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Last updated: September 15, 8:57
News: And... it's over! But some offers have been left alive.

Amazon surprised us this morning with hundreds of back-to-school offersFar from thinking that these are offers aimed at students (textbooks, school materials, etc.), nothing could be further from the truth. They are products of the most diverse categories, as you can see below.

Back to school

And... yes, we also have offers in sportNow you say... are the offers good? Well, as good as they were on Amazon Prime Day. Come on, let's go serve the cutter.

Remember that just as the offers have arrived... they can disappear just as quickly, so you'd better be quick when it comes to ordering, because you might find that when you finally decide you're going to make the purchase the offer has expired. Let's go with them!

Amazon Back to School Offers



  • Polar M430 - The Polar M430 stands out mainly because of its optical pulse sensor, which is really good and I would dare to say that it is the best one right now. You can see why on his test.



  • Fitbit Blaze - It is not a GPS watch but an activity monitor, but it is remarkable for its good construction and its screen.
  • Fitbit High RH - The optical sensor version of the Fitbit Alta is on offer. It is the smallest activity monitor of the brand, but it does not leave behind the possibility of pulse control.


Will there be more? Well, probably, because the Back to School promotion starts today, the 3rd, and will continue until the 14th, so don't rule out Amazon adding more products. As always on these occasions, you know, I'll be updating the article as new products are added.

And don't forget that when you make your purchase through the links I publish you will be helping the web with a small commission (at no cost to you). So... thanks for collaborating!


Expired offers

These offers are no longer valid... will they come back? Well, come back and check it out, because they usually do.


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  1. Hi Eduardo, I know that the question I'm going to ask doesn't correspond to the article, but if you could send me the comparison between the Garmin 520 plus and the 820, I'm not sure which one I'm interested in, although from what I've read I think the difference is the touch screen of the 820.

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