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Following the presentation made prior to the arrival of the Asics Metaspeed Sky+ I had pending to publish a review about the new racing shoe model from Asics. At the time of writing the article I just had a baggage of a 5k race and a short training afterwards, but I wanted to do more tests and especially a half marathon that I had on the calendar.

Today it's time to pay that outstanding debt and I bring you this video analysis. I don't want to tell you about technical details and specifications, because that's what the first of these videos is for. In this one we will talk about sensations and how the new Metaspeed Sky+ from Asics work, and also compare them with those that are probably their most direct rival, the Metaspeed Sky+. Nike Varpofly NEXT%2.

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Before moving on to the video, let's remind you a little bit about what's new in these Metaspeed Sky+. Although Asics has simply added a "+" at the end of the name, there are more than enough changes to have named it Metaspeed Sky 2.

The foam is still FF Turbo, the lightest and most reactive version from Asics. But now there is a little more of it in the central area of the shoe, where we step, to provide more rebound.

But the most important modification is the shape and location of the plate, which in the case of the Sky+ is placed at the top of the midsole in order to have more foam underneath it. This midsole foam will be compressed, providing the typical rebound of flying shoes.

However, this design concept can cause some discomfort depending on the runner's profile, as the opposite effect is that there is little foam between the plate and the runner's foot. Personally I haven't had any incidence in short distances, but I have noticed that lack of "cushioning" after more than an hour of use.

All this is what I explain in the video, so without further ado I'll let you press play below, or else click on the link to watch the video directly on YouTube.

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If you have any questions, remember that you have the comments section at the bottom, where I will try to answer all your questions.


Asics Metaspeed Sky+ review

No doubt about it, the Metaspeed Sky+ rival the other top models on the market such as the Nike Vaporfly, Nike Alphafly or Adidas Adios Pro 3.

They are light, comfortable (relatively, if you are not like me), stable and with good durability. Everything you are looking for when you make a high investment as is the case of competition flying shoes.

FF Turbo's midsole may not be as reactive as Nike's ZoomX, but it's almost on par. Where there is a noticeable difference is in stability, the Asics are much more secure in the stride, even though the stack of all of them is similar.

Thanks for reading (and watching the analysis)!

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  1. Hola! Gracias por el review. Yo normalmente utilizo zapatillas con Drop 8mm (he ido muy bien con las Tempo next % pero ahora no encuentro el modelo en mi talla), y quería cambiar. Estas son una opción pero tengo dudas de si notaré mucho la diferencia de drop (si no me equivoco estas son 5mm) y qué consecuencias tiene que tenga menos drop.
    Soy pronadora pero llevo mis plantillas. Y las necesito para media maratón, triatlones de media distancia y 1 maratón (no es mi distancia habitual).

    Thank you!

    1. El drop al final es sólo un número, depende luego mucho también de la geometría de la zapatilla, de cuánto rocker tenga, etc. En ese sentido no vas a notar diferencias con las Tempo NEXT%.

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