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Quick notice to inform you that it is already published on the YouTube channel the video with the first impressions of the new Asics Nimbus 25, called by the Japanese brand as "the most comfortable shoes in the world".

I'll tell you a little about the news and, above all, those first impressions of the initial kilometers wearing the new shoes.

One hour of running at a leisurely pace, so these are the ideal conditions for the new Nimbus 25, which adds to the category of maximalist shoes as they have grown quite a bit compared to previous generations.

Of course we still have to ride them more to draw final conclusions, different days, different conditions, different trainings....

For the moment I can tell you that if you are a heel striker it is possibly one of the best you will find in the market. Very pleasant when I force the footprint in that area. Running midfoot is a much more normal feeling. Very high quality upper, elastic and comfortable. In this first outing I noticed some heat, but more because of the socks I was wearing than because of a too closed upper.

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