sé si eso le hará consumir mucha batería o si me da las prestaciones que busco para montaña/MTB.

    De estas 4 opciones y por las necesidades que busco, ¿cuál me recomendáis? ¿Alguna otra opción que no haya tenido en cuenta?

    Thank you very much in advance.

    1. Ninguno de los cuatro encaja, bien por la programación de entrenamientos (Suunto muy básico) o por no estar muy enfocado en montaña. El FR245 serviría si no necesitas datos de altitud durante la actividad. El Vivoactive 3 no tiene navegación de rutas de forma nativa.

      En ese rango de precios y para usar en montaña, el Garmin Instinct.

      1. Thank you very much.

        Tal vez me decante por el Suunto 5, porque al final muchas veces los entrenamientos los hago un poco rudimentariamente y la mayoría de salidas son carreras «simples». En ese sentido, me fío un poco más de la manera de seguir tracks de Suunto.

        En todo caso, vuelve a estar disponible el Garmin 735XT y hay algún modelo con precios que rondan los 200-240€. Entre el 735 y el FR245, ¿cuál me recomiendas?

        Thank you very much again.

  80. Good afternoon,

    Muchas gracias por la información del blog. Tengo dudas sobre que reloj cogerme, va a ser el primero, y lo necesito para andar por el monte basicamente, asi que lo mas importante seria el tema de rutas y tracks, pero tambien salgo a correr. Habia mirado el 245 o el 645, y no se por cual decidirme, alguna otra opcion?

    muchas gracias y un saludo

  81. Hola Eduardo, estoy pensando en comprar un reloj deportivo, ya tengo un polar M430 y lo empleo en senderismo y montaña para ver mis pulsaciones fundamentalmente. Es un capricho el querer adquirir otro y pienso en el Polar Vantage V2 ó el Garmin Fenix 6 pro. Lo que más me interesa es el funcionamiento del pulsómetro pues tengo algún problemilla con mis pulsaciones. Quiero preguntarte cual me aconsejas de estas dos opciones. Gracias por tu interés y recibe un saludo.
    Nota: Si puedes ayudarme a elegir la compra, pues nuevamente agradecido

    1. Ya sea el Vantage V2 o el Fenix 6 Pro va a suponer un enorme salto de prestaciones y calidad con respecto a tu M430 actual.

      En tu caso, lo que definiría la compra es si haces rutas de navegación con frecuencia. Entiendo que viniendo de un M430 no es algo que te preocupe demasiado, pero si vas a hacer uso de ello en ese sentido el Garmin es un reloj mucho más capaz. En cuanto a medición de pulso con el sensor óptico ambos modelos tienen un funcionamiento muy similar.

      Y recuerda, si realizas al compra a través de los enlaces de la web estarás ayudando a la página. ¡Gracias!

  82. Hi, Eduardo,
    Gracias por la inmensa información que nos aportas.
    Me gustaría cambiar mi actual Huawei Watch por algo más completo pero sin pasarme de 150€. El uso que le doy es para diario y a nivel deportivo, caminatas, algo de running y sí que me gustaría poder exportar o importar (esto no se si se puede) rutas a Wikiloc o Strava, entiendo que con formato gpx o algo así.
    ¿Tengo alguna opción interesante en este rango de precios? He visto el Polar M430 y el Garmin Fr45, ¿alguno tiene la función de las rutas?
    Thank you

      1. Thank you for your answer.
        ¿Merecería la pena un desembolso extra para comprar el Garmin FR245 o el FR645? Creo que no tienen mapas pero sí navegación.
        Thank you

  83. Muy buenas Eduardo, soy un seguidor tuyo desde hace tiempo y voy leyendo todas las aportaciones que das con respecto a los modelos que te van cayendo por las manos que no son pocos. Un verdadero placer para la lectura y por tu inmensa objetividad.
    Estaba buscando un reloj, que prime el entrenamiento, carrera en ultra, y más que carga de tracks (que para eso me llevo el etrex cuando toca) altímetro… el 245 es muy buena opción pero me falla para el monte en eso…hay alguna cosa en la chistera? la compra la haré desde tu página, eres un pedazo de Krak!!

    1. Gracias Álvaro.
      Con altímetro barométrico una buena opción, y no demasiado cara, puede ser el Polar GritX. Tiene buenas métricas de entrenamiento y su principal carencia es la navegación, pero como eso no te preocupa… la autonomía también es muy buena.

      Si quieres que sea Garmin, entonces el Garmin Fenix 6 normal (no Pro, sin mapas), también está a un precio muy similar.

  84. Hola Eduardo. Primero de todo agradecerte tus análisis tan transparentes e imparciales sobre los relojes, los valoro mucho. Te agradecería mucho si por favor me ayudaras a recomendarme algún modelo de reloj en base a mi situación y uso:
    Reloj actual: Suunto Traverse
    Actividades que practico: bici de montaña, senderismo, turismo y actividades indoor como yoga y musculación.
    Busco un reloj apropiado a este «mix» de actividades deportivas, que esté más «actualizado» que mi actual Suunto, básicamente por controlar mis pulsaciones durante el ejercicio (el Traverse no tiene pulsómetro incorporado).
    Me había llegado a plantear los siguientes modelos: Suunto 5 o Suunto 9 Baro (por seguir en la plataforma de Suunto), o Garmin Fenix 6 Solar. Tener los mapas en el reloj no me importa, ya que dispongo de un Edge 1000 para cuando toca explorar a la aventura.
    Estoy contento con la experiencia Suunto, pero reconozco que se han quedado un poco «desfasados» y que están tardando en incorporar nuevos modelos y nuevas novedades, que les está haciendo quedar un poco rezagados, lamentablemente… por eso el Fénix 6 con pulsómetro, pulsioximetría y pagos por NFC me ha hecho reconsiderar un poco la marca…
    What would you recommend?
    Muchísimas gracias por anticipado, y enhorabuena por la web!

    1. Gracias José,

      Dado que no vas a dar uso a los mapas (y de la música tampoco comentas nada), ¿por qué no un Garmin Fenix 6 normal? Es bastante más barato que el Pro y no tiene esas funciones que no crees que vayas a usar.

      De hecho lo tengo incluido en la nueva guía de compra de 2021 (este artículo es de 2020), junto con enlaces de compra.

        1. Salvo que vayas a hacer travesías de varios días (y aún así…) no creo que merezca la pena el desembolso extra para la autonomía adicional que aporta.

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